welcome to my numerology video on the quantity eight I'm Brandy pleasure and let's dive in so do you see the quantity eight in your goals or perhaps in any visions throughout meditation work do you see the quantity Eight repeatedly i do know i do you’ve gotten the Life Path quantity Eight or perhaps you merely need to perceive the universe or the esoteric which means of numbers numerology proper some individuals are simply curious in regards to the infinity signal and the various types of eight that we're going to go over so what you're going to be taught nicely we're going to speak about how the number-Eight applies to the divine science we name sacred geometry we may also discover the non secular which means of the quantity Eight and the Oracle techniques just like the educating the tarot playing cards and the astrology chart in addition to the tree of life so the place can we begin nicely let's begin with the shape the form let's start with some sacred geometry sacred geometry reveals the patterns of creation proper so that you begin in sacred geometry with the little dot proper little dot after which the dot creates a circle develop out to a circle and after which it duplicate itself and when it does that we find yourself with two circles that is referred to as the vesica Pisces the vesica Pisces is the duality dimension proper so we begin with unity consciousness that's God supply after which as soon as it splits as soon as it divides we’ve got duality which is our life our world proper we’ve got you any power with masculine female every little thing's duality every little thing is balanced and that’s all about creation so the universe is created by division as is the human physique amongst each different dwelling factor is created by division proper these are cells which can be it is a cell that’s the combating itself and you’ll see over right here on you possibly can see the quantity eight appears to be like like a quantity eight proper and that's representing life so the vesica Pisces is taken into account the growth of the universe all shapes are born from this duality this division of the one proper and within the center there you possibly can see that every one shapes are born there proper nicely it’s also possible to see a fish proper that's what you're seeing proper on the vesica Pisces that's the fish Christ consciousness the wound proper that’s on the it's just like the room of our our dimension nature and every little thing and that's that's the age we've been going by way of is the the Pisces age that's why you see this image in all places then we’ve got the seed and the egg of life alright in order we oh we’ve got now cut up into two proper you’ve gotten two circles and now the circles maintain dividing after which you find yourself with seven and that's the seed of life after which you find yourself with eight circles and that’s the egg of life now the eggs life is definitely eight years eight years now you possibly can't see one in that proper there as a result of it's truly 64 proper like a bit field proper there after which for behind it so you possibly can see for after which for now that creates the egg of life you possibly can see it right here a bit extra clearly that is darkish Charles Gilchrist he has an organization referred to as TGM gene we talked about sacred geometry is an excellent youtube channel i counsel trying out and he does a number of art work and stuff and you’ll see that he has the eight beers right here it is a dice of fears and that proper there creates life you possibly can see the the precise cell that's a human cell proper there on the correct that's eight fears so wanting a bit nearer you possibly can see life growth you see the 2 cell stage the place / 28 proper after which it goes to the fourth helmet jumps to the eight cell after which it truly that is inside the first few hours of one thing being created proper then you possibly can see that it creates it turns into like a bit blah proper from the eight-cell stage jumps into this like little weblog the place it begins forming okay so that is the primary phases of life and likewise the egg of life can be represented in creation but additionally in musical scale so every little thing in life is sound correct so the energetic life represents the diatonic scale you possibly can see that the dimensions is c d e f g a b after which see once more proper so Eight is sort of a copy of the unique starting okay so it's prefer it begins over once more alright so creation additionally has seven ranges or density the eighth density forming the primary density of the subsequent octave of expertise simply because the eighth notice of a musical scale begins a brand new octave and that comes from the regulation of 1 sequence which is a channeling from some folks again within the early nineteen eighties that we're speaking a few the universe and the entire expertise of of life and the evolution of life within the totally different of parallel universes and various things like that so the sting of life is a the eighth fears and that represents many various issues that need to do with eight every little thing from the diatonic scale to the densities in our universe in creation so the eighth densities of creation simply to point out you a bit bit about what that is the a density they begin with bodily manifestation that's organic proper because the the primary sprouting of of issues in life right here on the planet after which we’ve got the second density is vegetation and animal kingdom that's like so cool growth so that might be the soul of perhaps cats and canine and in lions and tigers and bears and and people bought route consciousnesses proper and within the third density is self-awareness which is human self consciousness and simply animals changing into self-aware and the selection of service to self or service to others is made by the entities at this stage after which we’ve got the fourth the fourth density is the social reminiscence complicated the trail is in set in movement proper for the social reminiscence complicated so all of us even have determined now as entities are all of us going to maneuver towards service to self are we going to maneuver in direction of service to different and in order that soul evolution creates a fancy amongst all of us that all of us have the identical method of shifting ahead the identical path after which the fifth step density is the density of sunshine that is the place we go between incarnations proper so that is some folks name this having her hell proper that is simply the place that your soul goes when it leaves the physique proper that's the density of sunshine after which you’ve gotten the density of unity which is the angelic realm as a result of they’re service to others there are larger dimension frequency after which you’ve gotten the seventh which is all is one the supply and then you definately begin a brand new Infiniti on the quantity eight so the eighth density is actually creation of a brand new density a brand new Infiniti a brand new creation I do know it is a little complicated however i'm not going to dive into this too deep at this time I simply need to sort of present you as an outline sure issues in regards to the quantity eight so you probably have questions please let me know you're welcome to ask me something I i like to discover these items so all proper the flower of life is a vital a part of our world it's it's all about creation proper and while you maintain getting these concentric circles going and going and infinity I you create and create create a life and so that you see this flower of protected you see this the image all around the world you see in all the historical locations the place they they’ve like stuff that we don't even know the way they they made these artifacts and additional issues with with sure issues again within the day nearly regarded like they had been lasered I and these are symbols of flower of life both image the sacred geometry in creation and these circles concentric circles simply can go on for infinity it's simply Circle Circle Circle Circle that's all they’re in these circles and create angles as a result of you may get angles out of that and so it's actually attention-grabbing you possibly can see the tree of life inside this type you possibly can see so many various issues about our creation inside this one type so the prime exercise in life is motion motion began every little thing okay as soon as one thing strikes it's set in movement and motion truly create sound correct and sound create a combat so that’s represented that motion that toddler motion is represented by this eight that’s stability is eight that’s on its aspect it's like stability motion that simply retains shifting and it's secure proper and that’s about creation and it's about how creation is infinite it simply retains beginning over and once more again and again and once more by way of the densities so two intersecting forces create what we name a vortex now if two forces proper they they cross one another okay you’ve gotten perhaps a constructive and a unfavorable power and so they cross one another they create a vortex see draw issues to them and turns into like magnetic it pulls issues then and when it pulls issues then it creates life as a result of actually had been simply World Struggle texts had been all just like the the bodily world is that this for texts like that in grabbing every little thing proper dwell it pulls proper we pull issues to which we appeal to issues we're like magnets are very magnetic we’ve got this like electrical energy about its electrical and magnetic and so does power then it pulls collectively and create density you irrespective of is simply an phantasm area set in movement flows ceaselessly proper so as soon as one thing begins shifting it simply retains shifting what's going to cease it alright in order that brings us to the atom write the regulation keep in mind the regulation of opposing forces produces stability and so you possibly can see right here we’ve got the electrons on the skin of the atom swing round after which on the within with protons and neutrons okay so the electrons are yin power they’re magnetic power after which on the within the protons are that gentle power that yang power that masculine electrical power and they also create a vortex and the neutrons are impartial power some folks even name this just like the God power it's simply impartial the supply power as a result of as soon as it goes out and yang you’ve gotten within the magnetic proper and that's duality and that's how we create the vortex and so every little thing's made of those atoms okay so these are opposing forces and so they create stability and had the actually cool factor about this type i'm going to point out you right here in a minute alright so that is the matrix of actuality matter is definitely a mirage and every little thing is frequency every little thing is motion every little thing is sound correct every little thing is are these power vortexes that's all they’re so for those who amplify low-frequency it sound frequency the construction of matter truly modifications so take into consideration an opera singer or anyone that doesn't actually is aware of the best way to scream rather well elevate their pitch I for those who get it excessive sufficient loud sufficient it truly modifications and breaks the glass proper so Eight is Magic eight is alchemy eight is transformation eight is change proper so you possibly can see the quantity Eight and all of those little esoteric issues that we're going to speak about developing right here however it's all about transformation and alter on the subject of the quantity eight however the one fixed in life is change and that’s what that represents the infinity image is the one fixed is that issues maintain shifting and issues maintain altering proper so right here we’ve got these shapes proper they give the impression of being totally different however they're truly all the identical they're all the identical form so all of them have the identical frequency proper now for those who lookup right here on the hexagram the six-pointed star have a look at it’s truly additionally represented within the atom the atom is the six-pointed star so the hexagram this may then the hexagon so if I had been to attract traces round both of people who the atom or the star if I by way of traces round them i need you to look down there on the proper on the backside of the dice that proper there’s that is truly the skin of the six-pointed star for those who have a look at it for those who draw a line from the highest over to the one nook proper after which down on the aspect look over right here on the dice and also you see these traces that dice is on the skin of the six-pointed star and or the atom so the hexagram sense inside the hexagon so a the dice down there’s the hexagon the hexagram the six-pointed star and the hexagon is a dice a dice has eight corners every little thing in life is represented by the dice its bodily manifestation so have a look at the top of life above the dice i keep in mind that is eight fears 4 and 4 and turned out the angle that I haven't and you’ll see that the hexagram however it's made with eight fears identical to the dice has eight corners now you see how all of them tie collectively proper so while you see these symbols know that they’re representing two totally different numbers six and eight that's proper right here identical frequency eight corners on the q and for those who fold out the dice you’ve gotten the cross attention-grabbing proper so the quantity Eight represents the connection of the all it’s the image of Web consciousness and the soul evolution again to oneness its connection that’s the quantity Eight and that’s the reason it's so necessary the eighth chakra known as the star and thats its method above your head up there it's additionally referred to as the seat of the soul it's related to infinite power or God supply power i used to be lots of people wish to name it nicely each man and each lady as a star as aleister crowley's sons and that’s the seat of the soul and that’s your connection to the divine and that i additionally need to present you this little chart you possibly can see the precise chakras right here you begin on the backside of the bottom of the foundation learn however it’s also possible to see the notes on a diatonic scale proper so it's fairly cool second you going up there the orange cake roll you bought the orange colour you’ve gotten the notice B and it strikes up photo voltaic is e the fourth is the center and that s the throat is G blue the sixth chakra is the third eye and the notice is a that's indigo after which lastly have the seventh chakra which is the one that is that is so far as we go after we do our cleaning and stuff the crown chakra and that's violet and now we begin over once more on the eighth chakra proper that is sort of a new starting and that's up there it begins with P and that’s our true space of connection to supply power so the best way to use the quantity eight in your private growth we're going to speak about fairly a couple of issues right here we're going to speak in regards to the Tarot educating the astrology goals or visions in addition to another stuff right here manifesting for instance this proper right here is the tarot card quantity eight within the Main Arcana it is a card of destiny and future it is a card that’s so necessary in your life growth and this comes from my web site by tero dot-com the place I proper in regards to the tarot playing cards and stuff on nearly carried out with that web site is definitely up however I haven't completed the entire library of playing cards writing all up but so for those who go to it you'll see like most half of them carried out I believe it’s that is the energy card the energy card to notice the inside energy of an individual versus the outer energy show by the chariot which comes earlier than this card so the lion is subdued by the sort maidens mild contact you possibly can see that she's holding his face there and petting him this card requires that you just fulfill your sacred contract that’s unfolding proper now for those who get this card the sacred contract could possibly be between you and one other particular person or an inner settlement inside the many components of your individual self both method you’re evolving spiritually with inner energy and fortitude so flip your ideas away from the battle at hand and as a substitute give attention to the larger lesson and expertise flip your consideration to the divine and away from the mundane your true energy is inside God not within the ego or self-confidence within the extraordinary sense so kindness and repair to others ought to by no means be a burden it’s a blessing of true inside energy of divine unconditional love the mountain within the again is symbolic of our trials and tribulations in our non secular journey so that’s the eighth card and you’ll see the infinity join above her head there the quantity Eight and that's a balanced quantity eight and she or he truly represents the Virgo the virgin and and libra power it is a automobile that mixes these two virgo and libra in addition to nicely because the dealio power has totally different mixture of playing cards and it's about stability or of characters i ought to say alright after which within the tarot deck within the Main Arcana one other large card of of your future and destiny is the cardboard of the star and that is 17 for those who add 1 and seven you get eight so that is truly the next octave of the quantity eight of the energy card that is the upper octave of your soul growth so the star is the image of hope and renewal it is a very non secular card of soul evolution the lady is each grounded but additionally intuitive so you possibly can see that her legs are on the earth and within the water on the identical time so she nourishes the earth and you’ll see the water separates into 5 totally different strains they're representing the 5 senses right here on the bodily earth airplane however then she additionally pours water into the pond and ripples outward in circles exhibiting the connection of all issues spiritually keep in mind these circles proper I'll maintain going by the way so the star follows the tower card this implies that you’ve endured some intense challenges and now your soul is opened therapeutic and transformation so once more main transformation the seven small stars symbolize the seven main chakras that join your non secular physique to your bodily physique the big star is your aura that's the eighth proper it is a good time to cleanse and purify your psychological emotional and bodily our bodies your soul is able to evolve to the next stage then we’ve got the e-team if we’ve got any followers in right here beaching it's not i like the educating is completely great it's all about stability of yin yang power so that you throw educating a divination sticks or cash to search out out if issues are unbalanced in regards to the state of affairs and so this assault the grand eight hexagram Eight i've been kidding i've been getting eight days it’s an on a regular basis nation that I've been doing just lately previous couple months of X Graham eight is about unity and holding collectively it implies success so these whose hearts are troubled assemble in order that signifies that issues are going to return collectively as they're alleged to and issues are in stability once more stability once more connection proper that's what date is now how about an astrology that is one in every of my favourite topics write the three symbols of Scorpio right here you possibly can see that i’ve scorpions the snake and the Phoenix the Scorpio is the eighth signal its transformation by way of deep connection so the three symbols of Scorpio symbolize the evolution of the incarnated in seoul at first the souls just like the Scorpion dwelling in concern and self safety the scorpio hides in darkish corners able to strike it threatened its remoted and its aggressive it's at nighttime after which we’ve got the snake that is the subsequent stage for the soul the snakes really feel vibrations of the earth and retains a watchful eye out for cover identical to the Scorpion so it's nonetheless decrease stage however it's able to strike out and it's at all times watching its again however it does shed its pores and skin for renewal and it does occur to the vibrations it does really feel and know when one thing is coming after which we’ve got the Fenix the Fenix is the final word manifestation of the soul outlined emotional stability by way of non secular transformation on the phoenix eyes from its personal flames in reincarnates and renews itself by way of the flame of spirit now the Phoenix has the braveness to enter its personal fireplace and be reworked fully the Scorpio is the final word ascension signal and to be sincere i don't imagine that the Phoenix is the final word chook or final animal image a scorpio to me it's the the non secular gov it's the the white doves that you just see within the tarot deck you seen a number of symbols and it's like spirit to me the Phoenix is the one which comes proper earlier than the canine and the canine is like the final word like connection to God supply proper it's pure it's divine so Scorpio is the final word consideration signal it's about connecting and merging with spirit for this reason the signal scorpio within the eighth home of the zodiac symbolize the tent rica i'm truly a tantric ax anyone that practices tantric yoga ascension work additionally connecting with others that’s the tenth rica and that's truly represented by the ACE signal scorpio so the ape home in astrology represents the well being of scorpio and it's dominated by the planet Pluto now in astrology there are 12 indicators and twelve homes the indicators symbolize character traits and temperament whereas the twelve homes symbolize areas in your life journey all proper now for those who're wanting right here at what I'm exhibiting you possibly can see this circle proper the circle begins over right here the place it says AC on the left aspect little really feel moon image in there that proper there’s the primary home and I do know it's bizarre that it begins there however that's the primary home after which it swings down and round okay in order that first home for my moon is that's that's my first home after which it swings down the second well being and let me simply go over a couple of of those with you to offer you an instance so for example the second home represents your cash your self price your private possessions all proper at your home of cash and private possessions and the fifth home for those who go over proper 12345 my fifth home there represents your capability to self categorical and create issues in life so even creating kids for example it's a part of that home at your well being creation and self-expression and then you definately swing up you go six after which 7r your seven kilos represents your shut companions like your partner folks you marry or enterprise companions after which for those who transfer up from there we’ve got the eighth home the eighth home represents connections to different folks and connection to spirit as a result of actually for those who can connect with others you're connecting to spirit or God power so let's discuss in regards to the eighth home everybody has each home in there astrology chart so don't get confused after which go i don't have a type of charts or I don't have a type of you’ve gotten all people has how each home okay so sure you’ve gotten a neat home everybody has an indication hooked up to every home and also you presumably have crops that sit in these homes and nicely you do however in every Home proper so let's use mine for instance that is my astrology chart that is my home up right here the eighth home of intimacy's the home of intercourse the home of dying and the well being of soul mates proper after which we’ve got pluto which truly guidelines the eighth home and Pluto symbolizes your soul so the signal that your Pluto system is your generational vibration so Pluto it doesn't change indicators for a very long time so for those who're you probably have the signal of face of Scorpio or let's say you’ve gotten the libra proper i’ve to solely breath so you probably have pluto and libra then anyone that born inside your years of that era are all going to be a libra pluta rights over all of my highschool buddies they're all Pluto libre so in my case you see it's within the ninth home up there so my soul truly has been specializing in understanding life in a medical faculty or spiritual context as a result of the night time home is metaphysics and faith and better schooling it's the home of philosophy larger schooling and so it's a home of progress and seeing the larger image alright so my Pluto is sitting in my night time well being and that's particular person to me proper now the signal libra that's my generational vibration nevertheless put on no matter helps it's going to vary for everyone on a regular basis alright so my home is the ninth home that's the place my soul is now going again to the eighth home you possibly can see that i’ve saturn sitting there and that in Saturn wherever its add in your chart it truly places on the brakes so I’ve sample in my eight well being so it places on the brakes i I'm not in a position to depend on different folks need to depend on myself this lifetime it's one thing we're intimacy and and issues like which can be at all times going to be one thing I'm studying about so it's a tough space difficult space i ought to say for my life I my accomplice's are inclined to have bizarre points which have my intimate companions and stuff have intimacy points so it is a one thing to discover by yourself chart to take a look at your eighth home to know a bit bit about your soul mates perceive about your individual intimacy what you're studying sexuality and dying are necessary right here and likewise have a look at the place your Pluto's that no matter well being will inform you the place your souls at and what it's actually centered on on this lifetime and that's a bit bit about astrology and Scorpio and eighth home in East civilized planet Pluto your soul alright goals envision straight for those who see the quantity eight in goals or in your visions what I at all times say is look to the angel numbers proper angel numbers are they arrive out of your angels they arrive out of your information these numbers and so they can symbolize it a great omen they might say fortunate you're having some luck some issues are turning up for you you’ve gotten like a Jupiter affect proper right here proper now it could possibly be that you’ve the psychic present it could possibly be that you’ve the energy to assist heal different and it could possibly be a great omen for relationships with you as a result of keep in mind eight is about connection it's about relationships it's about connection at eight home alright after which lastly the very last thing I need to discuss to you about is manifesting with magic okay and the rationale I need to discuss to you about manifesting with magic is as a result of the quantity eight is the variety of magic that is the Tree of Life don't get overwhelmed right here i'm not going to go an excessive amount of into this however the tree of life is a symbolic illustration of creation so it contains sacred geometry astrology pero and numerology it's a diagram of creation that reveals God on the high there taking place into matter in creating after which it reveals your evolution coming from matter again of the Gods supply consideration so it additionally represents the planes of existence proper we’ve got there on the high we’ve got the divine airplane after which we’ve got the soul airplane soul teams and stuff on the opposite aspect after which down right here we’ve got your psyche or character after which on the backside you’ve gotten the bodily physique so this you possibly can have a look at this and see the chakra system as nicely i received't go into that however for those who place an individual right here you possibly can see their chakra system and it reveals you the best way to evolve again to spirit it reveals the trail of Ascension so we're solely going to take a look at the underside tree although the underside of the trick this backside space down right here the bodily physique of psyche this space represents you it represents your character within the earth airplane the quantity seven and eight proper there you possibly can see in psyche seven and eight are within the astral airplane that’s your emotional physique in your psychological physique the logic and emotion proper that your emotional physique in your psychological life and people are the astral airplane so let's look a bit nearer aight proper there’s mind okay eight and 9 are the astral airplane of existence and embrace your psychological in your emotional physique so the ninth circle down there represents the ex Rick physique within the remaining ten circle the very backside represents your bodily physique every line coming from the circles is a path represented by a tarot card so it reveals you the trail for those who perceive the tarot playing cards you'll perceive the previous proper so the trail shifting from eight which is the mind mercury power gentle and notion over 29 the ethic physique is the trail of the Solar tarot card you need to use this path remodel your actuality with a disciplined and highly effective thoughts you possibly can manifest your actuality the true alchemist or magician realizes that transformation occurs by way of transformation of the self proper the trail of the Solar there’s the awakening by means of your thoughts mercury symbolize thought and notion and utilizing it to remodel your self and awaken your self brings you to your truest self now in excessive magic one thing I research the number-Eight there’s this feared the sphere of magic it's the place we use the thoughts to do ethic manipulation an necessary factor to know about manifestation is that spirit doesn’t work immediately upon matter it has to undergo these little pads and these fears proper so Spirit works by way of the thoughts 84 the psychological physique and the thoughts works by way of the ethic physique so the reply is the framework of matter it’s the automobile of the life power and it may be manipulated inside the limits of its nature it's like electrical energy proper at your power physique for those who can manipulate the power the opposite that manipulates matter so that you so down right here quantity 9 represents the aether or the equipment of the universe it represents our efforts double proper you're ethnic doubles your spirit physique and in that the magnetic power that draws issues of the like frequency you've heard of the regulation of attraction proper nicely right here we go so it’s right here on this path that we shift our frequency to vary our actuality it’s important to first shift the thoughts earlier than you possibly can shift the ethic the bottom line is to take management of the thoughts and to then take management of the ethic physique which in flip controls the bodily physique that is true psychology and true magic so thanks for becoming a member of me I'm Brandi pleasure you possibly can go to me at Randy pleasure com it’s also possible to go to my fb web page my Instagram my youtube my periscope mine my identify is normally underneath brandy pleasure TV however typically it's underneath periscope there Brandi pleasure proper so thanks once more for becoming a member of me and let me know you probably have any questions i hope you loved my video on the quantity eight bye for now.