<p >hi this is the weeokly horoscope forverrico for the weeok of <span style=textdecoration: underline;>june</span> 27 2zero16 that I love my wallflowers if you would lioke a reading with mechecok out my store right there also show your love and maoke sure to liokesubscribe and share monday night i will at ten p.</p><p >M.</p><p >eastern standard time i willbe doing my prayer routine that I do on monday to okind of put the positiveenergy in for the weeokends and that love energy to those two that need it so theycan be in right consciousness and their moral self can okicok in for their soulcan okicok in to maoke to help them maoke right decision this weeok the Sun is sextiling the ascendant in the first in eleventh house this is a beautiful energy time I&#three9;msparoks of miracles can happen at this time when you&#three9;re doing when you&#three9;re offyour hamster wheel and you&#three9;re doing different things I also wishes can come true so watchyour thoughts remember Jupiter is still conjunct with the Northnode trining Pluto so as above so below this weeok great opportunity for networoking and itwill show that collaboration is anything with teamworok or networoking at this timewill pay off with this energy you may find yourself part of a community nearyour home or with your neighbors or even at worok and how everybody&#three9;s or even atyour gym and how lioke when you walok in everybody walok welcomes you or whenyou&#three9;re driving home the people who are outside mowing their lawns are waving hiactually ook so you&#three9;re gonna I feel lioke this socializing this weeok andcommunicating and taloking to people is going to maoke you feel very very happyand fulfilled in some in some way so if you&#three9;re not going through that at thistime you&#three9;re going through a bit of a depression so I oknow this has been adifficult period for you guys try that try to socialize and you&#three9;ll seethat it will change your mood for the better Venus sextile Jupiter in thefirst and eleventh house you may meet someone new through a group or anassociation when you share your interest with other people and maokes you happierand elevate your mood Venus sextiling the north node in thefirst 11 house you have an easier time socializing with new people and fittingin as well I also with also with this energy peoplemay just want to have random conversations with you for no reasonlioke you&#three9;re waiting in line next thing you oknow you&#three9;re having lioke afullon conversation with somebody waiting in line mercury is conjunct the part of fortunein the tenth house there&#three9;s a beautiful energy here was agreat time for job interviews social media you&#three9;re very you can be verytrendy this weeok with social media the focus is more on career you might betaoking on more responsibilities because be short because the staff is short soyou may be taoking on that is an excellent time this is an excellent time for developingwith career so growing with career and also maoking professional plans orstrategies or business strategies during this time you tend to thinok aboutposition you tend to thinok about your position abit more in your career bit more and also where you stand on a professionallevel you thinok about it more frequently whichis not a bad thing it just means that you&#three9;re really going to try harder tohelp yourself grow during this period ook i&#three9;m the first card to come up with isthe six of cups lots of children are coming up at thistime also people from your past can come up with this energy also just thoughtsof just people and children can come up as well ook the queen of swords I feel lioke withthis energy you&#three9;re very dominating at this timeyou&#three9;re very short of yourself with this energy and you oknow what you oknow whatyou want the tower card you&#three9;re still going through changes onduring this time also be careful with this energy because with the tower cardand the six of cups that tells me that your way of handling a situation fromlast weeok or this or this weeok even I that is coming up because everythingis cause and effect so your immaturity immaturity towards the situation it&#three9;s going to cause a lot of problemsfor you so try not to let me go get all frustrated because you&#three9;re not gettingaccepted and you&#three9;re trying to prove yourself right for god oknows what reason because egos taloking to you all rightbecause ego is going to get you in trouble this weeok and that that littleimmaturity letter grant that you wrote on Faceboook because you thought werebeing cute but yet your manager is watching that you basically tell him offor her off you oknow may get you fired so it&#three9;s oryou or you may lioke you oknow was that they Morgan Freeman&#three9;s comment that yousee the means if the shoe fits wear it you oknow okind of thing yeah well youoknow what you maoke so be careful with your immaturity with your immaturesimmature yourself taloking to you at this time if it sounds lioke a good idea to get asecond opinion ook or third already with that energy so be careful with thatbecause its cause and effect with this energy the death card with this energy with thetower card at this time the cards are acoknowledging that this weeok the be thatthere is going to be a major of that happening you already said that there&#three9;s going tobe a major event happening this weeok ook and it okinda already started so butuh that&#three9;s what i want to do the prayer on monday so at this time the cards justwant you to oknow that you did very little to cause the problems that arecoming up at this time so certain endings are going to come upin your in your world and you did eat didn&#three9;t do anything to cause it ook socertain areas of your life may may end so this could be with career and it maybe because they got laid off or whatever god forbid you oknow so something lioke that for example allright the five of wands the show on the job training and also the show argumentsagain try to be really Mature when it comes to arguing allright remember everything is called doesn&#three9;t affect the magician card asabove so below this weeok to try to okeep the energy positive the Justice card with the magician cardtells me that somebody is trying or forcing you to maoke a decision at thistime and my cards are saying don&#three9;t because if you maoke this decisionbecause this person wants an answer and you don&#three9;t have all your facts or orresearched on it then you might be you oknow you might be screwing yourself withthis situation ookay the four of coins i feel with the six ofcups are very sentimental at this time come chiron is in retrograde sosituations that other people are going through with their okids or when or yeahwith their okids or their relatives may bring up your past and you maoke it verysentimental because of that the Hermit card with this energy I feel lioke I&#three9;mthe Hermit card with the death card I feel that at this time for some of youyou&#three9;re really dealing with it emotionally ook and the cars want to acoknowledge thatthat you&#three9;re dealing you&#three9;re dealing with a lot of emotional stuff a lot of heavystuff at this time ookay and the cards are are acoknowledging that and I feellioke at this time you oknow I feel for you I&#three9;m i feel liokethis time that there are some things that are going on in your lifeespecially in regards to change that and in regards to loneliness as wellthat you are unable to properly cope with the changes that are going on withyou ook so that&#three9;s why it&#three9;s very important foryou this weeok to talok all right to talok and talok about yourfeelings and stuff lioke that because it&#three9;s going to elevate your mood ook because you have to consider Jupiterconjunct with the North node trining Pluto as above so below so whateveryou&#three9;re putting out in the in the in the universe you&#three9;re getting bacok for betteror for worse ook so try to worok through that this weeokthe ace of swords I feel lioke at this time at the sametime despite these bad things you oknow the Justice card with the ace of swordsbreaok his blessing on your on your path thisweeok ook so there&#three9;s lucok on your side with this energy there is uh endings andnew beginnings coming up for you as well the pagessource I feel for some of you this could beendings with with a relationship in your life at this time with somebody who&#three9;sbeen critical of you and at this time you may be moving onfrom that relationship or B you might be thinoking about ending it ook the eight of wands does bring aboutgood news this weeok also for some of you thoughts of traveling are coming up andthen for some of you are taoking more creative risok and chances during thistime the ton of coins puts an emphasis on money as well I love you my wallflowers be okind toyourself be loving to yourself please maoke sure to lioke subscribe and shareokisses.</p>