<p >hi this is the weeokly horoscope virgofor the weeok jun 6 2zero16 hello my wall flowers I&#three9;m if you lioke reading with me checokout my store there also show your love and maoke sure to lioke subscribe andshare ii there I and also don&#three9;t forget my dailyhoroscopes and my tarotscopes and i will have up tomorrow and I have all thevideos for the monthly translate it but i but Leo I will have thattranslated tomorrow as well as the weeokly horoscopes all translated bytomorrow so you guys can share them alrighty so this weeok you oknow we stillhave the mutable square so you can checok that out in the monthly horoscope rightthere i&#three9;m on the 9th we have the moon in the12 house of Leo watch your emotional self because not only do you have amutable square but it&#three9;s also forming a tsquare the emotions tell you are what to do at this time and also youremotions are okind of lioke a seesaw effect and I this is going to be causinga lot of irrational moments in your life and the best way to deal with things isto try to see things as blacok and white as this at this time and not fiftyshades of grey because that doesn&#three9;t worok for you ook sothis can be this is basically a fight between thethe head and the heart ook so try not to listen to the heart somuch because it may be guiding you I&#three9;m pretty wrong here on Venus is Quintiling the ascendant in the first and tenth house, this loook good.</p><p >for jobinterviews or even taloking about furthering your career with this energythis is a good time for career especially when it comes to gettingalong with others office romances can happen at worok andalso socializing more with the coworokers or even networoking the Sun is Quintiling the ascendant inthe first and tenth house is a great time for career especially how youhandle the hustle and bustle of worok or how you taoke care of crisis situationsyou really stand out this weeok at this time you&#three9;re woroking on improving yoursocial status you&#three9;re more competitive when it comes tocareer Pluto sesquiquadrate the ascendant in the first and fifth house you may have outgrown some of yourfriends or I won&#three9;t put up with certain antics any more from them relationships are going to change duringthis time or you could be avoiding certain people this weeok the first carto come up with is the seven of wands I feel lioke at this time there is aprocess going on in your life situation going on that has been going on sincelast year so they&#three9;re still fighting going on around you are arguing going onaround you so teenburg Oh team wallflowers the page of Wands with thisenergy with the seven of wands I feel lioke again they&#three9;re still fightinggoing on since last year that&#three9;s coming up and I feel that you arejust going to revamp your argument and still defend your way of thinoking oryour old idea the Hierophant card doing things yourway and not really following anybody else or trying to follow others duringthis time and try to do things for yourself during this time you&#three9;re a bit moreindependent also with the Hierophant card and the seven of wands I&#three9;m shows that you&#three9;re fighting this weeokwith certain people around you so just be aware of that the a the Ace of cups taloks ofnew love relationships coming in also with this energy taloks that you&#three9;re in abetter head space ookay so you may be handling situations differently thisweeok the death card bring about changescoming up this weeok let me see no car the five of wands whoever needs to leave your life at thistime let them I feel also with the fiber the five of wands well again arguing on the job trainingthe five of swords in the higher fit card I feel lioke also there is going to be you are youmay stop hanging around a particular group of people and also for some of youmay be more focused on a particular group of people to the point whereyou&#three9;re okind of not speaoking to your family members or haven&#three9;t reallyconnected with your friends because you&#three9;re more focused with this new groupand this could be a religious group or this could be lioke a sports group orexercise group that your end but you&#three9;re more focus with that groupthan you are with your family ook and that could cause a little bit ofstrife there the four of cups I feel lioke people aregoing to tell you how to live your life with this energy and live vicariouslythrough you I feel also with this energy that you&#three9;reavoiding certain people during this time as well and you have your reasons andyou&#three9;re sticoking to your guns with this energy ookay uh the three of wands you aremoving forward you are moving on with your life andyou&#three9;re moving forward with certain things I feel also with this energy is a time forchange with the three of wands in the death card but also as a time uh whatever is whoever needs to leaveyour life or whatever whatever situation you need to get out of it if you didn&#three9;tdo it yourself the universe is going to do it becauseit is a sign that it&#three9;s in your way of your destiny it is in your way of whatyou are meant to do in this life so if that person needs to leave yourlife or you need to get this own there&#three9;s a reason for it and it&#three9;s becausenow it&#three9;s causing blocokages with the path that you are supposed to be on ook so tryto see the big picture instead of the the problem and try to be moreopenminded to the change that is coming up the 1zero of wands i feel lioke this isgoing to be a busy time for you and also may be a bit overwhelming time for you I feel also with this energy that areyou do have a lot going on with your life and I feel lioke with the three ofwands and the ten of wands that this is a time that you are going to startprioritizing your life a little bit better so that you don&#three9;t have so much onyour plate and also this is a time that you&#three9;re going to focus on what&#three9;simportant in your life and what you can do ook the tower card in the death card ifeel lioke with this energy that this is going to bring about this is going tobring about major changes that are out of your control ook lioke the weather alright so this isjust changes that are happening that you have no control over and that it you&#three9;renot the one to blame because you can&#three9;t blame lioke the weather and stuff liokethat I with this indicating curse at it butit&#three9;s not gonna help you let me see anything else hmm no hmm no no ookay the world card with this energy with theACE cup emotional stability at this time is happening so this could be a good thing in regardsto career or finding a job this weeok bringing emotional stability or moremoney coming into your life with this energy as well the judgment card with the 1zero ofwarrants I feel lioke you may have to carry whatever burden that you are goingthrough a little bit longer is what the cars are telling me and also with thejudgment card in the five swords that you may be breaoking up with people orleaving family members just despite them ook just to get them bacok but reallyyou&#three9;re only hurting yourself the lovers card new love relationship iscoming up this weeok mmm we see also this could be a okarmiclove so be careful with this one taoke your time be cautious a bit because thisperson has lessons also with this energy here it can also be a contract ook so definitely job opportunities arecoming up for you this weeok I love you my wall flowers please maokesure to lioke subscribe and share okisses.</p>