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Today we're talking about the moon.

It's in Bharani.

In Vedic Astrology, the 15th Lunar phase, the actual Full Moon, a little bit later and there will be an exact opposition, it's a positive word in this case, so don't think that they're fighting.

Actually, they're aligned perfectly to create a beautiful light on the Moon that looks full.

And that brings abundance.

So why is the Moon important? In Vedic Astrology, the most important planet is probably the Moon because the moon is the Mind principle.

So imagine that every thought that crosses your Mind becomes your life.

So obviously, what you think you become.

So you've heard that before.

Every thought we have, whether it comes from a positive emotion or a negative emotion, is creating our life experiences.

So we want a strong Moon to bring the best.

The Moon is water, is the mother principle.

It's the Goddess, the rivers and lakes and oceans — all the beautiful water element, the energy of nourishment, so food — feeding others, caring for others, also protecting others in a certain way and also nourishing them with our emotions, with love.

So the Moon is also one of the Planets of Love and romance.

So, when we are happy [and] content, everybody feels great around us.

You have experienced that.

So, how do we strengthen the Moon.

There are very simple Vedic Astrology technology that you can use.

For example, mantra, which is sound technology, also the sense of smell through certain herbs, and also through foods and flowers.

So we want to connect with the Goddess.

The Goddess is lovely.

She brings everything positive on the earth plane in the form of love, attraction, beautiful face, the Moon also rules that.

So we want to invoke the Moon.

And we can simply say, Those sounds will connect you with the Moon in its highest energy.

It's a matter of balanced emotions, beauty and serenity, peace of mind, what we feel at home — because the Moon rules our home and our sacred peaceful corner.

So the other way you can connect with the moon — you can sponsor Fire Rituals or Fire Labs to her other name which is Parvati.

You can offer white foods like rice.

You can also donate food.

You can make a donation on Mondays to propitiate the energy of the Moon.

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