Astrology and Ayurveda.

Here availability of chairs has become less!! I was thinking that you will organize this event very well! Next time call more people to visit.

Everyone is interested in it.

I am happy that among us we have Dr.

Shankar Charan Tripathi who came from Lucknow, from our Bilwada – Mr.


On stage we have Poonam Sharma ji, Rajesh Sharma ji, Rakesh Sharma ji, Gaurav Jain, Vikram Chauhan, Meenakshi Chauhan, Renu Thakur, and Director of Punjab Government and all others who have interest in Astrology and Ayurveda.

Many people must be having interest in it, but you did not publicize it properly otherwise this whole space would have been filled by.

Next time make it larger.

People have so much interest in this.

It is not necessary that that we must go for Astrology.

I have so much interest in Astrology but I do not carry on my life according to Astrology.

Interest is a different thing and it should be kept to the level of interest only.

I would like to talk about Vaastu today on which people were not used to believe because so much was said about it in Ayurveda.

I thought that I must say something on Vaastu too.

Importance of Vaastu- like you bought a shop and shop next to yours is working well and yours not.

Some mistakes must have been there.

Bought one house, corner house must have some shortcomings and people living there might suffer from some illness which may be due to Vaastu because there is a connection with our Planet.

It is not any science or rocket science.

Everyone accepts it.

Bhrigu (Bhrigu samhita) in Punjab-Hoshiarpur, has such a big name.

Even I want to go to Hoshiarpur to see it.

Near to our Bhilwara in Karoi there is also Bhrigu.

Though it is very less, but people come from various places I remember and I am not lying in this.

We had Pratibha Taayi, who was the Governor of Rajasthan.

She reached Karoi as per her interest and after a meeting with Bhrigu there, she was told that after a month you will at higher position.

She asked that, what could be the higher position after Governor on which she can reach.

She did not accept it actually but after a month there happened Presidential Elections and she became the President of India and I know this thing.

So many things like this come to notice.

But it could also be like, to make it commercial they might tell that they said this and that.

It should not be commercial but once you start to commercialize then the quality of your knowledge get degraded.

I know about so many good Pandits.

Give them something but one who takes by asking, means the knowledge he/she used to have becomes actually less.

Anyone who gives by own will is another thing.

When I was called here, I was very happy as I have so much interest in this.

And also if you don’t have any interest and understanding, anything with Ayurveda, take this medicine, why and how, as you were making it to understand.

If you people also try to understand, it is not so tough.

Same way in the Astrology, how some movement occurs? Which movement occurs from one house to another and of which time period? Which next house is Wealth loaded and which is third one? You can talk to any Astrologer, keeping all this knowledge before visiting any Astrologer.

You can ask them that you said this thing, is it right or not and itself you will develop interest in it.

Now it’s a Computer era.

Before this it took a long time to make any Teva but now just one click on the mouse and you get the whole Teva.

Few days later, it might be possible that this much feelings develop in computers Mr.

Tripathi that it starts doing Prediction using all the brain which human brain may not be able to because now a days you can also talk to computer.

If you ask from new Computers now, there is no need to type.

The new thing in Google that has come, you ask them and they reply you.

For Dr.

Tripathi – You might be watching ETV, where every morning on ETV of UP, in fact whole day his program is being telecasted.

As I was discussing with him, I asked him about his program there, I just saw it in the morning.

He said that, I had recorded my programs already so could come here on my 4 days leave.

Otherwise they don’t give me any leave as they say that without you how our platform will work? It is glad that from computer we get the Teva and then they ask the question and get only 2 seconds to match the sound and Teva and do match along with quick reply, do this and that.

He was telling me about the Book of the time when President Clinton was here and he told him and in this book of that time, that Hilary will become the President and will have a big name, He predicted when she was not so famous and not even known that for which elections she will fight for? So we have such kind people also between us all and we would like to listen certain things from him also definitely.

I would like to tell one thing surely and this question is for all of you and even for Doctors about the thing that came now for which we all have curiosity.

The great kind king that had been there, Maharaja Harish Chander, no other king was so kind like him.

He never returned anyone with sadness.

Anyone who came to his court, he gave them whatever they asked for.

So one day someone like Dr.

Tripathi came to his court.

He was also aware that he is a very great Astrologer who just by seeing a person without looking at Teva can tell all about his past and future.

So inside the court there was Maharaja and this Astrologer was standing and Maharaja asked him, tell something about me also.

Then that Astrologer said that it is appearing to me that all my astrology is getting failed today and Maharaja asked, why so? The Astrologer said that I never thought that I will stand in front of someone whom I know such a great king, a kind king and have such a great kingdom.

My Astrology is getting failed today because I am seeing in front of me a, great king Harish Chander but you are appearing to me as a very simple person and I am not able to understand it! So Maharaja Harish Chander said no, your Astrology has not failed, I am very simple and whatever I did (as Renu said) is all because of Karma.

Whoever I am today and all you people consider me such great personality is all because of Karma.

The result of Karma- where Karma continued and Teva remained the same.

How the changes come and how someone moves forward, can anybody make me understand? I am very happy today as I got a chance to listen people.

I want that if somebody wants to speak for 2 minutes please go ahead but not so long.

We would like to listen Doctor as he has come from Lucknow, only this I would request.

Once again you people invited him here and I express my gratitude.

Thank you ! Jai Bharat!.