[Mark] Hello all people, and welcome to a mini episode of Tarot Discuss– [Colin] A mini-sode.

[Mark] A mini-sode, sorry, Colin.

We're going to be studying the horoscope of our visitor, Jordan Carlos.

Of the upcoming season of Unusual Sense on MTV2 with Charlemagne the God.

[Jordan] Yep.

[Mark] You possibly can take a look at the complete interview, the complete Tarot interview with Jordan on Fb.

Jordan, uh.

You're an Aquarius? [Jordan] I'm an Aquarius.

[Mark] I’ve proper right here, courtesy of SunSigns.

Org, your month-to-month horoscopes for the yr of 2017.

[Jordan] Aaaahhhh.

Okay, um.

Are we making an allowance for the truth that stars are 60,000 years prior to now? The sunshine that hits us now is– [Mark] Effectively not all 60,000.

[Colin] Are these updated? [Mark] Effectively, so, these are updated, I doubt that they're taking that into consideration.

However I do wish to simply take a second to say that not all stars are 60,000 years prior to now.

Some are a lot a lot a lot a lot farther, in truth.

[Jorday] Betelgeuse? [Mark] Betelgeuse? [Jordan] It's a star.

[Mark] Oh actually! I don't know that one.

You're a star man? [Jordan] Yeah, David Buoy, RIP, man.


Let's simply transfer on with the dwelling.

[laughing] [Mark] Effectively, talking of dwelling, January 2017.

It reveals that love and household life will likely be favorable.

[Jordan] Thanks.

[Mark] How's that really feel? [Jordan] That feels truly superb.

[Colin] Oh! [Mark] Yeah nicely uh, maintain onto that whilst you can, 'trigger in Could 2017, that reveals battle with the partner.

[Jordan] Ahhhh!!! At how GOOD issues are! [Mark] Yeah, nicely, I imply, your vitality and vitality could be improved with common walks in Could! [Jordan, fart noise] [Colin] You don't prefer to stroll? [Jordan] No.

I'm an ambler.

I've been an ambler for a very long time.

[Colin] I'm sorry to listen to that.

[Mark] Effectively truly in March, that reveals that your well being goes to be good.

In February, you're going to be tempted to interact in some dangerous monetary dealings.

[Jordan] Thank God it's a brief month.

[Mark] Yeah.

[Jordan] Yeah yeah, it's a really brief month.

[Mark] Effectively June 2017 is a month for events with associates! [Colin] That's good! [Jordan] Ugh, I hate- Ugh, God, I hate plans.

[Mark] I'm sorry.

July, that's if you think about the main points of your life.

[Jordan] Sure.

[Mark] DO NOT battle together with your partner in July.


That's for.

[Mark] Could.

[Colin] Jordan.

[Jordan] That's for Could? Okay.

[Colin] Don't battle together with your partner.

[Jordan] Don't battle with my partner.

[Colin] In Could.

[Jordan] In Could.

[Mark] No, no, in Could, he WILL battle together with his partner.

[Jordan] I WILL do it.

[Colin] Okay, you're being complicated buddy.

[Mark] Effectively, I'll inform ya this, September 2017, Mars is gonna hold you very busy.

And lively all through the month! [Jordan] What does that imply? I don't know what meaning! [Colin] You're movin' to Mars! [Mark] Mars goes to maintain you busy and active- [Mark]-throughout the month.

[Jordan] I don't know what meaning, that– I'm lively and busy each month.

[Mark] Effectively October, that reveals that you simply're gonna be concerned in some charity work.

[Jordan, fart noise.

] [Mark] Hates events, strolling, charity.

Loves combating together with his partner.

[Jordan] I do really feel that I’m nice to be round although.

[Mark] Hey, I agree with that.

[Colin] That's true, I really feel that too.

[Colin] I've been having a very good time.

[Jordan] It's a really zen type of factor, simply don't make me do something.

[Mark] Colin, your horoscope says that you simply're going to get pleasure from hanging out with Jordan.

[Jordan] Wait no no no no no no, why are we speaking about Colin's- What?[Mark] On this sofa! [Colin] Actually? [Mark] Yeah.

[Colin] They stated that? [Mark] Yeah that's what the horoscope says.

For hangin out with Jordan.

[Colin] I can't wait.

[Mark] You're doing it now.

[Colin] Wait, actually?! [Mark] Yeah he's proper right here! [Colin] Superior![Jordan] What do you suppose? Second to second, what do you suppose? [Colin] It got here true! [laughs].