It’s Lalitha Devi.

And this is a new video for AstroVed and PillaiCenter.

And we’re going to talk for a few minutesabout the Sun and how you relate to this planet.

So we have nine planets.

And the Sun is number One because the Sunrules the Soul for everyone.

So your Soul, your path in this life, whetherif it’s material or spiritual, is indicated by the Sun.

The Sun also shows you career, your success,your level of income because from our profession also comes certain income.

So you can always improve that.

And when the Sun is very strong, the Sun isusually in Leo or in Aries, also in the Signs of these friendly planets – Jupiter, theMoon and Mars.

Those are the Sun’s best friends.

So the planet — obviously the Sun is nota rock, he is not just a material thing.

The Sun is a living being in the Vedic traditionwhether or not we believe that.

But if you think of the consciousness is ineverything, so maybe that makes more sense.

So here are the ways, very simple ways youcan do at home some remedies to strengthen your Sun.

And the relationship that you have with thisplanet that is so important.

So, first of all, you can recite the mantra.

So the mantra is a set of vibrational soundsthat most of you may have heard.

The Sun Mantra is: Om Suryaya Namaha.

There are others, but this is the most commonone according to the tradition of the Vedas.

And you can also offer red flowers, light,incense, fruit.

And that will strengthen your prayers.

So if you are asking for something, ask verynicely, respectfully, and then thank the Sun, and say, “Thank you so much.

You know I trust that you will help me feelmore power in my life, more vitality, and give me help from VIPs.

” These are all ruled by the Sun and from thegovernment and other authority figures and even from your father.

Maybe your father will help, or maybe youwill have a better relationship if your father is in your life.

Or you will notice an improvement even withthe communication with your father.

So I hope this helps.

You’ll get what you want, and doing theremedies to the Sun, especially [vedic] Fire Rituals to the Sun can bring you success,more authority in your own life, in your own work place, a better career, and can evenmake you famous.

So when you strengthen the Sun, you have allof these benefits.

Thank you so much for watching, see you soon.