<p >hi this is a monthly horoscope forScorpio for the month of <strong>june</strong> 2016 10 my scorpions if you would like a reading with mecheck out my store right up there also show your love and make sure to likesubscribe and share I&#39;ve been trying to do this video in mycat is like a freaking in heat and he won&#39;t stop meowing Oh last time i get an animal I got two that&#39;s it I&#39;m so over it On the 5th is the newmoon in Gemini security issues are going to be coming up financial securityissues are going to be coming up money worries are going to be coming up andalso you&#39;re dealing a lot with your emotional self during this time and alsoyou&#39;re dealing a lot with the new moon in the eighth house ok but also this is a personaltransformation.</p><p >and this is going to be a time where you&#39;re a bit more adaptableto situations and you need to be more adaptable to situations and also does a.</p><p >a revaluation and self evaluation is going to be happening with this energyon the twelfth Mercury&#39;s in the sign of gemini again in the eighth house conspiracy theories are going to becoming up with this energy you&#39;re very good at digging up the truth and findingthe truth room so a lot of things are going to beexposed because you know what happens when we go looking for truth you know then it&#39;s like we kind ofregret it so be careful with that also this is a time for research andinvestigation with this energy those are your strong points all rightgetting to the bottom of things is your strong point but also with this energyyou need to play the waiting game at this time with stuff from the 8th houselike investments loans property matters maybe let me see court so you need to be patient withthis energy Neptune&#39;s and retrograde on the 13thwith your fifth house you&#39;re a bit more quiet with this energy you don&#39;t wantany drama in your life with this energy but at the same time you&#39;re going tohear a lot about other people around you like people who who you&#39;re not talkingto at this time and even excess you may hear about them and what&#39;s going on in their life alsowith this energy the lesson with the Neptunein a retrograde till November is that you need to learn how to trust people onthe 17 in the sign of in this in the Sun on the 17 in the sign of cancerin the ninth house not the best energy here because you&#39;re a bit more lazy withthis energy I and also with this energy this is atime for where you&#39;re avoiding certain people in your life you&#39;re more aboutyour close relationships and also with this energy you find you find youryourself with new love interest but this love interest is going to be someonefrom a different background or country and also would love relationships ingeneral you&#39;re more about your freedom this time and if they&#39;re not going togive you your freedom then you&#39;re gonna go on to the next relationship on thetwentieth the full moon in the sign of sagittarius you are very giving with this energywith the second house you&#39;re very giving you&#39;re very generouswith your time your money your resources just make sure it doesn&#39;t go in thebread a shame because also with this energy here you&#39;re very much about recognition andacceptance and looking for acceptance and being a people pleaser so you canget that acceptance and what&#39;s going to happen here because for me a mutablesquare is that you&#39;re going to really have to fight for recognition and foracceptance during this time so this is going to bea very problematic energy so try not to delve into ego and try not to look foracceptance from others just be happy that you have a job loveyour job learn to love your job I love my job youknow and that&#39;s it and then everything else will follow butif you&#39;re going to feel ego this month and feed ego by looking for acceptanceand recognition this is going to be a problem because you&#39;re going to befighting for the month of <em>june</em> for acceptance and recognition and for someof you may even take drastic measures and quit what you&#39;re doing on thetwentieth the Sun Sign In The Sun in the sign of cancer in the ninth house notthe best energy here again you&#39;re more openminded to new thingsand experiences you aren&#39;t really about spirituality or personal growth withthis energy you are more about having an adventureand living for the moment and cream moments and all about the moment andalso with this energy might allow yourself to be a bit more vulnerable toan extent ok and then once they figured you outyou&#39;re gonna break up with them so just be aware of that because you don&#39;t likepeople getting close to you because that shows for you in your way of theScorpion way of thinking that&#39;s a sign of weakness when you showsomebody there your vulnerabilities ok so you might actually break up with thisperson or stop talking to them ok on the twentythird chyron goesretrograde in the fifth house this is going to bring up a bunch ofunresolved issues with past relationships that may come up that youthought you were over with you thought you were over the EX so you may havedreams of the EX during this time you may have random thoughts of the X duringthis time it&#39;s because you need your closure your culture isn&#39;t done so andalso with that energy is causing problems with the heart chakra so this is something to think about withthis energy i&#39;m also issues with childhood are going to be coming up withthis energy at this time so this is a beautiful time to forgive release andlet go on the twentyninth mercury goes into the sign of cancer not the bestenergy here there is a time for learning for some of you thoughts of going back to school canhappen now for others updating yourself with your career this isn&#39;t a time fordoing things but a time to satisfy your curiosity and to focus more on your yourhobbies in your interest and also to learn more on the twentyninth Mars goesdirect in your first house it looks like you&#39;re on the right paththis month towards the end of the month with this energy when it comes to yourgoals and your ambitions the more you see the best in all that isaround you the more that you&#39;re thankful for everything that you have around youthe more you&#39;ll witness the best in yourself experiences increases on yourunderstanding now and you are more motivated to broaden your perspectivewith things you enjoy having a lot of room and space to grow and that&#39;s goingto be a big issue especially with her Nation ships if they don&#39;t give you yourspace you know you may you may break up with them driven you&#39;re driven to dowell with this energy also you encourage others to grow and also your generosityyour generosity happens without you thinking with this energy the first card to come up with thehangman card in decisions are coming up in the month of <span style=textdecoration: underline;>june</span> the devil card this could be affairs or breakups comingup or even quitting your job can happen with this energy all right also with this energy with thehangman card in double card on you may be quitting bad habits cold turkey soquitting drugs cold turkey or quitting cigarettes cold turkey doing somethingcold turkey the Sun card I feel with this energybrings popularity and recognition with this energy the judgment card majordecisions are going to be coming up this month the chariot card it shows yourselfesteem is going to be up so there&#39;s good news coming your way the asic up so the judgment card lets meknow that you&#39;re on the right path this month the page of cups love relationshipis coming up but this person is a bit flaky so be careful with this energy becausethis is a new love I and I feel like you may have an affairwith this person to but at the same time this person isn&#39;t looking for anythingserious ok so we&#39;re not looking for anythingserious then this person is just for you alrighty I&#39;m let me see also this couldbe dealing with children during this time and getting along better withchildren the pages coins money opportunitiescoming your way with this energy for some of you this could be a secondsource of income coming your way the seven of swords look double cardagain affair is coming up I also with this energy quitting drugsor quitting um are quitting a bad relationship atthis time is kind of coming up or even quitting you&#39;re quitting your job I&#39;m during this time is coming up ok forso many this could be dealing with your job and ending your career I&#39;m during this time ok the 5 cups withthe Sun card I feel like there is going to be a greatopportunity coming up for you in the month of <em>june</em> that&#39;s going to really help you turn acorner I feel also with the seven of swords in the chariot card that there&#39;sa victory coming up a wind coming up for some ofyou in regards to court this year this month the lovers card definitely there is anaffair going on or thinking about what the five cups thinking about dumpingyour lover at this time or thinking about breaking up with them during thistime and you may find someone in the process of your thinking ok during this time the queen of cupsthis person here is probably the new person coming into your life a water sign I feel like this personcould be a sign of cancer that is coming up on that may be a potential loveinterest for Capricorn the ten of wands I feel like I feel like the positionthat you are in right now in regards to your relationship may make you feelpretty stressed out and make you feel pretty bad because I one hand you don&#39;twant to break their heart but the other hand they&#39;re driving you crazy you justwant to be over it and deal with the ten of wands and the judgment card at thistime that the burn whatever burden that you&#39;re carrying in your head or whateverguilt you&#39;re carrying in your head is really all just in your head so that&#39;ssomething to think about for this month i love you my scorpions please make sureto like subscribe and share kisses muah.</p>