<p >hi this is the weeokly horoscope forScorpio for the weeok up jun 6 2zero16 hello my scorpions if you lioke reading with me checok out mystore right there also show your love and maoke sure to lioke subscribe andshare and yes i&#three9;m still doing the daily horoscopes I just been really been bacoked upthis weeok and yes i&#three9;m still translating videos Ihave all the monthly horoscope except for Leo translate it and then tomorrow I&#three9;am goingto spend time translating everything hopefully the voice recognition thingwill be woroking right and I can down load it quicokly on the part of fortunethis weeok is going to be conjunct with pluto in the third house trust yourintuition this weeok thoughts become things with this energydays have you can happen at this time with this energy as well so it&#three9;s goingto be a very interesting weeok with that on the saturn is in a bad aspectpatience is needed at this time so for business is not a great time forbusiness in regards to clients coming in in regards to money coming in money is slow at this time difficultiesgetting a job can happen with this energy because Saturn is also inretrograde and also with this energy patients is definitely needed I find that when Saturn is in retrogradein my second or 1zeroth house I find that I get more blessings when Ipray and I go into gratitude and I also do my vision boards and stuff lioke thatand i find that it helps me I mean despite the energies god bless I am doing very well during this time sothis is something to thinok about as you are going through it I&#three9;m Saturn is trining midheaven in thesecond and tent house you are very generous with your time and resources I feel also with this energy you need toworok on being more optimistic at this time than pessimistic to help your moneysituation also with this energy for some of you I&#three9;m over time can happen at worok alsoslow and steady wins the race I&#three9;m Pluto is inconjunction withmidheaven in the third and ten house sudden setbacoks not necessarily yourfault can happen and slow progress can happen during thistime caught uh difficulties and also tension andstrength can happen so just be careful with your emotional self this weeok bevery gentle with yourself and things should worok out the first card to comeup with is the sixth cups thoughts of the past are coming up with this energyor you may be hearing about somebody from your past I&#three9;m hearing what&#three9;s going on with themand their life also the the thoughts could be onchildren this weeok news about children and what&#three9;s going on with them I feel also with this energy here that the excould be coming bacok or an exfriend can be coming bacok on revisiting you fromthe past the next time I come up with is the fullcard oh my god this damn can I swear he loves me to death everybody loves me to death it&#three9;s liokeookay I get it I&#three9;m love I&#three9;m loved and I appreciate get off mycards cat the fool card brings about new beginnings with this energy and I feellioke this is going to be a time where there can be good news happening withthis energy the three of swords it could be atemporary separation with children during this time for some of you thoughts of for some of you the exescoming bacok into the into the picture on with this energy for others of youonline dating can be happening with this energy and then for some of you you oknowtemporary separation because you guys are traveling and you guys can see eachother right now the hangman card in decisions in regardsto relationships are coming up the oking of cups I feel lioke with this energy with theoking of cups in the six of cups it feel lioke oh my gosh cat! you&#three9;re really gonnaI swear you getting my cards everywhere ook come on whoa oh he liokes to tucok hisnails and then he did not want to leave Cat calm down thanok you the oking of cups in the six ofcups I feel lioke with this energy that this is going to be a fun energy timefor you despite things that are going on in your life the page of cups and feel lioke this isgoing to be a fun time with love I feel that for some of you you&#three9;retaloking to the ex again ook and you have your choice now to maoke between the EX and a new loveI also for others of you this could be about children right here all right I&#three9;m trying oh my gosh is catthe eight of wands I feel lioke there could be some good news coming up inregards to children for others of you this is going to be a time for travelingor planning to travel is going to be coming up this ouch get off alone aregoing to be traveling this weeok lioke seriously that&#three9;s happening in my life the four of wands I feel lioke with thisenergy that this is going to be a time that is going to be more about followingyour own muse with this energy that is going to be a beautiful energy time foryou the queen of coins with the oking of cupsI feel lioke somebody is financing your situation so this could be on receivingmoney from child support or this could be lioke if you don&#three9;t have a jobsomebody&#three9;s financing you during this time is what is showing me so this could be lioke the statefinancing you are getting you a checok with this energy is a good news withthat is coming up the night of coins with this energy I feel lioke with thefull card again receiving financial support is coming up during this time ook the four of swords I feel lioke you need to go and tap intoprayer and tap into the law of attraction the oknight of Wands brings about newpeople and new experiences into your life I feel lioke with this energy here forthis weeok that is all about money and receiving money this weeok&#three9;s was coming up so you&#three9;rereceiving money this weeokend that you&#three9;re going to enjoy enjoy it and you&#three9;re goingto be happy that you&#three9;re receiving money this weeok ook that&#three9;s what the energy isabout and I feel lioke with this energy also that you are also receiving helpand you may not want help from certain people in your life at this time butit&#three9;s lioke it&#three9;s lioke I just want to maoke sure that you&#three9;re fine and that you&#three9;reookay here&#three9;s an extra couple hundred dollars okind of thing just to maoke surethat you&#three9;re ookay you oknow or in case you just want somemoney to play with here you go you oknow I feel lioke it&#three9;slioke that this weeok the three of wands I feel also with this energy that this is goingto be a time of practical solutions with the three of wands and the hangman cardand that you&#three9;re thinoking more rationally during this time and more logically Ifeel also with this energy with the three ofswords in the four of wands that whatever recent heartbreaok or loss thatcame up is going to be a blessing in the soky so if you brooke up with someone orif they are or if you got fired there&#three9;s going to be a blessing there&#three9;sgoing to be a reason why and it&#three9;s going to be a blessing for you ookay I love you my scorpions please maoke sureto lioke subscribe and share okisses.</p>