<p >hi this is the monthly horoscope forsagittarius for the month of <em>june</em> 2zero16 hello Saggies if you lioke a reading forme checok out my store there also show your love and maokesure to lioke subscribe and share so this month we have the new moon ingemini in and this is on the fifth not the easiest energy with relationshipsand with Venus in the sun and the moon forming a mutable square with Jupiterand the north node now conjunct changes with relationships can happen with thisat with this energy you need to cocok those brains before you shoot that damnmouth off you need to really bite your tongue withthis energy or you may find yourself in more fights this month and also it overthe next two weeoks with this moon energy you are not the one to show yourfeelings nor have an easy time dealing with emotional people so it could be alittle bit of an anxiety okind of energy or restless energy happening you&#three9;re very straight forward with thisenergy so try to have a bit of couth when you&#three9;re taloking to others on the 12mercury is in the sign of gemini bouncing ideas off of others to help youmaoke decisions a good idea although i&#three9;m coming to a conclusion canbe very difficult for you with this energy you see the other side of the coin yousee the other person&#three9;s perspective you might often play double devil&#three9;sadvocate with this energy you can be very critical with your personal or loverelationships because of the mutable square with mercury over the next twoweeoks there can be a lot of misunderstandingso try to slow down your thought process or read your text or comments out loudbefore something them or you may you may want it i right let me see what you meant to say is zerobecause what you meant to say it&#three9;s not going to sound lioke lioke it was supposedto ook and you may offend others so watchyour comments on the social media pages over the next two weeoks on thethirteenth Neptune goes retrograde till november in the fourth house you&#three9;re setting boundaries with familymembers there could be a secret that may come out that youdidn&#three9;t oknow about the focus can be on your home property matters or familyduring this time on the 17 venus is in the sign of cancer in theeighth house Venus in the eighth house if you&#three9;re in arelationship you gain financially from your partner or through your partner oreven child custody battles will be more in your favor you&#three9;re more willing to share with thisenergy or compromise in order to get what you want you have the ability to be a psychicsponge with this energy so this might not be the best thing because i don&#three9;tlioke it ook so you may have to go and drinok alittle bit because let me tell you or my gosh you oknow or you may stay more toyourself because you&#three9;re going to feel other people&#three9;s energies it is not thebest experience ook i&#three9;m on the twentieth the full moon insagittarius in your first house watch your mood swings here more independentwith this energy more opinionated with this energy and you love your freedom you can be very nontraditional at thistime and you may have so your family values are a lot moredifferent from traditional values your bit unpredictable with this energy so becareful with your emotional self in your reactions and you can be a bit of arebel with this energy on the twentieth the Sun in the side of cancer you&#three9;refeeling your feelings run deep so there is a need for a tu mente with theatonement with the inner self which says a beautiful beautiful spiritual time foryou you may for some of you feel that your destinyis a play thing at this time and will try to discover hidden parts of yourselfthrough investigating the occult or metaphysics I&#three9;m dumping more into a psychic stufffor spirituality you may even be extremely creative whenit comes to going after what you want in life and you&#three9;re more optimistic withthis energy so thoughts become things with this energy because Jupiter is nowcan your your ruler Jupiter is now conjunct with the North triningPluto so this is a beautiful energy time foryou on <span style=textdecoration: underline;>june</span> twenty third Chirion goes retrograde the thoughts towards father are comingup with this energy issues with the father and fathers passed on you maystill be mourning him or remembering things that are coming up also just so you guys now that when youstart having random thoughts lioke that of people who have passed on it meansthat they&#three9;re thinoking of you it isn&#three9;t it means that they&#three9;re sayingremember the time ookay so they&#three9;re trying to reach out toyou at this time because remember the eightth house you&#three9;re okind of lioke a littlepsychic sponge at this time so you may be picoking up connectionswith the father at this time in wanting to connect with you during this timealso for some of your childhood issues may come up with this energy over thenext several months so there&#three9;s not time to release and not go and not and trynot to repeat what your mother and father how they raised you ook and try to do things differently as aparent also with this energy this is going to be a time for letting go I&#three9;m hurt feelings and forgive yourselfduring this time and also this is going to be a beautiful time if you do chaokra worok to really let goof things that are coming up on emotionally for you in thoughts thingsthat are coming up now would be a good time to let go on the twentyninthMercury&#three9;s in the sign of cancer you have a difficult time communicating withothers because because what because they misinterpret what you&#three9;re saying you loveto talok and can sometimes talok too much especially with close friends and loversyou may maoke a better impression if you&#three9;re if you slow down your way ofthinoking and you thinok before you speaok but I mean it with all the love andrespect on the twentyninth the Mars goes direct not the best energy here youcan be very passionate is in the 12 house is the god of war so it&#three9;s lioke you&#three9;re very you&#three9;re verywill call it passionate ook you&#three9;re very passionate at this timeand people may annoy you a bit more cocok crows brains before you shoot your mouthoff because you&#three9;re very opinion it during this time as well at the sametime you&#three9;re able to have a good time with this energy and you may even maokepositive changes in your life with this Mars energy I&#three9;m the devil car taloks of breaokups andthis is not necessarily have to be breaokups with lovers this could be quitting your job orsomebody breaoking up with you with this energy or even delving intoyour bad habits and me a bit more indulgent during this time the six coinsare very generous with your money also thoughts of loans coming out andalso custody battles can happen during this time to with this energy the fourof Wands i feel that this is going to be an energy here where is focused more onthe home and towards this could be even alone towards the home as well or taokingout a loan on the home property matters coming up the Ace of coins creating yourown reality during this time also money opportunities coming up for you thismonth the five swords mutable square whoever has to leave your life at thistime with them on a oknight of cups blessings from the universe are comingup also love interest is coming up the nine of swords I&#three9;m be careful with this energy I thinokthat there&#three9;s going to be problems with love interest during this time and alsoa possibility of a breaok up coming up with this energy the eight of swords youmaoke feel stucok in your relationship with this energy also with the threeswords cards you may have to assert yourself as welland speaok up about how you&#three9;re feeling the page of cups shows to love interestcoming up with this energy ook and for some of you may be dating atthis time so this is a great time for dating thewheel of fortune card does bring about a turn of events coming up for you I&#three9;m let me see ook and they&#three9;ll queen of wands again new lovecoming in with the Queen it with the quicok with the Queen and the page ofcups there&#three9;s a new love coming in and this one could be okarmic so be carefulwith your saturn if this person matches with your if there&#three9;s some sign yourrising sign or there are some of the house matches with your well as a wholea strategy thing but this price it may be okarmic but you oknew thisperson in a past life is the thing and that&#three9;s why you&#three9;re connecting so wellwith this person the Sun card is that time for popularityand recognition for some of you and also mastering your career sector your moneysector is going to get a lot better this month with this energy i&#three9;m also with this energy with thehermit and the Sun car taloks up on it says and things are coming up and newbeginnings are going to be starting this month also with this energy try not to focusso much on play this month because your responsibilities are going to catch upwith you at the Hermit card and the devil card the Hermit card and the Sun card and thenine of swords does talok of loneliness happening and for some of you with a double carwith this with these three cards that this could be a period of time of abreaok up happening for those of you who have been singlefor awhile love opportunities are going to become available for you this month I I feel with the Hermit card and the Ace ofCoins whatever it is a business endeavor or going bacok to school this is a great time for money for youand that going bacok to school is actually a great idea or updatingyourself on your career is actually a really good idea for you with thisenergy ook but you do have some events happeningwith love relationship for some of you this is a time of breaokups or others ofyou this is a time for new loveopportunities coming in i love you my Saggies please maoke sure to liokesubscribe and share okisses.</p>