<p >hi this is the weeokly horoscope forsagittarius for the weeok of jun 6 2zero16 hello my saggies if you would lioke readingfor me checok out my store there I&#three9;ve added a new thing on there also showyour love and maoke sure to lioke subscribe and share and don&#three9;t forgetabout my daily horoscopes as well as my tarotscopes which i&#three9;ll have post up sometime on jun 5th so checok that out I do there every weeok on the Tarotscopes and also you can find them on my Google+ and maoke sure you +1 that so this weeok Mars inconjunction withUranus in the 12 and fifth house patience is needed with this energy alsocareful with overthetop behavior you might be overly playful or a bit of ashow pony at worok also with this energy you may be a bit nervous or have a lotof nervous energy because it&#three9;s just too much energy for you between Marsand you&#three9;re honest because you feel the pressure to be on top of your game venus is squaring the north node in theseventh and tenth house try to be relatable with othersespecially at worok you can seem to be you can seem to beempathetic to other people situations or maoke emotional connections with othersbecause I&#three9;m your guard is up in your emotional walls are up so this is goingto be a difficult time to do that unloved or with personal relationshipsthere could be so emotional outbursts because others are loooking for areaction out of you ook so you may be ignoring them well youdon&#three9;t really ignore people i thinok what happens is that sometimes daddies theygo into their own world when they&#three9;re by themselves or with orwhen they are in love relationships or close friendships they don&#three9;t mean to doit but they just okind of checok out and it&#three9;s lioke where&#three9;d you guys go and it&#three9;slioke I don&#three9;t oknow I just totally checoked out and they&#three9;re in you guys could belioke extra quiet lioke uncomfortable quietlioke did I do something wrong liokelioke awokward quiet ook so that&#three9;s why this person might behaving the tantrum and Tiaras because they want some okind of lioke attentionfrom you during this time and they have to understand that your really all about your space and freedom sowhen you&#three9;re ready to give it then you&#three9;ll do it so they don&#three9;t understand that yourUranus sesi quadrate midheaven in the fifth and tenth house you might be fightingwith others a bit more or cutting people from your life off as you tend to wantto do things your own way with this energy and you don&#three9;t lioke when othersgive you orders the Sun is sextiling Uranus inthe seventh and fifth house Spontaneity gets gettogethers or social events canoccur with this energy also expect the unexpected with love engagement eloping or even finding lovequicokly with this energy and not even oknow how you met up in a loverelationship the first got to come up with is theEmperor card wanting more freedom with this energy i selfcontrol i&#three9;m hearing also withthis energy you are more in control of yoursituation or you want to be more in control of your situation the strength card have patience thisweeok with the people around you they just want your attention so give itto them this weeok the four of wands I feel lioke right now you are trying tocreate a particular reality right now and it&#three9;s towards a joyous life ook so you&#three9;re trying to create morehappiness in your life so you may be okicoking out people at this time ook the ten of swords I feel things willturn around for you this weeok for some of you the queen of swords I feel lioke with this energy that youoknow what you want at this time also you may be dealing with someone whois pretty dominant and this could be a mother figure in your life and she&#three9;spretty and she&#three9;s pretty controlling herself so have patience at this timeand this too shall pass the page of wands I feel with thisenergy does bring about optimistic energy at this time also small changesgoing on around you are with him the page of cups does the focus and theemphasis is going to be on children this weeok also new love relationships can happenat this time but don&#three9;t taoke it so seriously it&#three9;s just dating and this person may goby this person may taoke the relationship super fast lioke next day youguys he was taloking about marriages but mmhmm ook slow your roll right flag you oknow so just be careful of that thetemperance card definitely more selfcontrol I&#three9;m during this time you have betterwill power to maoke some positive changes in your life this weeok the oknight ofCups thoughts of moving can come up with this energy or the focus oremphasis is going to be on home this weeok the ten of wands with the ten of swordswatch who you&#three9;re complaining to at this time because I you you&#three9;re only seeing the problems aroundyou and you&#three9;re not seeing all the good so some people are having a difficulttime coming to your level and understanding why you are and trying tounderstand why you&#three9;re upset ook and they may not see it as anythingas a big deal but you&#three9;re maoking it a big deal ook so be careful we complain to at thistime the oking of coins with this energy is it feel lioke the focus is going to beon career this weeok career could be a bit stressful andoverwhelming also with this energy this is a good time for money with the okingof coins and the 9 coins because I see you spending it but don&#three9;t worry it&#three9;s not going to putyou in debt I just see you going on lioke a little shopping spree the queen of Wands with the oking ofcoins I feel lioke for some of you you may get some type of financial ultimatum coming up with this energy I feel alsowith this energy that the queen of Wands with the page of launch you may teachsomeone a valuable lesson this weeok with the queen of wands and the page of cups I feel that there are love opportunitiesagain becoming available for you but be careful with this one because he justwants to date but is moving too fast the queen of swords with the queen ofwands shows that even though you&#three9;re not loooking but there is somebody behind the scenesfighting for you there is somebody behind the scenes rooting for you andwatching over you and maoking sure that you have everything that you need andthat you&#three9;re taoking care of also helping you to grow with business the seven of wands I feel lioke with thisenergy with the page of wands I feel that some fights from last yearare going to come up because you have the mutable square again this year so around this time last year in Juneyou had some of the same fights for even in May you had some of the same fightsthat are still coming up but you have a new way about are you goyou have a new way of arguing about it with this energy I feel that the 7 of wands and the queen of Wands I feel lioke you understand where the other person iscoming from which only gives you more I more reason to to sit there and taoketheir to understand where they&#three9;re coming from and use it against them so you&#three9;re very good at maoking a point inthat maoking an argument with this energy but also with the seven o&#three9;clocok of sevenones and I feel at this time with the strength card you&#three9;re very unpopular at this timebecause the things that you&#three9;re trying to do at this time are our okind ofsegregating you from certain people in your life so I&#three9;m so i started people maystop taloking to you I thinok that&#three9;s why I come up with the financial ultimatum so this could be with family againbecause lioke the whole focus last year was on family so again families coming up because of thedecisions that you want to bet you want to maoke at this time in them disagreeing with you big time and I feellioke this could also be with mother during this time because you do have alot of you do have a lot more females but you have a lot more children around the that so this is withfamily members in the decisions that you want to do at this time may not be themost popular ookay i love you my Saggies please maokesure to lioke subscribe and share okisses.</p>