Hello My Dear Sagittarius Friends.

This is your Astrologer Sundeep Kataria withmy special readings for you for the Love Life & Married Life of year 2017.

You shall be seen as an intense and cleverlover who is full of brilliant ideas.

You will observe other person keenly and expressyourself in subtle terms.

With the new combination of planets, you willbecome more individualistic and someone who is not ready to compromise on values.

You can swiftly evaluate people and accuratelyjudge the situations but you need to act in more balanced way.

Be more gracious and stylish in your communication.

For the singles or the extra romantic at heart,there is a word of caution.

There is a possibility of a love triangledeveloping as you might get emotionally involved with two persons at the same time in thisyear.

It is better that you relate with each oneseparately and set your priorities right.

This will help you and others also not getconfused.

Remind yourself that love triangles are notbeneficial and at the end of the day, no body gains from it.

For the married, it is a good time to go withthe flow and allow things to happen by themselves.

If you have just had a break up, this is notthe time to look for another relationship to start soon.

Even if you happen to like a person, you maynot get the commitment or promise for a long term relationship.

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