Now we're going to get into a really coolsubject.

It's been said that the only thing we can consider the truth in our world isastrology.

It's been around for billions of years.

Think about it, the planets have beenthere for billions upon billions upon billions of years- longer than we can count as humans,or even the earth.

It may seem pretty out there for a lot of you, but it has scientificallybeen proven time and time again to be a powerful and somewhat uncanny tool for identifyingopportunities, trends, and providing invaluable insight.



Morgan once remarked, "Millionaires don't have astrologers, billionaires do.

" He wasn'tkidding.

Billionaires and wildly successful people in history and present day use thepowerful insight of astrology; people like Benjamin Franklin, all of the Founding Fathersof the United States, Albert Einstein, Winston Churchill, the late President Reagan and FirstLady Nancy Reagan, former British Prime Ministers Margaret Thatcher and Tony Blair, and shoot,even Jesus Christ is quoted as saying in the Bible in Luke 21:25 "There will be signs inthe Sun, the Moon, and the stars.

" Want to accomplish and obtain what you desire?It's time to look to the stars, planets, and astrology for insight.

Take a minute to closeyour eyes and visualize the entire sky above you, through the earth below you, and everyaspect of the cosmos surrounding you.

Well, your astrology chart is basically just that,a personalized map of the cosmos with you at the very center.

At any given moment intime, these planets are in different positions and angles around you.

When determining your astrological chart, you can choose any moment in time to castyour map of where these planets will be.

However, the most common point of reference is to castthis map or chart around the moment of your birth.

This is your natal chart and it's wherethe sun was located at that exact time.

This point is also where your Zodiac sign is determined.

The Zodiac is contained with a band that exists around the sun and consists of 12 houses orsigns that most people are familiar with and these are: Aries, and Taurus, and Gemini,Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces.

This chartor your sun sign if you're not familiar with it can tell you details that affect everyaspect of your life, whether that's emotional, physical, social or spiritual.

Although your sun sign chart is a powerful tool, it doesn't take into consideration theastrological influence of other planets.

In level 5, you learn that everything in theworld vibrates and has a unique frequency, even you.

The same can be said for all ofthe other planets.

In fact, you can go on YouTube right now and listen to the musicof the other planets.

In the early 90s when Voyager II cruised past Jupiter, Saturn, andUranus, it picked up distinct electromagnetic wave and particle oscillation frequenciesof those planets, which were then translated into sound.

Just as your vibration and frequencyhave an effect on everything you do, the vibrations and frequencies of the entire cosmos havean effect on you.

As the planets vibrate their frequencies, they can counteract and interminglewith your personal vibration or the vibrations of your meditations and mantras.

These planetary vibrations, although always present, have varying affects on you and thatdepends on the planets angle and location in relation to you.

That's why, as the earthand planets revolve around the sun and come into varying proximity to each other, certaindays and times are more powerful.

Just as these planetary energies can throw you fora loop or seemingly make your life challenging.

think mercury retrograde- when mercurymoves backwards, it throws a wrench into travel and communication.

They don't have to alwaysbe bad, they can also have some serious energy boosting effects.

You can focus their goodeffects and take advantage of the portal of time you are coming in contact with.

Thiscould be their energy of career, relationships, health, wealth, or other areas to help boostyour life.

Now, Vedic Astrology uses the Sidereal Zodiacwhere traditional Western Astrology uses the Tropical Zodiac.

The Sidereal system definesthe signs based on the fixed stars.

The Tropical system defines its base on the position ofthe Vernal or spring equinox.

The difference between these 2 systems is a difference ofabout 23-30 degrees.

Although both systems are considered correct, when consulting yourVedic chart you should look at your chart nearly one full sign back.

If you are an Ariesin the Western system, you are likely a Pisces in the Eastern system.

It's not always thecase, so you should always look at them separately.

In some people's opinion, the Sidereal Zodiacmore closely resembles the actual position and apparent movements of these constellationsor signs.

Vedic Astrology also takes into account more of your Karmic tendencies.

However,I definitely recommend, in order to be as comprehensive as possible that you consistentlytake in both perspectives.

I personally really like to rely on Vedic Astrology.

Now, I've used Astrology in many things in my life before.

I've used them for productlaunches and when I've launched products in my business, I've been extremely successfulwhen I consult with my Astrologer and actually my mother.

I look for these dates that areactually really good and where energy is aligned to help bring successful businesses and revenue.

I've even used it to sign agreements with other parties so that our energies are alignedwith each other and so that when we sign these agreements, only fruitful actions can comeand no miscommunication can happen.

I've used it for all kinds of things in my life andI use it pretty regularly.

I highly suggest checking it out and possibly even tappinginto the powers of astrology for what you are doing in your future.

Now it's time to put astrology to work for you, 2 great resources for astrological insightsand more in-depth resources are astrology.

Com which takes a Western approach to astrology,and astroved.

Com which is an Eastern or Vedic approach.

Take a few minutes to visit bothof these astrology sites.

Compare and contrast your signs with the 2 different systems.

Remember,if you are an Aries in the Western system, you are most like a Pisces in the Easternor Vedic system; Pisces is Aquarius and so on.

Over the next month at a very minimum, read your Western and Vedic horoscopes.

Where dothe 2 systems differ for you? What characteristics, events, and energies resonant more? Whereare there overlaps and similarities? Where are the differences? Write these down in yourproject book.

As you start to pay attention to how the energies of the planets affectyour life, you can start to harness their powers to continue to create what you want.