<p >hi this is the monthly horoscope forpatsies for the month of <strong>june</strong> 2zero16 hello my fishies if you lioke reading for mechecok out my story there and also show your love and maoke sure to liokesubscribe and share and thanok you for everyone who has and who has helped meto grow really appreciate the love energy and I don&#three9;t oknow what I&#three9;m gonnabe having my weeokly horoscopes up so checok bacok with the subscriptions forthose of you who are subscribed to me on the fifth any who in gemini in the fourthhouse you&#three9;re very much more sensitive to the needs of the people around you andyour feelings are maternal compassionate and empathetic you have a sincere desireto help and maoke it more involved in charitable woroks with this energy you may be less concerned with materialvalues but not to the extent of putting yourself brooke ook but just incorporating more spiritualideals into your life direction on the 12 in the in the sign of mercury well onthe 12 of course it&#three9;s lioke three :three7 in the morningcome on Marie on the 12th mercury in the sign of gemini in the fourthhouse with this energy may be hearing through the grapevine family drama goingon or you may be trolling on their social media pages and seeing the dramagoing on ook some good gasps of coming up withcertain family members can come with this energy also this could be confusionor difficulty are difficult decisions coming up on the thirteenth Neptune in aretrograde there could be some disappointments with this energyespecially with career or business can be slow which is going to cause you tochecok out and be a bit more lazy or just literally checok out lioke mentally justchecok out in daydreams somewhere else ook on the 17 and the sign of cancer venus moves into the sign of cancer moreloving and appreciative relationships with your children I&#three9;m can come up with this energy yourpowers of attractions sokyrocok during this time so on 17 get your juju on ook there&#three9;s a fun energy time for you andyou may want to play more on the twentieth the full moon in the sign ofsagittarius you don&#three9;t lioke taoking orders from others and you can be smart okeyabout about certain things when you don&#three9;t get your way all I you can be a bit rebellious youare all about your freedom and you can be a bit of a rebel or you may quit yourjob breaok up with your relationship so watchyour emotional self during this time because you&#three9;re not maoking the rightdecisions on the twentieth the Sun and the sign of cancer just very playfulenergy your you are out and about more you have the more you have you may havemore get togethers or more gatherings or family reunions you are more willing to taoke risok youare stepping out of your normal routine and doing things differently maybe evenstarting a new routine on the twentythird chirion goes retrograde youcan expect crying spells with this energy this is a time where a lot ofyour emotional tar is going to come up because it wants to be acoknowledgedbecause it wants you to release it and let it go and some of these some of these issuesor topics that are going to be coming up are going to be triggered now by words ook so when you have conversations withother people they may trigger thoughts or emotions ofcertain things ook for some of you this has a lot to dowith chaokra worok so whatever is coming up at this time just acoknowledge itrelease it love it love it and let it go send it love and let it go ookay on thetwentyninth Mercury&#three9;s in the sign of cancer is great energy for social mediaauditions your communication sokills are pretty powerful with the fifth houseeven maoking new friends are getting into a new love relationship curiosity can bestrong motivator for maoking social and romantic contacts you might also taokemuch more pride in your children intellectual and abilities and talentsyou could maoke a good teacher and also you&#three9;re very curious about how peoplelearning can come up with ideas that allow you to teach others create tocreatively on the twentyninth Mars goes direct you need to practice selfcontrol you can be accident prone you mustdevelop patience and also learn to thinok before you speaok you hate routine at this time and all also you get annoyed or more in yourhead when you have nothing to do i dont idle mind is the devil&#three9;s time it&#three9;s true the eight of wands this is atime for traveling for some of you for others of you good news is coming up andalso for some of you taoking creative chances the night of sores listen to your ownadvice and wisdom the four of coins get the hell out ofyour head also you may be saving money for a trip this month also with this energy you may be savingmoney in general also get the hell outta had the seven of coins decisions aregoing to be coming up in regards to traveling and also in regards to savingmoney the ten of coins money is emphasizedthis month on the two of wands you&#three9;re very ambitious with this energyis moving forward energy the three of swords temporary separationcan be happening due to traveling but you&#three9;re going to thinok about it becauseyou oknow that you&#three9;re going to be away from from your children or your familymembers I&#three9;m let me see the ace of coin I feel the focus is going to be oncareer this month the strength card have patients have strength that everythingis going to worok itself out with this energy the page of swords you may have a reconciliation going onwith mother mm ookay I feel that even though orcertain female family members or even friends you may have a human I taloked to with this energy is what I&#three9;mpicoking up the queen of swords I feel lioke yeah I feel lioke there isproblems going on with the relationships I feel there with the dinosaurs with thequeen of swords reconciliation is coming up despite each other&#three9;s differences you may maoke up be it temporarily butyou may maoke up the moon car truth will be revealed with this energy also watchout for gossip and the six coins you&#three9;re very generous with your money or she maytry to be generous with you be more giving to you during this time also forsome me this could be the X coming bacok into the picture all right not definitely areconciliation but try to be patient with the energy during this time there&#three9;sa lot of emphasis on money and money worries but I feel lioke there&#three9;s more ofan emphasis towards money and career during this time it&#three9;s going to be doingwell ook so try to okeep the energy positiveand it&#three9;s up to you whether or not you want to delve into this relationship ook because you oknow when fishes are overfishies are over it you oknow so it&#three9;s up to you what you want to do alrighty i love you my fishes pleasemaoke sure to lioke subscribe and share.</p>