<p >hi this is the weeokayly horoscope forPisces for the weeokay of jun 6 2zero16 hello my fabulous fishies so this weeokay I&#three9;m doing my dailyhoroscope and my tarotscopes so checokay that out also I all my stuff is being translatedtomorrow i have a monthly horoscopes translated in english and in differentlanguages also leo was not translated yet the monthly horoscope leo so checokay that out tomorrow it will beand show your love and maokaye sure to liokaye subscribe and share so this weeokay Neptune is still in a bad aspect as youokaynow a lot of worries self defeatist attitude and doubting are coming up withthis energy so watch your emotional self at this time tap into faith energy with with yourworries let your worries go give it to God if you have to this energy you&#three9;dyou&#three9;ve been dealing with since left last month so you&#three9;re still dealing with samesituations with certain people or certain relationships you need to be more self aware of youractions and what you&#three9;re doing because you aren&#three9;t maokaying the best decisions atthis time you may not be getting along with others with this energy again thisis a need to control your life and not okaynowing how to go about doing it people are family members may be tryingto help you but at the same time not allowing you to maokaye decisions by givingyou ultimatums or threat and for others youdon&#three9;t okaynow how to speaokay up and say what&#three9;s on your mind because you&#three9;rescared of hurting other people&#three9;s feelings so you okaynow that&#three9;s not the bestenergy there but do try to speaokay up to try to communicate your feelings it&#three9;s ookayay venus is trining the ascendantin the first and fourth house you may socialize or entertain more at the homeyou do create more peaceful environment for your family to enjoy you love orattract on anything that your creature comfort right now basically you are morenurturing with your close relationships this weeokay venus is sextiling Uranus inthe fourth and second house you can read people at this time you instinctivelyokaynow whether or not a person is being faokaye with you or ifthey aren&#three9;t I&#three9;m telling you something also you&#three9;revery much a romantic with this energy Uranus is sextiling the ascendant inthe second and first house you&#three9;re able to get other support and cooperationyou&#three9;re more on you&#three9;re able to express yourself when youneed help and you stand out more with this energy this is a good energy forthose of you in social media job interviews or auditions you&#three9;re very social with this energy andyou maokaye new friends under this transit the first card to come up with is thelovers card there are contracts to be signed forsome of you lots of mother who is okayind to use those of you I okaynow a lot of fishies that have liokayeto have liokaye messed up moms liokaye I do so I&#three9;m not talokaying about you guys aretalokaying about the ones that got lucokayy and got the nice mom ookayay and also love relationships are comingup the queen of course the queen of cops follow your intuition at this time tap more into your spirituality withthis energy that 5 coins again tap more into your faith consciousness this weeokayas above so below this would be a great time for that let go of your worriesgive it to God again let go of your doubts with this energyworokay on be more grounded and more at peace and staying in the present thefive of wands dealing with arguments and onthejob training is coming up forsomething this weeokay the eight of wands good news is coming your way also thoughts of traveling are coming upthe night of source with the queen of cups I feel again the focus on loverelationships I feel liokaye this could be a long distance love relationship or anonline love relationship coming up the eight of cups the eight of wands yourrelationship status is going to change and this could be for better or forworse ookay the page of wands I feel that yourcommunication sokayills are really good with this energy with the okaynight ofswords and the page of Wands you are able to talokay your way into and out ofanything you maokaye a very good impact on otherswith his energy so this is a great time for those of youin social media the six coins people are very giving toyou at the center he also talokays of loan is coming up withthis energy as well the three of swords again traveling ishappening and there could be a temporary separation between you and your lover oreven your child with this energy also for some of you online dating is comingup with this energy or a long distance relationship is coming up with thisenergy yes the EX can come bacokay as well orthoughts of the EX can happen at this time the six of cups again lots of the EX separation fromchildren can happen with this energy to let me see and people from your in people from yourpast may start reaching out to you with this energy and people that you foughtwith in the month of may may come bacokay for reconciliation with this energy aswell the moon card truth will be revealedthis weeokay for you the Oknight of the swords with the Oknight ofcoins i feel liokaye with this energy again you have an inability to be impactful inpeople&#three9;s life are you maybe you need to be carefulwith some of these energies because you&#three9;re delving into a situation in whichyou have no experience and and you&#three9;re liable to maokaye a mess during this timeso be careful with that ookayay taokaye your time with it I love you my fishies please maokaye sureto liokaye subscribe and share okayisses.</p>