Hi, it’s Lalitha Devi and this is a videoon a Planet you love, and that’s Mercury.

It rules your communication, how you talkto others.

Even in your relationship, without a strongMercury, you’ll end up saying the wrong thing.

So, Mercury rules our speech and our writing andeverything from our business to our marketing plan or public relations campaign.

So all those things need to be strengthenedif you want to stay in business, if you want to be effective in your speech and your writing.

So, imagine an email that comes to you froma certain company, and if you don’t like the email, that company missed an opportunity.


how do you strengthen these tools? First of all, you can learn about Mercuryand how to connect with this energy which is very fast, very light.

And in fact Mercury rules Gemini, the Signof ideas, business, marketing, public relations.

So, the angle you choose in your writing comesfrom Gemini – a very light-hearted energy.

It has to be a connecting energy for you totalk effectively to others.

So because we have already said that, let’stalk about Virgo.

Virgo is the other Sign of Mercury and it’sall about details — going deeply into an idea: see what works, what may not work, visualizethe pros and cons.

So, that’s an intelligence that Mercuryhas and that’s why Mercury becomes exalted in Virgo.

So you want to strengthen Mercury.

In a nutshell you can say the Vedic soundsfor Mercury, and they are: ‘Om Budhaya Namaha.

’ These Sanskrit sounds put you in touch withthe best of Mercury.

And it’s a frequency that vibrates at thecolor – the frequency of the color green.

So you can wear green and gems of jade, agreen inexpensive stone or also an emerald, you can connect with the energy of Mercurymuch better.

And you can also talk to this Planet on Wednesdays.

And believe me, they are conscious Planets.

I do believe that strongly.

It’s also written all over the Vedas [ancientIndian Books] that Planets are conscious beings.

They are humanoids.

So, apparently Mercury can listen to you andhelp you with your ideas, how to express them better.

There is also a very powerful being whosename is Vishnu.

You can call on Vishnu by reciting the traditionalVedic sounds, ‘Om Namo Narayanaya.

’ Narayanya is an aspect of Vishnu.

So, that’s in a nutshell what you can do.

But there’s a lot more that you can do tostrengthen your Mercury, especially if you are starting a new business.

So for your start-up, for example, you cansponsor a ritual, a Fire Ritual to Mercury and Vishnu.

And also, you can go through the program: Fix Your Planets.

And that’s a fantastic tool that I recommendto anyone, because we all have pros and cons in our Birth Charts which is our blueprintof our destiny and how effective we are in our lives and for reaching our goals.

So, I hope this helps you in getting what youwant and getting support from the Planets.

And because Mercury is a very important Planet,you want it strong as we said.

Also, try to avoid Mercury Retrograde periods.

They’re not very long.

And that will be an extra tool.

So don’t make your biggest investments,don’t start a big business, or don’t send out your resume during a Mercury Retrograde,and the next video in fact will be all about Mercury Retrograde.

So I hope you enjoyed this and it’s usefulto you.

Thank you so much for watching.

And see you soon.