Hi, This is Lalitha Devi and it follows my previous video about Mercury and what it means.

Just to recap, Mercury is about ideas: howyou express them, how you write them, how you implement them in your business.

So, when Mercury goes Retrograde, we get alittle bit confused with all the above.

And you need to do something.

Like, we have Vedic remedies.

Vedic astrology planets have consciousness.

And you can connect with them and make thingsbetter.

Right? So you can do a lot.

For example, through sound technology religiously, so to speak, if you will.

You can recite them everyday 108 times.

And that will help you immensely to connectwith this energy that is a little bit out of whack right now.

Because whenplanets go retrograde, even though they don't really change their motion, to us it does feel as if they were stuck.

And we feel stuck as well.

So imagine you are in a car and you feel thatyou're going so fast.

And the pedestrians are going backward.

But they're not going anywhere.

Right? They are are walking forward just as you aremoving forward.

So Mercury feels like that to people on earthright now [during Retrograde].

So we want to also connected with an archetypewho is extremely powerful.

And we can help you with that, with thingsMercury, all things Mercury, such as communication, public speaking, and videos.

I don't know if you be having lots of problemswith websites; I have.

But it doesn't happen every time.

So you have to become extremely consciousto avoid issues with Mercury.

And the other thing you can do is sponsorfire rituals.

They are traditional Vedic remedies that wouldput you in touch with the highest energy of the planet and its vibrational energy.

And everything that happens on earth reflectswhat's happening above according to the Vedas and other Wisdom traditions.

I hope this helps you to make the best ofthis Mercury Retrograde.

We're still going on in bearing with it foranother couple of days.

So stay tuned and hope you enjoyed this.

And it can be useful for you to fix your workand your business and see you soon.

Thank you so much for watching.