Hi everyone.

It’s Lalitha Devi again.

This is about [planet] Mars.

It's one of my favorite planets because it'sthe planet of action.

So we all have some amazing dreams.

We all have things we want to.

The difference between success and failureis always what is that action we are willing to take and how we implement our goals, howwe implement our ideas.

So Mars, a strong Mars can do that for you.

Mars is also the planet of self-disciplinethat will lead towards what's good for you rather than something that harms your body-mindor that will send you to the gym.

Because you've been sitting for too long andyou're tired.

You're feeling no energy at all, but you knowthat if you take a gym class or if you go running, you will feel amazing.

Right? So, that's what Mars can do for you.

And so, to reach all your goals, you needa strong Mars.

So, first of all, you want to find out whetherMars is helping you or hindering your goals.

How do we know that? An astrological consultation can help youdo that.

And then you find out whether Mars is helpingyou or not.

And if Mars is positive for you, you can wearRed or take your action, all your important actions on Tuesdays.

Also, you can invoke Muruga.

And he will help you.

He will remove the negativity.

If it doesn't make any sense, just think thatyou will acquire victory consciousness, courage, youthfulness, energy and you'll be a happierperson.

You look great.

And also, if Mars is not good for you, thisis what you are going to do.

So, sponsor a fire ritual to Mars and Muruga.

And then see the difference.

You have to test it for yourself.

And it's an amazing technology that I recommendto all.

And remember, that Tuesday is the day of Mars So, avoid anger and irritation which are thedark side of Mars.

They never really help us very much.

So, this is for you to reach your goals andstay tuned.

We will see you soon.

Thanks so much for watching.