<p >hi this is the weekly horoscope forlibra for the week of jun 6 2016 hello my Care Bears got my kitty on me being alllovable tonight move tonight anyways if you would like areading with me check out my store right there also show your love andmake sure to like subscribe and share and don&#39;t forget to check out my dailyhoroscopes as well as my tarotscopes that i will be putting that i putup every week and you can find those are my google plus so this week my fabulous Care BearsSaturn sextiling the ascendant in the first and third house you have an opportunity here to networkand to make things happen with career for others I&#39;m an opportunity to gain the rightinformation at work in order to take advantage of it or to learn somethingnew you may be wanting to learn something new with this energy forothers thoughts of going back to school are coming up Mars quintile Jupiter in the second and12 house you you are able to find creative solutionswith this energy also with this energy you can come diangkat you can come upwith great moneymaking ideas or you may delve more into your hobbies with thisenergy the sun is inconjunction with Pluto andthe fourth and nine pounds with this energy you can get a bit bored or thingsthat you want to happen may seem to be up in the air right now and just bepatient and keep positive with this energy Venus&#39;s sextiling Ceres in theninth and seventh house you&#39;re very you&#39;re very family oriented I and love nurturing your old lovenurturing your relationships also with this energy you may find that you&#39;regoing through your own healing process or journey by forgiving and reconcilingwith some of your relationships this week the first kind of come up with is thesix of wands bring optimistic energy as well as confident energy your way good news coming your way as well thefour of swords this is a great time to delve intoprayer and try to rest and relax a little bit more and let go of yourworries and doubts this week the knight of Wands on new thingsnew situations are coming up for you new adventures are coming up for youthis week and new experiences as well as new people the death card does bring changes comingup for you the knight of coins thoughts of movingare coming up also home businesses are coming up this week the ten of cups I i feel like with thisenergy it brings about hope also with this energy to focus on familyand socializing with family the star card dreams coming true thisweek with this energy let me see the Justice card majordecisions coming up as well the devil card this could be withrelationships or it could be with the work so you may be quitting your job for someof you for others of you this could be a divorce with this energy on the page ofswords I feel like you need to keep people outof your relationships at this time or at your business at this time because theymay be evil eyeing it I&#39;m and not helping the situation thechariot card I feel like with this energy it doessignal positive changes happening lifechanging experiences are coming upwith the chair chariot card and six of wands also with this energy you may beinterviewed on the news during this time or you may be the one they&#39;re talkingabout on the news so try to keep it good this week ok I feel also that the star card andchariot card manifesting what you want whatever idea or whatever it is that youwant at this time this is a great time for the power of prayer and it happenedto that I feel also with the ten of cups in the chariotcard major victory major good news coming up for you this week with thisenergy the judgment card with the ten of cups I feel like at this time again good newscoming your way this week so keep the energy positive and let me see what else all right now I know lucky and the queenof cups I feel with this energy with the ten ofcups I&#39;m announces a new love interest is coming in and also if you were lonely I&#39;m during this period I feel loveopportunities are available for you if with the Justice card if you chooseit I love you my Care Bears please make sure to like subscribe and share kisses.</p>