hello that is the month-to-month horoscope for Leo for the month of november 2016 whats up my kitty cat these feliz Dia de los Muertos so anyhow if you need a studying with me try my retailer there I'll have all the pieces else up with the small print of the shop tomorrow it's one o'clock within the morning so I'm making an attempt to do these month-to-month horoscopes actually rapidly and get them on the market for you guys and don't neglect my every day horoscopes tomorrow after which additionally my weekly horoscopes on thursday after which you may try astrojar.

Com in order for you extra horoscopes as a result of I guess everyone has their horoscopes up so you may verify that hyperlink out within the description field under so this month for you guys on the ninth Mars strikes into this on aquarius within the seventh home who okay you could possibly be attracting males or dominating ladies to you want honey with this power which means that they’re extra in a spot of sure after which presumably they may very well be simply actually actually flirty with the items shall be like rattling blue what you bought on right here Mars is nicely aspected so persons are extra keen to work with you I really feel with this power you could possibly be assembly new individuals for a few of you however you're not fast to permit new individuals in your kingdom so this may very well be some time earlier than you let somebody you and even with pals otherwise you love relationships your bit cautious with this power you could possibly be spending extra time with shut pals or household you could possibly be extra you could possibly be the one creating occasions and outings in individuals's lives so this may very well be a enjoyable time with household you're a bit extra social this month you could wish to be the one within the within the enjoyable however you wish to be the grasp of ceremonies in creating the enjoyable and the journey in everyone else's life on the 12 venus is in within the signal of capricorn you wish to maintain the peace you could be letting individuals get away with quite a bit presently a few of you for a few of you for others of you could possibly be going out of your means for others had been doing additional for others so watch your checkbook this month you could possibly be extra indulgent presently I really feel with this power cash may be doing fairly nicely since you may very well be consuming out a bit extra and you could possibly be a bit extra extravagant in your indulgence extra indulgence in your habits and extra of a creature of consolation for a few of you your hidden abilities can come out this month on the 12 mercury strikes into the signal of sagittarius within the fifth home you're very artistic together with your pondering if a topic pursuits you you may delve proper into it I really feel with this power you may encourage in a up and uplift pals for a few of you you favor the gaming world or double extra into fantasy video games with this power you could study to create boundaries with sure individuals in your life as a result of for a few of you you need to give however others are profiting from that giving aspect of you you aren’t about details so that you are inclined to imagine what you see additionally with this power tried to deal with your online business since you don't need to take a look at sure realities in your life which are arising on the fourteenth the total moon within the signal of taurus very artistic power the moon in your 10th home forming a yod which signifies that your pale you could possibly take that you just you could possibly take what kids or pals say to you a bit critically for a few of you could possibly be it may very well be somebody youthful than you and also you're taking what they are saying very critically you like to argue however you like to be proper so you will get aggravated with others after they aren't agreeing with you or they show you unsuitable you need to assume you're open-minded in your mind-set however when sure issues come up you are typically a bit extra mounted in your methods and a bit extra caught in your methods of pondering so attempt to bend this month on the 20 th Neptune goes directing the signal of pisces the rose-colored glasses come again on in life doesn't really feel so tough and chaotic for now until one other until subsequent yr okay for now you'll maintain your rose-colored glasses on should you let this time if issues in your life with court docket well being debt or profession develop into an excessive amount of you'll try into your world into your fantasy life additionally for Sonia actually taking in or notice what you might be getting your self into with this power particularly relating to enterprise and the endeavors investments throughout this time notice what you might be doing notice Lee the notice the duties you’re taking even with relationships and the individual has like kids and stuff like that and also you by no means had kids notice the accountability you might be placing on your self this month earlier than you go delving into issues and taking over new duties that you just by no means achieved earlier than or knew i'm placing your self into new conditions actually attempt to attempt to attempt to deal with that and attempt to examine it or look into it as a result of you already know this might not be it might sound like good thought in your head and no matter and the best way they're promoting it to you could sound actually superior and actually nice and you already know model new beginnings and represents change however then if you go into it’s gonna be like how when i get myself into you already know you don't be like rattling it so simply concentrate on that when that new when persons are getting you enthusiastic about issues sluggish it down as a result of simply because it sounds good that don't imply that’s going to be enjoyable and good if you're doing it on the 21st the Solar within the signal is sagittarius i'm within the fifth home the power may very well be a bit stressed since you need an journey however the calls for in your actuality perhaps feeling a bit heavy for you or this could be a anxious interval you don't wish to be advised what to do with this power there may very well be energy struggles with love relationships each of you wanting various things with this power and the opposite just isn’t keen to observe you otherwise you aren't keen to observe them for a few of you this may be kids being rebellious and going off and doing their very own factor with this power for others of you this may very well be you doing your personal factor on a artistic stage and venturing out and making an attempt one thing you've been desirous to do however been placing it off placing it off placing it off on the twenty-ninth the moon the brand new moon in sagittarius I really feel for a few of you this power is forming a fantastic hearth tried you could be taking extra of initiative in your life it is a nice time for socializing for a few of you it is a time for vacation travels touring and even delving extra into the occult with this power for others of you that is dealing that is dealing with your online business the place your private paperwork's like your passports or immigration paper works or caring for your faculty and learning you're a bit extra interested by specific topics that you just like to know extra about with this power the primary attempt to provide you with is the queen of swords watch your emotional self this month okay since you are inclined to need to management all the pieces round you and generally it’s a must to study to not be so mounted in your mind-set and study to compromise the Hermit card you could be extra to your self presently as a result of all of the planets are shifting into the signal of set of sagittarius and Saturn is there in your own home so you might have considered trying and so is that the underside of your chart so you could be extra to your self in wanting to maintain extra to your self throughout this time and being in your personal world the 10 altcoins you could be focusing extra on profession or faculty and likewise there's an emphasis on cash this month the three of wands I really feel like sure issues in your life are working in your favor and shifting ahead and different elements of your life you could discover extra balanced and you could take a look at these different elements of your life that aren't working for you presently so you may proceed shifting ahead the hangman card i’m going for a few of your ideas of going again to highschool is arising for others of you there's lots of issues which are up within the air presently and you could not make any change this month it’s a must to take it’s a must to be the deliberate creator in your life and it’s a must to take management sure issues and it’s a must to make it occur okay the web page of cash I see for a few of you this may very well be a second supply of earnings for brand spanking new cash alternatives changing into obtainable to you this month that require on-the-job coaching so that is one thing to consider the minor cash i really feel with this power right here property issues are arising presently and caring for payments presently so even know cash is coming in entrance of you you're placing all of it in the direction of your payments and what you owe the temperance card I take care of this power right here with the temperance and the Hermit card I really feel like for a few of you could possibly have epiphanies presently you could have a greater understanding of sure conditions are happening in your life life and let me see okay the 4 of swords I really feel like with this power right here higher self-control happening the six of swords I see touring additionally get the hell out of your head you could have a greater stage of self management this month okay the seven of cups once more there’s something that you just need to do however presently you're fascinated with it okay and this may very well be ideas of shifting arising ideas and shifting to a distinct state to be nearer to household to be nearer to mom with this power the ten of wands I really feel with this power right here that you’re actually going out of your means for different individuals and that you just're caring for different individuals presently and also you're simply doing this out of affection okay and it may be anxious so just remember to don't put a lot in your plate this month okay and the three of cups I really feel with this power right here it is a very social time for you you might be positively within the vacation spirit this month and I really feel like it is a nice time for collaboration and teamwork and also you profit via partnerships this month as nicely i really like you my kitty cat please make certain to love subscribe and share kisses mwah.