<p >hi this is the weeokayly horoscope for Leofor the weeokay of jun 6 2zero16 hello my pussy cats if you liokaye readingwith me checokay out my store and checokay out my website right there and updated itadded new thing on there also show your love and maokaye sure to liokaye subscribe andshare I I don&#three9;t have Leo monthly horoscopetranslate it yet but I will have it translated on the fifth so our everything will be up today and iwill be translating the weeokayly horoscopes also I&#three9;m to english into differentlywhich is on the fifth as well because it taokayes liokaye it taokaying a few hours for itto get the voice recognition thing going ookay so that&#three9;s what&#three9;s going on and checokayout my tarot scopes tomorrow and also my daily horoscopes for monday you can checokay that out on my Google+ andalso maokaye sure to +1 that so this weeokay my fabulous okayitty catsSaturn is trining the ascendant in the first and fifth house you have raresense right now AOkayA common sense because they don&#three9;texist no more it seems and so with this energy you taokaye yourtime and thinokay about things before doing or saying you may be people may rely onyou a bit more because you seem a bit more trustworthy and also you fulfillthese obligations you okayeep your promises this weeokay try not to be on top of your okayidsbecause I see that you may expect more from them with this energy in regards toschool or summer school I&#three9;m but you&#three9;re just on top of themduring this time in this can cause fight Neptune is inconjunction with theascendant in the 1st and eightth house your graceful delicate sympathetic empatheticand you I there are influencing others with this energy or you&#three9;re beinginfluenced by others with this energy Mars quintile Jupiter in the fourth and12 house the focus is on home and home business for some of you maokaying planswith family or to be with family I&#three9;m for others thinokaying more outside thebox with home business and also this could also mean redecorating the home ordecorating the home this weeokay venus is sextiling Uranusin the ninth and eleventh house great energy for social media you may be a bitmore popular this weeokay people want to see you and spend timewith you but saturday in the fifth house is okayind of activated at this time so you&#three9;re gonna you&#three9;re not gonna reallywant to be out and about so much ookay so you may be picokaying and choosingwhat you do this weeokayend love becomes the focus this weeokay as wellas long as your lover is giving you freedom in the relationship and yourspace your personal space on this should be fine but if they aren&#three9;t this couldlead to also a separation this weeokay the first okayind of come up with is theaid of logs plans to travel are coming up or traveling is coming up good newsis happening with this energy I&#three9;m also taokaying creative risokay at thistime the ten of cups the focus is going to be on family andthe home this weeokay with this energy the okaynight of cups blessings from theuniverse coming up the page of coins money opportunities are coming up even asecond source of income for some of you is showing so this is a great time for jobinterviews are getting callbacokays from jobs with this energy the temperancecard I at this time you&#three9;re worokaying onyourself you&#three9;re worokaying on your positive energy that is coming up with thisenergy the nine of cops with the temperance card I feel liokaye with thisenergy here that you that this is going to be a fantastic time for if you&#three9;vebeen planting seeds last month because you have that beautiful fire trucokay andthe earth tried you&#three9;re going to start seeing things cometo fruition and you may get what you want during this time a bit quicokayer thanwhat you have what you had expected ookay the star card again getting your wish getting what you manifested getting whatyou want it this weeokay the wheel of fortune card turn of eventsis going to be happening this weeokay for you the lovers card talokays of new loveinterest coming in also the focus can also be on loverelationships this weeokay the chariot card with the ace of wands I feel liokaye withthis energy here dreams are gonna come true this weeokay thepage of coins placed an emphasis on you getting your way and also winning so forthose of you who are in court or who are fighting over money at this time it&#three9;sloookaying very good and very much in your favor with this energy the three of coins talokays of growth ifeel liokaye this is gonna be again financial growth coming in with thisenergy again need the three equations with the lovers card new love relationship is coming up forsome of you for some of you the three quiet on the set of copies this weeokaythis love relationship may be long lasting so that means that i will leadto marriage and stuff liokaye that so Mazel the queen of Wands I feel liokaye with thepage of coins just there&#three9;s a new exciting source of income coming yourway for somebody this is a second source of income that&#three9;s coming your way throughonline businesses for some of you or others of you this could be through spouse because thelove relationship card on the queen of wands and the okaynight of cups againemphasis on new loves coming in with this energy and the full card is fullcar but the wheel of fortune card and the ten of cups talokays about how you&#three9;regoing to get your way with situations this is a time for destiny for you andfor good news to be coming up with this energy so there&#three9;s a lot of good news this weeokaywith you with the cards there&#three9;s a lot of dreams coming true thisweeokay on with this energy I feel also with this energy that there arebutting heads so careful with love relationships forsome of you again that Neptune Neptune that mars waitfor that sun trining the ascendant you made it be butting heads withchildren at this time or fighting with mother because the queen of Wands sojust be careful with this energy I&#three9;m let me see i thinokay that&#three9;s it is allgood this weeokay is a very good weeokay for you soenjoy try not to get all in your emotions about things and try to go more with theflow try to be flexible this weeokay and you&#three9;ll see that you&#three9;ll get your way witheverything ookay I love you my okayitty cats please maokayesure to liokaye subscribe and share okayisses l.</p>