Hello Everyone! Will a person become a business owner or work as an employee? Vedic astrology has indications whether a person will be able to setup and run his own business, or if they will work for others throughout their whole life There are a lot of factors to be considered in astrology in general while looking at this career aspect of a person Some people for example will be very interested in starting their own business and will keep talking about all the time – but will never take any steps towards it Only those who have a strong 3rd house from lagna (ascendant sign) in their birth chart will even take the initiative towards becoming an entrepreneur Be it a small scale or a large scale business, unless they have this strong factor they won't have the tendency towards setting up.

The 3rd house from ascendant sign is also called the house of courage, bravery, potency, valor and initiative.

This is not limited to just taking a business initiative but these people will generally be of a courageous mentality On the flip side, if the 3rd house is weak they will be mentally weak or lack bravery, initiative and so forth.

It takes courage to start a business where you won't get a pay check every two weeks, or it could even take years before you become cash flow positive.

It is also a commonly accepted "safe path" to go for a college education and get a job.

It does take courage to break the norms and got for an alternative career.

Whether their business is profitable depends on other factors in their birth chart, but at least they will have a tendency towards self employment The 3rd house also stands for potency and authority.

Potency means strength, force or virility (which is not relevant here) So business owners are usually people who don't like to report to others – hence the strong 3rd house blesses them with self employment where they are their own bosses.

The valor/courage bestowed by the third house is helpful in fighting competition – it almost bestows them with warrior like qualities needed to successfully run a business If the house of career is related to third house, that could make a person heroic.

In another age they would have been gladiators! In this age they would get drawn towards a career in the police or armed forces Hence to the house of courage (3rd house) is critical to see if one will be able to execute a business idea It is better if the 3rd house (of courage) is related to the house of career (10th house) The 3rd house also bestows strong communication skills which is critical to running one's business.

The 3rd house is also house of creativity, out of the box thinking and generating unique ideas So those with weak 3rd house but other aspects of birth chart which may able to allow them to run a business Won't be able to withstand the competition or will not have the courage to take risks.

They will end up seeking the stability of a financially safe job.

Please note there are a lot of other factors to be considered in determining entrepreneurship vs employment But the 3rd house is one of the most important factors in determining this Thank you.

Live and let live.

“May all beings everywhere be happy and free, and may the thoughts, words, and actions of my own life contribute in some way to that happiness and to that freedom for all”.