Hi, it's Lalitha Devi And it's based on the Vedas – the oldest recordedscriptures on the planet.

We know that problems cause us stress.

It's the awareness of those issues that willlead you to finding solutions.

And knowing about Vedic Astrology can empoweryou.

It really empowers us because it gives uslots of remedies and tools that once were secretive.

They were secret remedies devised by the Rishisand Siddhas, these intuitive Yogis who were constantly observing the Cosmos in statesof meditations.

And also, they were gifted mathematiciansand astronomers.

We can't escape Karma.

It's the law of cause and effect.


Pillai says Karma is in your brain.

It's your thought process.

So when we think a certain way, certainlywe will manifest certain events.

So, by taking care of our lives at a deeperlevel with Vedic remedies, we can solve just about everything — health issues, relationshipissues, money problems.

There's always a planet behind it.

Because planets are conscious living beings.

And so is the Earth.

So with that kind of knowledge, you get a lotof power to get more control of your life and have the joyful adventure that you want.

Life is supposed to be joyful.

And's that how we are creative.

And there's more love.

Just everything that we need becomes a cinch.

Right? So, I would be giving you bits and tips, veryquick remedies, that you can do at home, for each planet.

And so, stay tuned and thank you so much forwatching.

See you soon.