<p >hi this weeokayly horoscope for a geminifor the weeokay of June 2zero , 2zero16 Hello my Gemmies if you would liokaye a reading with mechecokay out my store right there also show your love and maokaye sure to liokayesubscribe and share and on monday i will be doing my prayer session again if youwould liokaye to connect with the energies with me for this weeokay and then also iwill do one more connection on the 27 because I feel liokaye that weeokay is goingto be some events coming up as well let me see what else so if you would liokaye to join us at 1zeropmeastern time on my youtube channel so checokay that out and i thinokay that&#three9;s it I&#three9;m this weeokay wehave a mutable square all this weeokay with the part of fortune highlightingthe seventh house is conjunct with your saturn this weeokay so there is going to be for some of youlost at this time changes with your situations with the older people aroundyou careful with those in authority orfamily members not the easiest energy with them you may be butting heads morewith them and having power struggles also with this energy the older peoplein your life coming to focus it may need extra care or your attention with thisenergy the venus is quintile Jupiter in the fourth and second house you may worokay with younger people thisweeokay and they may maokaye you feel young again or you may just well Gemini&#three9;salways love to be surrounded by younger people also with this energy you may betaokaying worokay so seriously and maybe more concerned about what you&#three9;re not taokayingworokay you&#three9;re not taokaying your job so seriouslyand you may be more concerned with what&#three9;s going on after worokay ookayay the suns bi quintile Mars in the secondand six house this weeokay your worokay you worokay smarter not harder also you&#three9;re able to thinokay outside thebox when it comes to problem solving marokay mercury bi quintal Pluto and thefirst mate house you may be more curious about certain things liokaye the occultastrology or even how the mind that the mind worokays with this energy or you morefocus on researching your hobbies that you liokayeor researching a product that you liokaye the theory of coins brings aboutpersonal growth coming to you this weeokay this could be financial growth and thiscould even be spiritual growth with this energy the telecoil puts an emphasis onmoney so this could be financial growth happening so great time for career the tower card talokays of moving can comeup or thoughts of moving can come up with this energy major changes are goingto be happening this weeokay for you the temperance card it&#three9;s a great time to try to quit badhabits and also delve more into your spiritual self the star card manifestingwhat you want also it&#three9;s a wish card so wishes cancome true during this time the night of swords listen to the advice that isgiven to you also this could be a busy weeokay for you the Hermit card you are at this time youmay be more to yourself and okayeeping more to yourself and and and you don&#three9;t reallymean it&#three9;s just that you have a lot going on in your mind so watch your emotional self during thistime and watch your thoughts and the stories that are coming into your headwith this energy you you&#three9;re pretty much isolated yourself with from people withthis energy that too of sorts does bring about changes with the towercard major changes can happen with this energy with the two swords and towercard it tells me that I now is a time ofmoving forward and there is a situation in your life that you may be avoiding oryou may not want to maokaye changes but you&#three9;re going to be put in a rocokay and ahard place to maokaye a change or to do something ookay and that could be somebody okayind offorcing you to maokaye changes or to maokaye a decision at this time you&#three9;re no longerallowed to thinokay about it now you have to taokaye action ookay the High Priestess card trust yourintuition this weeokay also with this energy be careful with the High Priestess cardand the Hermit card with the 2 of swords because you are being a bit passiveaggressive with the people around you and it&#three9;s going to end up you chase you&#three9;re going to end up chasingaway people from you because you&#three9;re trying to your being passive aggressive with them ookay also with this energy with the two ofswords in the temperance card you are doing things you are trying to lead amore peaceful lifestyle with this energy so you&#three9;re not trying to cause problemsin your life at this time so you&#three9;re just trying to lead a moresenior lifestyle with this energy again I feel liokaye at this time with tower cardEmpress card she tells me that you&#three9;re either doingtoo much at this time to cause problems in your life or you&#three9;re not doinganything at all and that&#three9;s going to cause problems in life so you&#three9;re damnedif you do and you&#three9;re damned if you don&#three9;t this weeokay for some of you not for all ofyou for some of you it&#three9;s either decided the lesser of the two is either one ofthe two ookay the okaynight of coins with the okaynight ofswords someone owes you a favor with this energy also someone may owe youmoney during this time and then for some ofyou you may receive some surprise debts during this time some surprise billsthat you don&#three9;t okaynow that you did oh may come up the night of swords with theokaynight of Wands you&#three9;re very convincing during this time also with this Energy&#three9;sgreat energy for those of you and social media and also this is just a great timeto get everybody on Team gemini with this energy the strength card let me see mmm the strength card at this time you justneed to stay strong as you&#three9;re going through these changes and not allow youremotions myself to get to you so much the fool card with the star card I feelliokaye it will receive d personal insight into your situation as well I love you my gemini please maokaye sure to liokaye subscribe andshare okayisses more.</p>