Hello everyone! Some have asked me if they have any chances of going overseas It is one thing for a person to have even a chance of travelling from their home to another country It is entirely different question if they will settle down in another country or change citizenships These are two different things to be answered with their horoscope Because some may have a chance to go abroad Some may go short term – for tourism or parents who are taken by their kids settled abroad For these parents for example – they only have a chance to visit but will always live in their home country Some go overseas on short term projects but will also live in their home country throughout their life So visiting overseas vs settling abroad are two separate things to be considered According to vedic astrology – for a person to leave their home country or live in another place It refers to the 4th house – which is house of mother, mother land If a person leaves his country it is considered leaving his maternal home So planets like Rahu, Kethu or Saturn in 4th house will add a foreign element to the person These planets are considered malefic and not having good effects So for those horoscopes it will make them live away from their maternal home or mother country The next house is – 5th house.

or house of past birth karma or our ancestors, our roots, our parents So if these planets Rahu, Kethu and Saturn are associated with the 5th house (of our roots) then it also adds a foreign element Or if the 5th Lord is in a "hidden place" like 6th, 8th or 12th house So if it is the hidden houses (6th, 8th, 12th) planetary periods or 4th and 5th related house planetary periods – that is currently running Then during that period they won't be able to live in their home country/place For example – if someone start working during Rahu (18 years) and next Jupiter (16 years) period – then they will be abroad for minimum 34 years And following that – if there is another foreign element effect like I mentioned before – then may even become a foreign citizen For some others – the foreign settlement might only happen for a shorter planetary duration – at which time they will go abroad When that period ends – or if a "beneficial" planetary period starts they will go back to their home country It will also enable them to stay closer to their parents Some will stay for short periods, some will stay for say 10 years and others may immediately get foreign citizenship and settle down abroad Some may stay willingly, others may not like it but will still stay overseas This all depends on transit of these planets and the duration of the transit – whether they will stay short term or become another country citizen For example – Kethu in 4th causes isolation, detachment or imprisonment or denotes spirituality (move away from home) So Kethu if is in 4th – it will cause move away from home/mother/motherland and may even cause death in an far away place (live abroad till their end) The main reason therefore is Rahu, Kethu and Saturn – which denote strangeness, foreign, unconventional in general So if they are in 4th or 5th then one can say it will push them away (foreign) If these planets are in 7th house – house of relationship/marriage – then they may marry a foreigner or have an unconventional marriage/relationship (in my previous video) So houses that have Rahu, Kethu and Saturn will add these strange/different elements to those parts of life So staying abroad could be construed as staying away from house of home/material comfort/mother (4th & 5th house).

In isolation According to astrology, in the past these effects meant one will live like a refugee.

But in today's world, it will make people happy or even proud as it means they will live abroad So what used to be a malefic effect (dosha) according to vedic astrology, has now become a beneficial effect (yogam) According to the epic Ramayana – Lord Rama went away from his home/mother/comforts to the forest as he had Saturn in 4th Thank you for watching! Let's live and let live! May all beings be happy and free!.