I look forward to the New Year.

The New Year almost corresponds to my birthday, which is only a month apart.

February 1st is my birthday.

So, what is different about it? Comparing it to the bygone years, I feel totally, totally different — biologically, psychologically and spiritually.

And the joy in the body, the joy in the Mind and the joy in the Spirit are uprising.

Day by day, I am drunk with the Amrita the elixir of life.

Something which I had not experienced ever.

So I'm going to offer this to you, not through my speech but through my own Silence.

I told you that I would be doing a lot of videos, but I pulled back and then not doing any videos.

But this video came out spontaneously.

And then I wanted to share this blissful experience with you.

I have, you know, when you look at my eyes now, it looks drowsy and I can see my eyes now very clearly.

And I will come closer, closer.

Now, people when they get enlightenment called themselves Anandas.

"Ananda" means one who is in Bliss.





Whether they are in Ananda or not, one doesn't know.

But when you experience it you will be blissed out, completely blissed out.

And this is going to be not only my experience but also the experience of all those who follow me, follow my teachings.

Because I'm going to be in communion with you.

You have been with me for so long.

And I feel obligated that I pass this Bliss to you.

The Bliss is going to be characterized by the absence of the logical Mind.

The logical mind will be pushed to the territory, to the surface area.

And, as it happened, I began to see the value of astrology.

Second by second, how the time influences your Mind, your events and so forth.

That's way I advise you to go and learn astrology.

And I'm going to ask AstroVed to do that.

And if we can do that, at least, get the [birthchart] report.

When I designed the report for the year and how it should be and how people should live.

And the other important thing is make sure that you can go to India whenever you have the time to go.

And go to the temples that I'm going to be talking about — these temples.

And these temples carry the energy of the Siddhas, who after their enlightenment, stayed there in the temple, as beggars sometimes.

People would not even know who they are and some people attained Samadhi there.

And I'm going to take — if you come to my birthday, I will take you to the secret temples.

And for those of you who can't afford [the trip], I'm going to ask the staff to come up with ways of designing the program for people who can''t or who cannot afford, also participate somewhat in the birthday events and the temple visits.

So when you go to the temples, the energy there is so great that you will be blissed out.

Because it is irresistible energy.

My teachings are going to be reflections of what I am going through.

Be in bliss And it is increasing day by day by day.

Then you don't think that anything else from outside is going to give you the Bliss.

Of course, you need money to buy clothes and food and medicine.

Beyond that, you don't need anything.

You need one thing — that is the Bliss.

The Bliss.

You cannot get it from alcohol or drugs.

But this is going to be there with you forever.

And this is the purpose of life.

So I want to invite you for the Birthday trip.

Also, I want you to do or go, go and learn astrology, Vedic astrology — the Indian astrology.

And if, you know, you must do it because you'll be benefited by the knowledge here.

Because you'll know your destiny the reading, the report that you will get is going to have a contrast of what would happen if you don't change your Karma that is the Karmic New Year, the Karmic plan for the year.

And how to go against the Karmic plan and what you can do to change it.

So that's in a nutshell is what is new about that program.

I'm very happy that I was inspired to do this.

Let Bliss and peace prevail.

God Bless.