<p >hi this is the monthly horoscope forCapricorn for the month of <strong>june</strong> 2016 Hello my cappy&#39;s if you like reading with mecheck out my story they&#39;re also show your love and make sure to likesubscribe and share so a little reminder let&#39;s not forget westill have our beautiful Jupiter conjunct with the north node trining Pluto we have until mercury moves into thesign a gemini that beautiful earth tried to try to get all your manifesting stuffdone now till the 12 when mercury moves in the sign of Gemini but don&#39;t forget you still have thatJupiter trining Pluto in retrograde but also Jupiter is conjunct with thenorth nodetrining Pluto in retrograde so there&#39;s still a beautiful energy timefor you so you still have that beautiful energy so if you can avoid your emotional selfthis this month and be consistent with being at peace at least then you&#39;ll find that this isgoing to be a beautiful month for you despite the energy is happening you knowit will just be changes happening around you and that&#39;s it and it has nothing todo with you okay on the fifth we have the new moon inGemini again what your emotional self of this energy watch your over reactions towardssituations you&#39;re not happy about a few situationsgoing on but also you&#39;re getting yourself out of alignment with whateverit is that you want so recognize that because when you start to do that andget yourself out of alignment get reactive towards things then youmanifest as above so below so whatever is happening ok so try to keep positive with thisenergy this month try to keep more at peace sometimes weremanifesting things we&#39;re doing the law of attraction whatever it is that we are aligning ourthoughts of our thoughts with is kind of like Pluto it has to get it has to change becausewhatever it is that needs to happen to get to where we want to be we have to gothrough these changes no matter how dramatic how stressful they can be we have to we have to go through thembecause it&#39;s not in our it&#39;s not what we are lining ourselves with to get to getto where we want okay um because of your heightenedsensitivity at this time you are generally susceptible to health problems so your knee may hurt a bit more becauseyou because it just means that you&#39;re inflexible you&#39;re not flexible to change ok so ifyou start if your knees start hurting it means that you need to be moreopenminded to situations and then I&#39;ll start relaxing also your allergies may start becauseyou&#39;re worrying a lot more about things i&#39;m in that you need to let go ofworried also mood mood swings can happen for canhappen during this time as well ok so try to see things at this time asblack and white matte fifty shades of purple or gray or whatever on the 12Mercury&#39;s in the sign of gemini beautiful energy time for cleaning you are motivated to deuce to do thethings that you have been putting off like cleaning or focusing more on takingcare of yourself through diet and exercise now you may be a bit a bit moreserious with this energy because you have a lot more energy to do things okay you don&#39;t feel as lazy I also Neptune onthe thirteenth goes retrograde in the third house you&#39;re more self aware of your emotionalself and you are more realistic with this energy you want for eat what did I write I swear also you&#39;remore about facts for the next several months or more about facts and if it&#39;sif you can read it it was in a tax or whatever then you&#39;re fine with it was astory or guys if you&#39;re not really into class about this time all right you&#39;ll be able to understandpeople better with this energy on the seventeenth venus moves into the sign ofcancer in the seventh house if you&#39;re single great time to mingle click link you are more willing to forgive others and allow them back into your life youare more adaptable to others affectionate and a great compromiser anegotiator with this energy you&#39;re very social with this energy love socializingat this time you&#39;re out and about you you want to be seen okay try not to believe everything youhear though so careful careful with that careful with the sob stories and carefulbecause some people right now maybe trying to blow smoke up your butt so just be aware of the verb badgethat&#39;s being um just being given to you on the twentieth the full moon in thesign of sagittarius in your 12th house communicating with your feelings youlike to talk about your personal concerns moons moods are influenced bywhat is said so be careful with this energy becausethis is going to be like an all day long energy so if somebody on the internet sayssomething to the left ok like say something weird to youyou&#39;re gonna react to it and guess what you&#39;re gonna bring it home you&#39;re goingto react to it at home you&#39;re going to take it out on your family your ticketout of the kids ok you&#39;ll be snappy all day you can benasty all day because of what somebody said to you ok because you wish you could go andthrow a brick at that person but guess what you can ok so try to be self aware of that tryto be self aware of your sensitivity to that part of ego that once acceptancefrom everybody and wants to be liked by everybody so when you when you&#39;re okay with thefact that you&#39;re not going to be liked by everybody and that&#39;s okay all right that really is ok you don&#39;tneed to be loved by everybody then you know this this mood you canconquer this this mood is going on with the full moon ok by stepping back from you&#39;re emotionallycharged issues you can gain a better perspective and objective perspectivewith this energy on you analyze what you really need and feel what you really think when you&#39;re out of your emotional selfwith this energy ok so just try to take your your your emotions out of this energy on thisfull moon on the twentieth the Sun side and cancer highlights relationshipspopularity with this energy oneonone relationships are highlighted yourpopularity is increasing and is reinforced with your ability tocooperate and harmonized that is the only time that it is going to be reallyawesome energy is when you&#39;re able to cooperate with others and just be inharmony with them ok your ego and pride are tied up in howyou relate to others be careful with that let your work speak for you let othersspeak for you with this energy don&#39;t speak for yourself okay this may be an especially a busytime for people who consult or work with clients oneonone you are more willingto be open minded with other people.</p><p >of view and you are more willing to listenwith this energy on the twentythird Chiron goes retrograde your emotionalstuff is going to cause you crying spells oh yes oh yes don&#39;t listen to now Adelle hello hello don&#39;t listen to her song hello ok you&#39;ll be crying boohoohoo efor no reason he will be talking about nothing you arecrying why are you crying I&#39;m not right and right out ok I let me see your communications arevery powerful with this energy this is a great energy for those of you in salesand a great energy for healers and counselors and teachers on thetwentyninth mercury in the sign of cancer your communication is very goodhere well I&#39;m with those in authority this isa great time for job opportunities relatives may be helpful in your you&#39;reat home or in regards to your professional life they may help you lookfor a job I also with this energy here this is agreat time for job interviews you&#39;re very confident with this energy great this is a great energy for greatideas plans and you may initiate you may try new activities during this isn&#39;tthis time that involves bouncing ideas other people or teaching or writing onthe twentyninth Mars goes direct slow down your intensity and drive with thisenergy or else you&#39;ll be feeling drained as you get closer to your goal group activities and people are beingcooperative with you and also with people this month and asking for helpyou achieve your goals so make sure to ask for help team works work teamworkmakes the dream work this month also with this energy you do better ingroups when it comes to your career or businessyou do better with collaborations with other bloggers as well with this energy so this is all about team&#39;s you do goodwith networking as well the first try to come up with the ten ofswords with this energy um you&#39;re going to start to turn acorner so this is going to be a better energy time for you this month the nineof swords get the hell outta your damn head you&#39;regonna ruin my damn alignment with my stupid Jupiter conjunct with North trining Pluto come on man moving your way ok you going to ruin my beautiful energy alright so manifest manifest manifestalright so try to stay positive you&#39;re dealing with your trust issueswith the line of with the nine of wands your insecurities are coming out theking of coins but the focus on business the mind and the money and the money onthe mind this month but you&#39;re not trusting certain people in regards tothat too so that&#39;s a little bit of a problem the ten of wands I feel like with thisenergy with the tenant wants ten swords you really have a lot of good going onand the thing is that you can&#39;t complain about your good ok you can&#39;t complain because we weregonna be looking at you like you&#39;re crazy they&#39;re gonna be looking at you like wowreally really you and the Mercedes really uhhuh ok ok where are you when i&#39;m going tomake your day worse i&#39;m just going to stab the tires and your Mercedes okalright so try not to complain at this time because people don&#39;t want to hearit ok so if you have to worse comes toworse get a journal writing a journal that&#39;s what I do complain in a journal ok because you&#39;re not seeing all thegood and that could be that Pluto and retrograde energy that&#39;s making you feelthe heaviness and a bit overwhelmed by your by your responsibilities like yourbills your money worries ok the ace coins creating your ownreality also with this energy of job opportunities become available for you the aid of coins on this can make you abit more focus on career and also this is going to be a busy time for you withcareer as well the judgment card I feel like with thisenergy it tells me that it just want you toknow that at this time you&#39;re on the right path with the ten of wands and thejudgment card tells me that with this energy you know the most of the stuff that yougot going on in your head really it&#39;s not really happening in your realityit&#39;s just you thinking of it so stop thinking of it the six of cups focus on children forsome of you ok and also it focus on past and thehome life during this time and the ex coming back the eight of wands with theaid of coins I feel like with this energy here you are a bit of aperfectionist when it comes to work okay you&#39;re very detailed oriented andyou&#39;re really focusing on doing a good job and getting it a really good jobwell done the page of swords I feel like with thisenergy trying to keep a paper trail this month because people may be trying tothrow you under the bus or trying to accuse me of things that you did not dowith this energy the temperance card I feel like at this time patience isneeded with certain people in your life I&#39;m especially with exes are coming upfor some of you for some of you this could be mother coming up and fightingwith mother during this time you&#39;re not getting along with mother or justneeding to be patient with certain people around you with this energyespecially the women in your life the Justice card major decisions aregoing to be coming up with this energy in regards to this person for some ofyou they have to go back to court with thisperson for others of you you may have to arm for others of youmay have to think about this disowning this person as well ok so thisis going to be some major changes that is going to be going on in regards tomother or in regards to a family member in your life with this energy I feel allright I love you my cabbies please make sure to like subscribe and share kissesmuawah.</p>