<p >hi this is the weekly horoscope forCapricorn for the week of jun 6 2016 hello my cappies, if you would like areading for me check out my store right there also show your love and makesure to like subscribe and share so this week we have pluto squaringmidheaven in the 1st and 10 house people might not listen to you i&#39;m atthis time or you may have to follow other people&#39;s lead or rely on others toget what you want this may cause you to butt heads withothers because you need to be in charge you need to be handson with things andyou&#39;re not giving that opportunity to be so this is gonna cause you to bereactive with this energy tried to give others opportunities to lead and try togive others the benefit of the doubt with this energy ok this is part of egoyour ego talking to you on how you need to be in control of the situation let goof control with this energy you have too much good happening that you don&#39;t needto sit there and micromanage other people Mars is semi squaring midheaven in theeleventh and tenth house you have problems getting along with employersfamily members parents or landlords even because you pick so try to pick and choose your battlesthis week okay the sun is inconjunction Pluto in thesix and first house this is a time to slow down and watch what you&#39;re doingbecause you&#39;re either for getting small details but yet important details oryou&#39;re doing a sloppy job this week mercury sesi quadrate midheaven in thefifth and tenth house you need to be careful with how you speak or talk down toothers you may be butting heads with others and can&#39;t seem to come to a groupagreement because you might not want to see the other person&#39;s way and you maywant to be right with this energy so really you got too much beautifulenergy you still got that Pluto.</p><p >Plutotrining the Jupiter conjunct with North note so as above so below so you they don&#39;t want to confront anybody atthis time and you really don&#39;t want to create confrontation and drama when youhave this beautiful alignment because as above so below so whatever you&#39;re putting out to theuniverse you&#39;re going to get back ok so if you&#39;re going to be all thisneed to control control because that&#39;s the Capp in you well you need torethink that because you know that need for power and that need to be control ofthe situation you know is going to ruin your alignmentwith your good energy with what you want so try to try to change your way ofthinking this week so you can get what you want out of the energies before Jupiter and and the north node stopconjoining with each other okay or when they stopped trining with Plutoalrighty the magician card as above so below this week so keep the energypositive it&#39;s not worth being in control if I am manifesting like right now I&#39;mmanifesting what I want out of my life I you know and I&#39;m not going to arguewith everybody and I i I&#39;m not going to argue with people on the internet youknow my life is pretty pretty quiet and pretty boring ok and i like it like that but at thesame time my thoughts become things and I have a lot of positivity happening sothese aspects that are going on don&#39;t really affect me alright so this is something to thinkabout to you don&#39;t want them to affect you then don&#39;t join in pick and choose whatyou want okay pick and choose this is your movieyour reality the Justice card major decisions are coming up also thoughts ofcourt is coming up this week the ace of cups I feel like there&#39;s goodnews coming to you in regards to court with the ace of cups in the Justice cardalso anytime there&#39;s a justice card with anyaces it brings luck on your way so you still have that Jupiter trining thatPluto that Jupiter conjunct theNorth trining Pluto in retrograde so you have luck on your way you have good news coming towards to youin regards to court this week ok emotional stability is happening thisweek thoughts of love opportunities arecoming to you this week as well the two of coins I feel that with thetwo of coins in the magician card you know you are the creator of yourreality so whatever you want to create whatever idea that you have in your headthat you want to do don&#39;t just think it don&#39;t just dream itdo it ok the four of swords with the Justice card there&#39;s a peaceful resolution coming upI your court may be over with with this energy and also there&#39;s goingto be a peaceful resolution coming up with this and it&#39;s going to beover with so the stress of that it is the stress or the weight on yourshoulders is going to be taken away the page of cups I feel for some of you this could belove opportunities opportunities to date at this time is just dating nothingseriously also thoughts of children are coming up with this energy the Sun cardwith the ace of cups I feel that for some of you you&#39;remastering your emotions with this energy you&#39;re learning more self control duringthis time and you&#39;re receiving more good by doing this the ten of cups I feel like with this energy this isgoing to be a great energy time for socializing and for dealing with homeand family the six of wands very confident energyvery optimistic energy so all those transits are not worth doing this weekif you have all this good around you you know so this is something to avoid this weeksomething to think about the 8 of coins the 8 of coins with the Sun cardfocusing on your dreams this week with this energy let me see not the seven of coinsdecisions are coming up whether or not you want to pursue those dreams ok but it&#39;s up to you now is the time todo that well now till the 29th would be thereally good time to do that but you can do it now because you have a Jupiterconjunct with the North no training Pluto protecting you ok the three of swords temporaryseparation thoughts of the X coming back or thoughts of yeah or thoughts ofonline dating happening at this time to with that energy I feel also with that energy with the three of swords and theeighth of coins you know there are some people thatyou&#39;ve been not really avoiding because cappy&#39;s have a tendency to not talk topeople sometimes and it&#39;s not that they don&#39;t like you anymore it&#39;s just thatyou guys have a tendency to just go in your own little your little hole andkind of stay there and that socialize with anybody so this week try to touchspace with people because some people are a bit sensitive and this could besome crabs that are coming up cancers that are coming up I that want your attention right now okso they may start something just to get your attention and do something just toget a reaction ality so try to touch space with people this week the six of cups with the two points Ifeel like at this time you&#39;re very sentimental or others of you watch yourspending because will make you broke this week okay i love you my cappies please makesure to like subscribe and share kisses.</p>