hi this is the weekly horoscope for Capricorn for the week of January 30 2017 Hello my Cappies if you would like reading with me check out my store right there also you could visit Astrojar.

Com in the link in the description box below right there I'm still doing my daily horoscopes also a couple of updates with North node at 3 degrees or some of you the north node in Virgo has entered has has moved into a different house ok let me beat cancer is in the seventh house leo in the eighth house Virgo in the ninth house so you are your north node possibly has moved into the sign of virgo in the eighth house so therefore situation for you maybe you are pertaining to court or working on the self during this time period or having a lot of lessons with itself and re-evaluating with the self and I'm just tell me more into the occult or even just working on you in fixing you and changing the emotional self alright and then also Uranus at 23 degrees right now it's right it's getting ready to move into the sign of taurus next year but for some of you you no longer have let me see Capricorn aquarius pisces aries in the fourth house you no longer have Uranus transiting your fourth house is now moving to your fifth house so just try i'm going to leave a glossary page up here about it so check your natal chart to see where your your sign of aries is or if you're a sign of Aries is sharing houses with each other or your sign of virgo is sharing houses with each other because then the situation in the houses with the North no changes ok I'm so just be aware of that alrighty so this week we have and i'm going to try to put that incorporate that also into my weekly videos not my monthly videos into my weekly videos okay so first of all be talking about north node in the are in the 9th house i'll be talking about north node in the eighth house ok just want Uranus t in the fifth Uranus in the fourth house and fift house so just to kind of help you guys along or to make sense of your week okay I'm so this week mars squareTitan in the first and fourth house this can be about property matters difficulties with father or the men in your life or your personal life at this time on at this time try to be a gap table or compromising or meet them halfway because you can be quick to shut down people because you're not ready to change this could be more of a magazine sound to you and you're not ready to change certain things about yourself or I this could just be power struggle between you or this could even be with property matters with this energy ok and at this time you know you may have to be flexible in regards to dealing with property matters okay now you may have to bend like a palm tree on during this time period that can be power struggle arm or dominating women in your life Saturn is trining Miranda and the 12 and 8 house there could be some unexpected events in regards to court or other source of money this can either be coming in or this something in your favor or an opportunity with career for some of you benefit through partnership in regards to money so this could be like parents in their money and living in their house benefiting through them this could be lovers and benefit event through them or spouse or even business partnerships and benefiting through them for some of you court court works in your favor or even loans may be in your favor this week Pluto is not well aspected this week is squaring the asteroids in the fourth house and also it squaring on Mars now and the sign of aries as well so it's not in the best aspect is also squaring on Venus at this time to be careful with relationships ok changes can be made you need to go more with the flow and be more adaptable okay for some of you this is starting over with home business starting over in certain parts of your life this can be selling property again something arm or situations that you have you have been trying to ignore can no longer be ignored and now maybe calling more of your attention at this time so you're going to find this through people yelling at you and telling you what to do or you're going to find this through bill collectors calling you up or even receiving paperwork about it the ascendant is squaring Venus and the first and third house you can be more about your needs on business and Pisces you can be more about your needs and what's in it for you you can be a bit needy when it comes to love energy I feel there can be no misunderstandings this week or people in your life may have difficulty a difficult time figuring you out so try to communicate your needs to that Venus in the fourth house this week after the third to focus becomes more towards the home so this could be property matters again or working or redoing the physical home and having problems dealing working on the physical home for some of you could have problems with the women in your life and being all up in their drama and you don't want to be all up in their drama that they're pulling you into their drama so that kind of thing is going to be going on the first kind of come up with the lovers card I feel for some of you this is going to be a great time for a new love relationships coming in for others of you the emphasis is on love relationship again benefiting through love at this part and then pour some of this is on contracts going on at this time in partnership the queen of cups deals with spirituality with this energy field facility could be dealing with a water sign at this pie so watch your emotional self with this energy I feel that you're not going to be so if I so hypersensitive there is a lot of water in the sign of pisces now we're still dealing with that same energy that same negative-energy but at the same time you might be telling more into spirituality or intimate physics or focusing more on yourself the north node in the 8th house the strength card I feel with this energy here patience and perseverance will pay off for somebody you have maersk wearing your Pluto and saturn in sagittarius squaring Mars as well at saturn in sagittarius squaring Venus as well too so at this time you know you can be obsessive we think you can be impatient with start with other people in your life that spot you know try to channel that energy into something constructive try to focus it moron hobbies or something that can take your brain off of whatever it is that you're focusing on because sometimes we focus on things so much it doesn't happen quick enough ok but then we take our eyes off of it it would take our mind off of it and we look at something else that we focus on that then other things that I life seemed to come to fruition the Hierophant card for some of you definitely dealing with contracts with week where others of you this is marriage coming up or marriage being the focus with this energy but for something this could be a government job that you've been wanting for dealing with a government job that use that arm you've been dealing with the eight of swords I feel for some of you hear that this is going to be a time where things are going to be a bit stressful for you with this energy again hard work and patience going to pay off with this energy I feel that you may feel stuck in a relationship for some of you or you may feel stuck in a partnership at this time 8 of wandsI feel that with this energy here with the aid of swords you can be your own worst enemy with this energy but you can take control of your life can you can change the direction that everything is going it's up to you to make that change and not be comfortable ok and sometimes that's what happens with capricorn and withal with some of the planets and asteroids in the bunny capricorn at this time you know you tend to be complacent and comfortable where you are okay I'm for some of you this could be a time of traveling coming up and good news happening the Empress card I feel for others of you may be visiting somebody that you know or you may be more focus on a particular woman in your life possibly mother for some of you thought towards mother and then for others of you this could be someone in your life like mother or someone like mother that you are focusing on this week the sixth coins i feel with this energy here that this person may put you in a predicament or in a position to do something for them but at the same time you don't want to do anything for them okay but you're gonna do it you're going to go through the motions of it but in actuality you really really don't want to get involved with this person is putting you involved in their drama and their masks this week I the two of cups i feel for some of you that she does offer you know despite her making you do things that you don't want to do she does offer you emotional support if she does offer you friendship so trying to try to step back even though you're feeling some kind of way because there's too much water in your third house try to step back and look at perspective try to look at the big picture because at the end of the day you know you have this person function okay at the end of the day she might be like you're only fun you know where some of us so try to put it like that ok and she does emotionally support to you have an emotional connection with this person so there is a certain amount of loyalty so just because you asked you to do something just do it okay because bigger picture you are making you are showing loyalty you are showing an emotional bond with this person you're trying to connect because i'm not some of us don't know how to emotionally connect with people so we're asked to do something it's more like nails on a chalkboard because we don't know how to emotionally connected by doing something for others this is how you emotionally connect with others you build a relationship ok this kind of sore i feel for some of you that situations in your life are turning around for the better I feel for some of you even though you have started over in certain areas of your life now things are looking better for you now you're starting to get up and now you're starting to move forward the chariot card definitely see some good news coming your way this week and some victories coming up for others of you the two of wands I feel with this energy here that you have a lot of good around you and you're focusing on the positive you're not really focusing on other people's drama nor do you want you but again people are dragging you into their drama and the three of cups i feel fulfillment it coming up this week for you as well with 3 cups and the Empress car i see good news coming away i love you my Cappies please make sure to like subscribe and share.