<p >hi this is the weekly horoscope forcancer for the week of jun 6 2016 hello my fabulous crabs if you wouldlike reading with me check out my store right there also show your love make sure to like subscribe and shareand don&#39;t forget about my daily horoscopes which i will start back onmonday and also tomorrow my tarot scopes so check that out on my Google+ so thisweek Mars is trying chyron in the fifth and ninth house this is a great energyfor teaching and inspiring others for some of you this can be teaching someoneon the job for others teaching someone a valuable lesson this week you&#39;re more than willing now to addressor confront the elephant in the room because you&#39;re a bit more courageouswith this energy and you&#39;re a bit more not confrontational but you&#39;re notscared anymore um Jupiter sextiling the ascendant inthe first and third house you get a lot better with siblings orwith others you are in better head space this week and you&#39;re a bit moreoptimistic than usual Neptune trining the ascendant in theninth and first house trust your intuition with this energy and you havemore certainty this week with your decisions and a better idea this week inregards to what you want you&#39;re more motivated to move forwardwith your ideas and desires for some of you this could even be going back toschool are getting a license the north node sextiling the ascendantin the person third house this is a popular energy time for you you&#39;re ableto read people and you&#39;re able to gain on other people&#39;s approval especially at work and with the officepolitics people seem to be more of a seem to listen to you or want to do morethings for you with this energy a great time for social media because you cansee and understand what people want and are looking for in regards to what&#39;strendy right now also with it also i forgot to mention i&#39;m still translatingmy videos so in different languages so check that out I will be I have my monthly horoscopes except forLeo translator i still have to translate that i&#39;ll do that tomorrow and then Ihave our and then tomorrow i&#39;m translating all my weekly so I should beup to date with my translations ok the first kind of come up with is thefull card bring about new beginnings this week and also a better mindset abetter energy place with with for this week the next card is the eight ofswords even though you&#39;re in a good energyplace yes but you know how you guys get with the emotional self you know you soeven know on the outside you appear to be happy and stuff like that I&#39;m when you have time to like not donothing and kind of be idled that&#39;s when you&#39;re emotional stuff starts talkingand you start being a debbie downer ok then five of cups I&#39;m cock thosebrains before you shoot that Mouse all also I feel like you&#39;re making mountainsout of mole hills with certain situations may be taking them a bit toofar I&#39;m because you&#39;re not over it or you&#39;restill angry at the situation the ten of wands I feel that this isgoing to be a busy week for you I feel also for some of you even know this isgoing to be a beautiful week and you&#39;re going to be feeling one way but I feelsecretly or emotionally you are going to be feeling a bitoverwhelmed and even a bit confused with this energy the world card with the fullcard again beautiful energy week for you it&#39;s goingto be a nice week for you if you allow it to be the queen of coins I feel that you need to not watch whatother people are doing this week and you need to worry about yourself and notabout what others are doing or aren&#39;t doing during this time because it&#39;smessing with your emotional self the two of coins i feel that this is going to bea busy week again balancing your you&#39;re weak you&#39;re you&#39;rebusy day with your social life these six of cups with the two of coinsyou&#39;re very sentimental at this time thoughts of the past are coming up not of the expo for some of you may bebecause the EX because you&#39;re not over it I&#39;m for others of you thoughts of thepast that&#39;s a childhood are coming up remembering the past coming up with thisenergy the judgment card with the full card I&#39;m you&#39;re making some decisions at thistime and your destiny is based on those decisions this week okay the three of cups I feel like this is agreat time for get together with this energy let me see the eight of cups I feel likeyou&#39;re over certain situations so this is going to help with youremotional self again a bit you do have a lot of cup cards that areso this could either be a fabulous freaking week or this week is going to ride youlike a pony own Tuesday.</p><p >Like a rhinestone cowboy what happened on that a long time but itcan and it will ok also with this energy with the queenof coins in these cups and she tells me that you&#39;re very nurturing this is a very nurturing energy and Ieither you&#39;re being nurtured or you&#39;re nurturing your relationships a bit more also with this energy with the fool cardin the cops you need to watch your heart right now because you are doing thingsin the name of them lives mmm mmm we know how y&#39;all are in the name damnlove ok so in the name of love try to be a bit more logical at thistime and try to slow your roll in the name of love ok because you guys tend to see what youwant to see and you can&#39;t you can&#39;t tell you otherwise it&#39;s like but he little me yeah how you know he took me mcdonald&#39;s red flag red flag danger Will Robinson danger but ok ok he don&#39;t love you he being cheap ok sojust know that right now you&#39;re not you&#39;re seeing what you&#39;reseeing what you want to see and also you put more effort in the relationship andalso you sacrifice more because you may even be doing things behind your mom anddad&#39;s back in the name of love like you may be dating somebody that they don&#39;tlike with this energy or you could be uh or you could be dating someone and EXthat has hurt you and now and now they&#39;re back and they&#39;re talking to youand it caused so much strife in the family only that the fact that you even mentionher name is like you know so just be careful with this energy try to seethings take your time with love try to seethings a little bit more black and white than what you want to see the eight ofswords with the cup carss i feel like with this energy that I feel like you&#39;reemotional self is what keeps you where you are and what keeps you stuck whichis probably more than likely very very very true ok I&#39;m so be careful with your emotionalself this week because your emotional self is getting you in a bit of troubleand it&#39;s getting you in a bit of a little bit of confusion the ace of wands I feel like you are agreat problem solver with this energy also with this energy you&#39;re thinkingmore outside the box&#39; you&#39;re taking more chances you&#39;re openminded to to newexperiences this week the three of sort does bring about aturn of events with three of cups so this is going to be probably a sadevent that&#39;s coming up around some of you this week so just be careful withthe energy not about you but about people around you so just be aware of that alrighty i loveyou my fabulous crabs thank you for being the highest viewed I&#39;m six thousand views awesome thank youguys and please make sure to like subscribeand share kisses.</p>