Hello I'm Kaypacha With the weekly report Pele It’s a kind of days that I need to sit on the roof and have a look at the clouds It’s what I do then That is the report for February 15 It's the center of the month.

Valentine was yesterday and at this time we’ve that shifting from Libra to Scorpio Moon tonight to eat that lovely relationship of affection and she or he is Scorpio stays till Saturday On Saturday the moon meets the Black Moon Lilith Zero levels Sagittarius.

They’re scant twenty minutes between the 2 moons To create a sq. Solar-Moon, the third fourth grade And it coincides with a conjunction between Moon and Black Moon Lilith Solar squaring Lilith.

Solar Moon squaring.

I’ll speak about this, it’s critical What else occurs? Mercury makes sextile to Mars will I'll stick with the moon, she stays in Sagittarius till Monday She enters Capricorn Spend some remaining grades of Saturn in Sagittarius She’s going to transfer by Escorpion by Sagittarius Capricorn and proper for the subsequent report Pele.

In the meantime, on Saturday simply in time for the sq. the Solar enters Pisces Aquarius has been in fairly a while We’ll then enter the vitality of Pisces It should be a part of with the South node of the Moon for a lot of the subsequent month Neptune, Chiron will develop into extra Pisceans Lastly I’ll speak about Mars squaring Pluto It isn’t correct till subsequent Wednesday But when simply barely.

Venus and Mars conjunct Mars makes Quadrature to Pluto However Venus begins to cease, to lose momentum, velocity While you see them within the night time sky are shut collectively they are going to be capable to attain this time As a result of she is reducing velocity And he or she goes to get Retrograde on March four Lacking two weeks of direct Venus Earlier than turning his again on Mars and all the way down to the underworld the place will spend a season We nonetheless have an exquisite conjunction of Mars with Venus Venus is gone, leaving Mars enters this sq. Pluto and along with Uranus I’ll have a look at the digital camera, and discuss extra Properly, we had a chat on the roof about Sagittarius hearth The pure legislation, residing naturally in line and in precept with Mom Nature and the entire universe.

With the enlargement of consciousness.

with the instinct of the precise mind who is aware of what’s verda and what’s proper Black Moon Lilith enters for 10 months She’s going to conjunct Saturn Saturn is there till the tip of the 12 months She makes him conjunct Saturn I wrote someplace.

The August 21 She goes to 21 levels will make conjunction on August 21 Saturn stays there till 12 months finish.

We have now a whole lot of vitality Sagitaria, squaring the nodes of the moon.

Neptune and Chiron are in Pisces Motion Pisces Sagittarius Virgo sq..

Now comes the solar mercury additionally This vitality then it occurs Pisces squaring Sagittarius On the identical time I need to point out Aries Venus and Mars shifting collectively The female and male coming collectively within the signal of the warrior Mars male Venus retrograde within the signal of Aries making its descent to the underworld Beginning a brand new cycle of 584 days With a predominant tone of warrior goddess Till the female can be warfare plan Not solely males on this battle What does it imply? Mars will sq. Pluto do and Uranus conjunct Uranus and Aris each are in Aries.

Relate this with the Mantra at this time.

It is a new starting.

Aries is to start out Uranus takes seven years in that signal Venus and Mars at the moment are and Aris It is a new starting! It has to do with re-define the masculine Aries is the warrior not solely male but in addition our instinctive nature our sexual needs our needs and natural instincts that is Aries It begins as a spark of consciousness or in any other case, a spark of need and this can be a reform, a renegotiation an adjustment in our consciousness on integrating Dr.

Jekyll to Mr.

Hyde Our consciousness with our animal Additionally this Sagittarius half man half horse consciousness with the animal sturdy, highly effective fertility energy We all know that Jupiter, Zeus, is the start Fertility the enlargement abundance It’s related to start And we’ve an exquisite trine all 12 months between Saturn and Uranus Saturn in Sagittarius by trine to Uranus in Aries Hearth in opposition to hearth It's like one thing excellent BUT We delve into this.

A part of the great factor is that Saturn is the reflection about reality in Sagittarius what it’s pure and that is in alignment with our instincts with our natures with Aries are pure very pure We are able to say.

Venus and Mars in Aries is time to get wealthy.

And to see our sexual nature see our sexual needs see our intercourse lives and if we meet or if they don’t fulfill us or if we really feel frustration or if we really feel anger We all know that anger It’s the supply of oppression We could also be feeling a tightness with Sagittarius why? Saturn and Lilith That is the place the Shadow Sagittarius observe I cannot consider that the neighbor now comes with electrical cerrucho in the midst of this report.

What will be accomplished Typically.

let it go.

Attempt to preserve the course Attempt to preserve focus in all of the insanity.

As of late are loopy proceed Let's discuss concerning the shadow Black Moon Lilith is vitality shadow is getting into Sagittarius What is that this about? Saturn is also related to the shade Many astrologers say that Saturn is the shadow Pluto in Capricorn can be a part of the shadow For me, in my definition of shadow.

with the Mankind Mission.

is that the shadow It’s a destructive perception I’ve about myself I conceal I deny I keep away from and I’m ashamed Lilith to symbolize the shadow when she travels by an indication she desires to deliver out the shadow and see the mythology of Lilith I’ve a downloadable rationalization of Lilith Lilith is a robust sexual drive root She was the woman of Anona the goddess of affection She is tantric, highly effective priestess particularly within the temples of affection and sexual initiation in historic occasions Sumatra She has to do with feminine energy which it was dominated by patriarchy for hundreds of years So name me a lot consideration She is a resurrection on the finish of patriarchy Brings inside, all shadows of what He was subjected and what was submitted It’s our female being.

The male has been conquer, management egotism, I my mine, the person The female is bringing with if pure legal guidelines primarily based connection and all that may be accomplished being collectively to do if we tried alone The issue is with shadow and my method of seeing Lilith in particular person letters It’s an exalted reality about your self mother and father, academics and cures, society and religions have stated "no" "You aren’t that" That is the place they begin destructive beliefs about ourselves Sagittarius is the precise hemisphere He’s the guru, is the smart instinctively KNOW what’s true so powerfully intuits and what it’s in accordance with pure legislation and reality naturral and desires to broaden our consciousness I hook up with me to consider to have religion within the pure.

That is nature sagitaria and I need to broaden my consciousness realities greater deepest And really feel a major sense really feel a objective in my life The shadow of that’s , we don’t need to discuss like this desk The priest, academics, rabbis, governments everybody else says "No!" You have no idea the reality You aren’t related to all of nature Who suppose you’re? Keep in your home Proceed with what you say They'll management As kids after we did nothing on the desk, we have been informed we all know nothing about.

And we're not related And we’ll by no means perceive.

Life, creation, love.

The mysteries and meanings of the universe.

Encójese, get down, it’s small.

You have been born a sinner born incomplete your mother and father know higher than you Develop recorder classes What occurs is that They kind us with destructive beliefs You need to say then "Yo Si Se" They instinctively I facet reincarnated I agree I can of my previous lives To that reply potatoes: "Cease your nonsense" that may be a sin that's unhealthy you're going to hell So what grabs you I belief myself? I belief my instinct? and never the highly effective authorities round me? Or I hope Mother and Dad? or the guru or instructor? That is the place the doubt and doubt is the satan who will get The shadow of Sagittarius is say they doubt doubt about being related When then anybody doubts my that gatillea my shadow and I get ideas I cannot take criticism I cannot disagree with folks I should be proper I want it! As a result of in any other case.

goes out to the floor my childhood the place I used to be improper God I cannot be improper! The shadow of Sagittarius is choose and delight and the necessity to appropriate and management all the pieces So really feel offended and projecting my shadow and proper others to doubt the fairest prestigious evangelicals These folks have points with academics and gurus and exterior authorities As a result of they’ve that shadow.

Saturn in Sagittarius Black Moon Lilith in Sagittarius South Node in Sagittarius All aspecting in a well timed method You need to see the place your Jupiter is positioned planet that governs Sagittarius Jupiter can be the ruler of Pisces That explains the sq. Saturn in Sagittarius squaring Chiron in Pisces Now the Solar in Pisces squaring the Black Moon Lilith in Sagittarius What’s the sq.? Pisces alone "it’s" You not have to present explanations No must know or justify You would not have to hit It offers you all the identical I'm in my "bliss" I'm in my state quiet and my coronary heart KNOWS to like and "I’ll" I’m one with the universe I needn’t communicate or clarify, educate, write books I sing I bailo I’m sorry the sport on my guitar, or no matter.

This sq. is Being Versus Know Rise up Venus and Mars in Aries desires to the top This has to occur, that's proper.

It’s a time of revolt Venus and Mars in Aries need the brand new the brand new paradigm We all know these truths these truths are evident So a well-known doc begins There are truths which are evident And that’s the major theme of Aries Within the subsequent 10 months Lilith whereas strolling Sagittarius and is given to Saturn, we a battle with the hoaxes versus the reality know versus what authority says church buildings, political figures whoever desires management or dominate or manipulate the reality manipulate legal guidelines this and that to his personal benefit as an alternative of occupied with the great of all and the great of the planet and the great of nature Let's see then with eyes with personal ears what it’s in concord with nature and pure legislation what’s the reality who defends It’s to get out of hypocrisy Who says this, however does the opposite Aries is Motion Sagittarius is Fact These two hearth indicators They face to harmonizar And when it comes Lilith he’ll agujonear "Lie lie and lie" It should reveal a lot We should reveal us to ourselves assume and proper the lies we inform ourselves that make us inclined to extra lies We should at all times have a look at relationships as projections our interior actuality The twin facet of Venus is Taurus and Libra How I really feel about myself so folks will appeal to If I mislead myself I’ll appeal to liars In case you have been deceived what you need to do is observe your self and see the way you cheated your self The place it’s that I deny my animal intuition My very own intuition my most important reality to belong or accepted or really feel liked, or good-looking, or no matter It boils all the way down to our private actuality That is the topic of Aries You can discuss quite a bit, at all times I’ve a Webinar about to start Lavin Friday with Rick and Patricia Walsh and let's discuss concerning the new pardigma Astrology and new paradigm and the brand new method to make use of and think about astrology the place it isn’t a lot "horoscope" of newspapers, nor it’s Showbiz Is about deepest mysteries consciousness That the US Central Time on Friday 6pm I'll interview these two famend astrologers They’re high quality folks.

It’s a collection of Webinars I'll make a free webinar each week for four to five weeks with all the group of astrologers, new and previous They’re touring to Costa Rica in Could, It will likely be superb! It is a new paradigm and method of seeing astrology to see us amongst us the world love, relationships That is in opposition to Uranus Jupiter It’s a new world what occurs and if the previous has to go and a few of our previous securities jobs the acquainted and routine you must get irritated for what change can occur It’s a part of the method Then the mantra at this time: There’s something new about to start out It isn’t recognized what However my concern, I do know, you must go To enter greater than ever in my bliss Cost! Aries is begin, begin, begin and be courageous is to not keep away from concern, It’s advancing with concern and drop the recollections the tales of those that have no idea yet another time There’s something new to start Properly not be However this concern has to go To enter my bliss.

What ever you reside in bliss.