OM (Music) Folks have praised you a lot Panditji's phone no 8948765000 I’ve one perception that now we have to enter the bottom of Jyotish's When a local involves an astrologer firstly he needs to understand how he can change is destiny major intention of the Vedic Rishi was astrologer ought to worship the 9 grahas, perceive the planets, what outcomes they supply and the largest factor is Joytish relies on outcomes of the Karma I’ve seen many variations for some natives the Sade Sathi just isn’t troublesome and for some it is vitally unhealthy/toublesome Saturn is just one planet however so many various outcomes for everyone it is because each human being has created completely different karmas Final time Panditji you had informed me I’ve learn in lots of books i’ve taught many individuals Nakshatras they’ve change into Guru's now However you had informed me one factor earlier to start with video, which my mentor used to say there are some individuals who do English studying, one who reads English books Subsequent lot is Hindi Studying, who’re related to Hindi Panjitji Sanskit readers, conventional astrologers we don’t meet tradtional astrologers We hardly meeet 2-Four, whom we change into pleasant to All these completely different astrologers from completely different components of India has similar values/ideology however each has variant methods me need to match all of that, we observe that Kerala astrologer's method is completely different, you might be from UP(Lucknow) you all have completely different method every space has completely different atmosphere and completely different sort of information grows We mentally calulate, even you do this what you shared was uncommon Folks speak on Planets, however it’s easy, since we do Jyotish for final 10 years, we learn about planets however an skilled astrologer such as you Panditji Sit on the feets of the Guru, you’re going to get stay instance of horoscope He has shared one line, one trace is a superb factor in itself Earlier than we speak on the Planet Surya(Solar) Indian Rishi stated that,each occasion in life, take the native in direction of its upliftment of information and moksha Any occasion taking place in our life unhealthy or good its activity is to you to that information That is what the Indian Rishi had thought and now the analysis is happening After realizing its impact that of the planet offers you observe these results and accordingly make your personal destiny Together with wordliness you too can obtain spirituality Now allow us to discuss plant Surya Surya is Atma of the Universe Surya is that star which has its personal gentle What I’ve noticed about Surya Surya acquires all of the energy Surya possess all of the Shaktis(energy) of Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh Surya creates, nutures and destroys No planet is just like Surya With out the blessing of Surya Native can’t obtain Common happiness Gayatri mantra's Devata can also be Surya Gayatri Mantra is taken into account very nice mantra in our Vedas So every part is from Surya I’ve absolutely seen that there are numerous natives, who’re doing good karmas they’re serving to others, however nonetheless they’re getting success It implies that of their start chart Solar is weak or stricken by Rahu/Ketu or stricken by Rahu/Ketu facet Due to this affliction, inspite of fine efforts they don’t get required respect and outcomes.

Additionally there’s another excuse, as per my analysis In your final start, when jyotish talks about previous life so if in your previous life, you could have harm your boss, misused your place So now on this life Surya will likely be stricken inspite of your good work, you’ll not obtain good outcomes However this doesn’t imply that we cease doing our good karmas Should you proceed doing all of your good work Withour being disturbed, you proceed doing all of your good karmas Sooner or later you’ll absolutely be rewarded with good outcomes from Surya You shouldn’t be disturbed,upset absolutely you’re going to get good outcomes The day whenever you unhealthy karmas finish you’ll begin reaping good outcomes of your karmas.

Until your unhealthy karmas are in stability to be cleared, until then you’ll not good outcomes out of your good karma Till your unhealthy karmas are cleared, you’ll find opposition from folks, expectations from them offers you obstacles thats why we should always maintain doing good karma even when we dont see outcomes, we should always not cease our good karma.

The day our unhealthy karma account is exhausted, we are going to see outcomes from good karma How do we all know solar in weak within the horoscope? Solar is weak whether it is stricken by Rahu, Ketu or Saturn.

Particularly Rahu, Ketu Or Solar is anso in alpansa Solar's energy will depend on its place with different planets Largest factor about Solar is it pertains to non secular Intelligence, it relates spiritual inclination So Solar just isn’t able to giving good wordly happiness by itself if we think about Raj yog with Solar, then Vesi and Vaasi is shaped As per scriptures, Solar is ferocious but it surely shouldn’t be misunderstood as a sinner There’s an instance that after Solar was indignant and he wished to burn the Earth So Solar may develop his vitality However Solar's good friend Arun saved diverting Solar's flames away from Earth and Arun saved the Earth Meaning if Solar is with a pleasant planet or is surrounded by good planets, then Solar will give good outcomes This additionally implies that if Solar is alone in a home, it should nonetheless give good outcomes however typically it’s so robust and intensive that it might even give unhealthy outcomes present his fierce nature.

sure present his fierce nature That’s the reason you will need to have Solar with a superb planet or round it or in conjunction What’s the different planets are in asta? Even when the opposite planets are in asta, the Solar will get higher as a result of yuti In phalit jyotish, solar must be benefic then every part will get higher Desi, Vaasi, Bhaichar yog, all these planets strengthen the Solar within the horoscope Equally Moon is the non secular planet, offers non secular happiness However in order for you worldly happiness from Moon then ghag kesari yog is from Moon Similar to Solar has Veshi and Vassi Bhaichar yog equally Moon has unpha supha and Durur Dhara yog So mainly Solar and Moon are non secular planets and their worldly advantages are obtained via different planets See Solar has energy of soul, if Solar is robust and is benefic, then a human's soul will prosper, he will likely be useful, grateful, Is prepared and able to doing his duties and these all traits include a benefic Solar Sir inform us one thing particular that you might have seen within the horoscopes See in Saptam bhav, if she is a feminine and Solar is the one planet then there are extra probabilities of Baidhap Yog which means the husband dies, if Solar is alone If there’s Baidhap Yog and Solar in not alone in Saptam Bhav, even then there are some issues But when Solar has different planets like Mercury, Jupiter, Venus in the identical home then all of the unhealthy results are negated on this yog What about Mars? Effectively, Mars just isn’t so useful however positively Mercury, Jupiter and Venus assist.

infact they assist loads Even in a male's horoscope, if Solar is alone within the seventh home, then it should create some issues within the marital life But when Solar is the Lord of the seventh home, and if its sitting in 1st, 4th or 10th home then the native will get married in a really prosperous household You imply for Kumbh lagan Sure sure And Solar is highly effective within the 10th home the reason being When Solar rises, its within the 1st home, then because the day progresses, it beneficial properties its peak and strikes South within the 10th home the place its very robust Then when the Solar units, it strikes West within the seventh home, so its very robust even within the seventh home Then throughout mid-night, the Solar is in Chaturth bhav and there it’s thought of robust too and my analysis says that many IAS officers have their Solar within the Chaturth bhav Solar and Mercury in Chaturth bhav and And all of the avatars of God like Rama have been born in mid-afternoon (midday) like 12:00pm and God like (unaudible)was born throughout mid-night throughout all these occasions Solar is within the centre and probably the most highly effective And Swami Vivek Anand, so far as I do know was born within the morning when Solar was in its lagan so with all these examples its clear that when Solar is in 1st, 4th, seventh and 10th home, it’s most mechanically very highly effective Sir what was your level about IAS officers? place of Solar in IAS horoscope I’ve seen horoscopes of some 2-Three IAS officers and there I discovered Solar and Mercury within the 4th home – good for folks in goverment positions usually we might suppose that their Solar can be within the 10th home however as a result of Solar is aspecting, it’s nonetheless robust See Solar additionally being within the centre, in its highly effective place additionally offers the native non secular heights and can impart him/ her good will energy with that may energy, the native turns into profitable in direction of his purpose however principally I’ve seen that Solar with Mercury or Solar with different benefic planet in these homes then the outcomes are even higher yet another commentary is that if we pray to Solar (Surya aradhana), given water to Solar on a regular basis, chant Surya mantra on a regular basis, then the malefic results of the opposite eight planets might be diluted or nullified Solar has that robust a possible Solar is the reason for creation So many astrologers imagine that by chanting Solar's mantra, their predictive energy turns into stronger Similar to most astrologers do Gayatri Mantra.

which is once more related to God I want to ask one query about Solar Positive Like you might be saying Solar us good within the centre some folks say that Solar is sweet is the third, sixth and 11th home and a few say that Solar is the most effective within the third home so what's the logic there third, sixth, 10th and 11th home are Upchay Bhav Upchay means to develop, Apchay means to hurt 11th is stronger than 10th, 10th is stronger than sixth and sixth is stronger than third home See in these homes, if Solar is current with Mars, Saturn, Rahu or Ketu, then they provide beneficial properties to the native as they amplify the native's will energy that's they’re given a lot significance however my level is when Solar is in 1st, 4th, seventh and 10th home, then together with worldly energy, it additionally offers non secular progress one factor i want to level out is what’s the goal of your existence? now we have to know why are we in existence Our life is Anant, our life is sort of a chain.

We’re get advantages of a selected start in any of our births That’s the reason somebody is born in a wealthy household whereas somebody is born in a poor household so what’s the purpose behind that? there must be a purpose to this So meaning the thought of rebirth is true And its not like God randomly will present good life to 1 and unhealthy life to a different – He additionally has a rational So that is life just isn’t the tip So together with worldly deeds, we even have to concentrate to non secular deeds, that is what’s Astrology says or that is what astrology teaches that together with worldly deeds, additionally take note of your non secular deeds and Solar is within the centre of this stuff Sir, that are the unhealthy mixtures with Solar? Solar has this energy that it doesn’t even will get affected by "Astamesh" In Sudarshan Paddhati, the place we take the Solar, Moon and the lagan and think about it as one lagan So if Solar is within the eighth home, then we think about that because the lagan so in my expertise, Solar in any home just isn’t very malefic to anyone as a result of Solar is our soul however Solar is mixed with Rahu or if it combines with Ketu then it turns into considerably extra malefic to the native resulting in Pitru Dosh Pitru Dosh means you haven’t taken care of your tasks in your final start which even on this start just isn’t letting you get any beneficial properties out of your good deeds that’s Pitru Dosh So the native will get troubled that he’s not getting any beneficial properties even after doing good deeds However Pitru Dosh will maintain troubling the native until the tasks are usually not taken care of that’s the reason I say that every part is said to Karma – your deeds I met an IPS officer in UP a few month again who was very sincere and good human being I used to be taking a look at his horoscope and he was going via Sade-Sati and was underneath Rahu's Mahadasha And I informed him Sir you do have some hassles or some troubles proper now And I used to be so stunned to listen to when he stated that "Panditji, since childhood until at present, I’ve by no means seen any hassles or troubles in my life" I’ve by no means heard such an announcement from anyone in my life I used to be very glad to listen to that So once more I repeat – if some has accomplished good deeds in his earlier births and he’s persevering with to do good deeds on this start too then He doesn’t want to fret about something in life Panditji, you stated the officer was underneath the Mahadasha of Rahu and Sade Sati Sure precisely, I informed him that since its Rahu's Mahadasha and Sade Sati I can see that you’re going via troublesome occasions and agony He stated "No Panditji, since childhood until at present, I’ve by no means seen any hassles or troubles in my life" So his Solar was good Sure his Solar was good And together with that what noticed was his deeds / karma had been superb Have a look at our Prime Minister for instance He’s underneath Rahu's Antardasha in Moon.

That is Okarak dasha That is based mostly on the horoscope I’ve of his He grew to become the PM of the nation in Moon' s Mahadasha and Rahu's Antardasha and through Sade Sati So my focus is and that is what I’ve learnt from my life is that I noticed many struggles in my life like I wished to pursue medical research, VHMS had additionally given admission to me However there have been some troubles that got here alongside that by God's grace after I couldn’t see a approach out When planets give troubles and when you’ll be able to't consider methods out, then a human mechanically will get inclined spiritually.

I additionally drifted in direction of spiritualism, learnt astrology to seek out out after having accomplished a lot laborious work, how come I’m not seeing any success After studying astrology, I acquired peace.

Acquired peace which means, I learnt my capabilities its logical to get peace after realizing your capabilities Then to develop on my capabilities, I began engaged on some treatments Antar, Porotan in astrology implies that Rahu won’t afflict you, Sade sati won’t trouble you in any respect in case your deeds or karma from earlier start and this start have been superb So Panditji, in Pitru Dosh, do you think about solely Rahu and Ketu otherwise you additionally think about different planets Who is taken into account the daddy? Solar is the daddy and Moon can also be a father and Jupiter can also be thought of a father (Pita) If Solar, Moon and Jupiter will get stricken particularly Rahu or Ketu in my expertise and as per my analysis If Solar and Moon are Dristi and so they get stricken by Rahu or Ketu then it’s thought of Pitru Dosh Meaning Jupiter and Rahu is Pitru Dosh Moon & Rahu, Moon and Ketu is Pitru Dosh Solar & Rahu, Solar & Ketu is Pitru Dosh Panditji, on this mixture, do you think about conjunction or do you additionally Dhristi on this? I don't think about Dhristi a lot however positively I think about Yuti Panditji, Solar is father, is Moon the mom or father? Jupiter can also be a father then why do you think about Moon the daddy? See in astrology, the Moon is taken into account a planet however in actuality Moon converts Solar's harsh and fierce rays into pure rays That's why Moon has the function of a mom, it nourishes the native So that’s the reason Solar is the daddy and Moon is the mom Pitru Dosh can occur from both mom or father or each After we talk about every planet we are going to talk about that intimately See if Solar is stricken, then you’ll have to face laborious time Sir how would be the well being on this case Sir what’s the distinction between exalted Solar and debilitated Solar See in expertise, I’ve not seen a lot distinction between exalted and debilitated Solar Its not like if the Solar is exalted, then it is vitally good and if it the Solar is debilitated, then it is vitally unhealthy However sure, Solar getting affected whether it is stricken by Rahu or Ketu However in any other case exalted or debilitated in my expertise doesn’t make an excessive amount of of distinction However is Solar is debilitated and can also be debilitated in Navansh then I’ve seen Solar inflicting hurt or moderately seen Solar giving not so good outcomes If Solar is debilitated within the 10th home, then all the nice yogas within the chart get nullified However the irony is that I’ve seen many horoscopes the place that is true and I’ve different horoscopes the place this isn’t true I’m supplying you with one thing to consider Effectively so this could be within the Makar lagan so astamesh is within the 10th home and that’s one downside Proper? so astamesh in 10th home could be creating issues in his profession And if Venus can also be debilitated then this can exist and Venus is the Yoga Karak If Venus can also be debilitated then possibly the yoga will get nullified.

its a risk See even when Solar is debilitated however round it – in adjoining homes – if there are any good planets to help the Solar So Panditji, now we have to take a look at the total horoscope Sure precisely See Solar is the soul so I feel a soul can by no means be stricken however sure with Rahu or Ketu, the Solar does get affected and won’t give outcomes Rahu or Ketu just about eclipses the Solar so then regardless of good deeds, regardless of laborious efforts, the native doesn’t get a lot of fine outcomes However sure the native does get end result when he does good deeds constantly and dedicates himself to serve his dad and mom, takes care of his tasks, chants Gayatri Mantra, then he will get outcomes in the future My conclusion has been so long as Solar just isn’t stricken with Rahu or Ketu and when Solar is supported and surrounded by good planets in adjoining homes, it at all times offers good outcomes I’ve a good friend who joined us couple of years after we began our journal.

He’s younger man, 34 years previous Retains touring all through India.

He’s out of your area – Bihar And I used to be speaking to him Three days again.

He talked about he was touring by a prepare in the future and met a Sage (Sanyasi Yogi) And he was studying Sanskrit And my good friend requested that Sage – "Sir what are you doing? why are you studying Sanskrit?" In at present's occasions, no person reads Sanskrit The Sage stated I’m finding out astrology See finding out astrology is one factor however an astrologer should additionally instinct, that is essential.

An astrologer will need to have each – information and instinct Precisely, that is fact.

That is 100% fact.

You possibly can learn the entire e-book of astrology however your prediction can by no means be true until the astrologer is blessed by God That's why Barahminji has stipulated 20 important traits of an astrologer After we had been finding out astrology in school, we had been informed of these 20 traits, though I don’t bear in mind all these 20 traits However the level, one have to be a superb human, acquire spirituality, do good karma (deeds) solely then you may be blessed by God with Instinct So my good friend, he has sandhi lagan.

He doesn’t know his lagan as its on the border and I’m simply talking from reminiscence He requested me what’s his actual time of start He stated in a single sec – 11'O clock so many minutes and so many seconds.

11'O clock so many minutes and so many seconds.

In a single sec I stated superb 11'O clock eight minutes 32 seconds Then he informed me this, we had been speaking about this mix 10th lord in eighth home and eighth lord within the 10th home yet another mixture That Sage informed him 10th lord in eighth home and eighth lord within the 10th home means your non secular pursuit was interrupted in your earlier start means your non secular pursuit was interrupted in your earlier start since you did one thing incorrect That’s the reason you could have this mix in your horoscope however not in case your Venus is robust However then a Sage doesn’t predict your future, he solely tells you your previous And you need to be a part of the dots in any case, I introduced it up since I remembered I’ve seen Four-5 horoscopes of my associates the place Solar and Saturn are collectively in a single home however it isn’t as a lot of an issue as it’s portrayed or popularly thought Sure that's true and it's an enormous factor Some individuals who worship Saturn don’t give water to Solar however this can be a incorrect thought I might additionally wish to state that Saturn is Solar's son and Saturn's schooling is because of Jupiter Solar is the soul and Saturn is the son of Solar so the way in which folks painting Saturn just isn’t proper The misconceptions that folks have about Saturn are utterly incorrect In astrology, its not like there are lot of variations between Saturn and Solar However sure I’ve seen Saturn and Solar collectively does create some problem however it isn’t a lot dangerous However I’ve seen Saturn within the seventh offers downside to the well being of the daddy however there’s not downside of their relationship However I’ve seen in some folks Dhristi is extra dangerous than Yuti See 100% you can’t predict in astrology and no person is aware of for certain however I’ve recognized that father and son positively don’t get alongside these guys both have a karmic relationship with their father or their youngsters The factor is.

fifth lord, as a result of they’re in conjunction – yuti.

or opposition It is going to both give issues with the authorities, authorities or if it turns into lord of third home, both of the 2 then the site visitors police will at all times catch him nonetheless, it isn’t as inauspicious as Rahu and Ketu When Solar is available in Gochar on this mixture, sure that month will likely be troublesome for you Suppose Solar Saturn are 2-12 to one another.

2-12 Then Saturn and Solar change into lord of which home? Then the kid won’t ever obey his father However for instance, it’s ninth lord, then Solar will get married as a result of the daddy asks him to However then will repent saying – for first time in my life I obeyed my father and I’m repenting Once more I want to say that regardless of good karma and sincere efforts if somebody just isn’t getting outcomes then don't lose braveness and proceed his efforts.

Sooner or later, he’ll get his due outcomes and see success.