<p >hi this is the weekly horoscope for Ariesfor the week of <em>june</em> 27 2016 yes I&#39;m lighting my little piece of sage actually I don&#39;t know why I just like tolight the stick sometimes even though i don&#39;t really like very well butsometimes with us anyhow if you would like a reading withme check out my story they&#39;re also show your love and likesubscribe and share monday night at 10pm eastern standard time iwill be doing a prayer session if you want to check that out I&#39;m it&#39;s live it&#39;s to connect with theenergies and to connect with our higher levels to bring us more piece so we could do good see good and be goodand maybe touch people that were supposed to touch to spread love energyand inject lot of energy into the world that for that week and then my nextprocession will be whenever I feel that there is a need for for prayer i&#39;ll askyou guys to connect with me on that level okay so anyways this week my Rams let me see venus is trining Neptune andretrograde in the 12 and fourth house you have a better understanding ofothers and working on boundaries with others especially with family in orderto live more consistently among them mercury is squaring chiron.</p><p >Chiron goingto go retrograde on monday so it&#39;s going to bring up a lot of emotions duringthis time I&#39;m words or situations now can trigger I&#39;m chiron in retrograde in your 12thhouse and you may have crying spells during this time or this is going toactivate stuff that you have not gotten over with so there could be misunderstandings andmiscommunications during this time some words that peoplemay say to you may find them but you may think that they&#39;re bullying you orpicking on you because of past experiences ok so try not to go therewith them all right I also with you cock those brains beforeyou shoot that mouth off practice some couth with that energy at this timedon&#39;t try to read in between the lines don&#39;t try to see or hear what is B tryto see him hear what is being said to you try to see things as black and whitealso not the best week to make decisions because you you&#39;re uncertain and you&#39;re doubtful ofyourself Venus sextiling the north node in thefirst and fourth house with this energy you may be delving more into yourhobbies are focusing more on your home and beautifying it or changing it updecorating it cleaning it you know making it look more prettyvenus is opposite pluto and the 4th and 10 times with this energy careful withyour emotional self you have you may or have a tendency to overreact a bit ok also this energy you have a anintense experience for some of you or have real talk with someone inmanagement or a family member when i say real talk I mean things that you would notnormally say to these people ok and in a nice way like you got that like for example you got your manager inthe office and both of you are having are having lunch not together it&#39;s just that your lunchbreak and then up on your managers lunch break and you just sitting therechilling and talking or smoking a cigarette on their on their cigarettebreak ok like that and then all the sudden hestarts asking you certain questions about certain people or and then youstart like and then you just start giving him the rundown like it has itdoesn&#39;t have to be here it could be a she too i&#39;m just using that you know so but they start giving you the run thatyou start they start naming names and stuff like that and looking at you likedo you know anything about this and stuff like that in your life real talk this person is a jerk and doesn&#39;t knowwhat the hell they&#39;re doing yeah I don&#39;t know why you hired in factreal talks so you know sometimes you need to allow other people to hire yourto hire your people ok you don&#39;t know how to hire people youjust hire anybody that looks good and nice and you hire them okay i need a manager that once it wasvery funny it was very funny and we had that realtalk we had that real talk because he waslooking for you we go to work and I said real talk you need to stop hiring your friends ok in and I was like and also in a coupleof us even because there is like nobody in thestore and this was when i worked at starbucks but there was nobody in thestore and I said seriously you need us stuff you need us to hire people likewhen you&#39;re hiring people even told him which chair to sit so we can listen andwe&#39;re like you need to sit right there so we can listen to you and tell you ifthey&#39;re okay or not and he literally did you listen to us that he is that rightthere and then he would just look at us we were like em go hard on her yeah that&#39;s funny its body it turn itturn out to be a good idea there I love doing that but that&#39;s real talkwhen you sit there and express your feelings and they&#39;re not going to getoffended and they&#39;re gonna listen and chill and you can see whatever it isthat is on your money and they&#39;re not going to take a fun that&#39;s real talk the double card this is going to be forsome of you affairs coming up because you&#39;re honestin july at the end of july is going to go retrograde so this is a time where some of you maystart seeing other people or the person that you broke up with in December maystart to reach out to you and start wanting to reconnect with you and IIactually you might just accept it because you&#39;re honest is going inretrograde and this is like a karmic cycle so if you want to break that cycledon&#39;t date the X and try to work through your relationship even though it&#39;s goingto be rough for you but your relationship on that this time is goingto get tested ok the night of swords I feel like I feellike with this energy i don&#39;t know i was saying speedy so this could be a speedy week for youI&#39;m for others of you may be doing things like really fast also listen to your own wisdom andadvice with this energy the queen of swords with the night ofswords I feel like with this energy even thoughyou fought with certain people or again the axe is in the picture and I feelthat you two can work towards a resolution but i&#39;ll end up being morethan just working towards a resolution okay all right all right why are you still dating somebody elsemmm things are going to get battery interesting so also for some of you but in general Ifeel at this time even though you may not see eye to eye with someone in yourlife I feel that this is going to be a timewhere you are where you two are going to agree to disagree during this time so apologies are inorder with this energy the four cups I feel like other people may be tellingyou what to do at this time that&#39;s going to cause some problems ok Iso be careful with that because that&#39;s probably gonna bring up that color onenergy and then stuff from your past is going to come up and it&#39;s going toaffect you can still be aware the ace of cups I&#39;m shows good news coming your way thisweek I feel more I feel this could be in regards to moneyfeeling a bit more emotionally stable with this energy also knew loverelationship can come in at this time for some of you may be seeing to twopeople at this time ok definitely dating the X coming backinto the picture during this time as well I let me see anything yet no oh wait ok the four of cups of the ace of cupsstubbornness I&#39;m about not getting I feel at thistime you&#39;re being a bit stubborn aboutcertain situations because you this could be business or this could bewith your relationships in general because you feel like you&#39;re doing toomuch in the relationship while they&#39;re not doing anything at all ok the Ace coins creating your own realityi feel also with this energy job opportunities can become available foryou with this energy that&#39;s a great time for growth with career alright so good news you&#39;re feeling moreemotional content the ten of swords things are going to start to turn aroundfor you this week alrighty so I feel like it&#39;s going to bejust around the corner things around start getting better for you the five of cups cock those before youshoot their mouths off this week I feel like also with this energy let mesee you do have you do have like 33 cut cards so far so you may want to watch your emotionalself this week as well the three of swords again ex back all right emphasis on the pass is comingup alright so be careful with car andretrograde energy at this time I&#39;m i feel like with this energy the x is going to come back into thepicture because you&#39;re honest is ready to go in retrograde so this is going tobe the person from last year I feel also with this energy for some ofyou you&#39;re dealing with temporary separation or not talking to certainpeople in your life at this time but it&#39;s only temporary ok so it&#39;s okay the six of swords I feelthat for some of you you&#39;re making changes for the better and that you&#39;retrying to not be the person who you were in the past or for some of you may bemoving forward and moving on and not intriguing people from your past at this time for others of you travelplans to travel are coming up and then for some of you get the hell outta yourdamn head but I feel that for some of you you know this is a time where you&#39;retravelling and you may be separated from your partner the high priest his card I feel with thefour of cops I feel like you need to avoid gossipduring this time and immature and friends ok so be careful who you hang out withthis week the four of swords I feel like there&#39;s confrontation atthis time because you do have a lot of l sword cards but at this time you&#39;regoing to be kind of avoided or a bit more careful in regards to our inregards to fighting you&#39;re going to pick and choose yourbattles the three of swords with that I priest his card I feel like at thistime that someone this could be the acts as well orsomebody from your past that is coming back into your life but I feel like thisperson is not going to own their stuff ok I feel like this is a manipulativeperson and I feel like they&#39;re not going even though you&#39;re like waiting for yourapology they&#39;re not going to apologize for you ok they&#39;re not going to apologize to youand they&#39;re going to keep it moving but you&#39;re like still waiting for yourclosure from the situation and they&#39;re not going to give it to you I feel also with these swords cards Ifeel like depression can happen at this time of the 5 cups and I feel like it&#39;sbecause it&#39;s more so of because of a disagreement or an argument at this timeand so you&#39;re allowing ego to win because that means that you&#39;re lookingfor acceptance from that person ok so at this time I would ask for youto just let it go because you&#39;re not going to get your you&#39;re sorry you&#39;renot going to get whatever you need from that person okay because that&#39;s what ego wants so hegoes looking for acceptance so ego has to realize that they&#39;re not going to getthat acceptance from that person okay and the next card comes up withthis just this card I feel like this is with the four of swords is going to be agreat time for business negotiations and I feel like this is a great time forcourt to end peacefully in to receive on resolution from it this week so endingwith court is going to happen and there&#39;s going to be peaceful resolutionsat this time with court I feel like with the Justice card in theace of cups i feel like it and the Ace coins as well that you&#39;re going to bereceiving on that you have luck on your path with this energy and also with thisenergy I feel like you&#39;re our you&#39;re going to be resource for some of youmaybe see receiving money from court during this time and for somebody may bereceiving good news at this time from court okay i love you my Rams pleasemake sure to like subscribe and share kisses.</p>