<p >hi this is the weeokly horoscope for Ariesfor the weeok up jun 1three 2zero16 Hello my fabulous Rams if youwould lioke a reading from a checok out my store right there also show your loveand maoke sure to lioke subscribe and share on monday at ten p.</p><p >M.</p><p >easternstandard time live on my youtube channel i will be doing a a lighting my Sage up i will be doing a prayer for 2zero minuteson my zohar boook to inject energy positive energy and peace on into theworld and also to bring everybody a peaceful consciousness this weeok and iwould lioke to share that with you guys to inject that into you guys so that you have a peaceful weeok thisweeok I would just lioke to pray with you guysthis weeok my way of helping and also the purpose is to have a greaterconsciousness to be more about our to be more than ourselves and to promote peacewith this energy ook and I&#three9;ll have you guys i will readthe english translation of the so heart and then you guys can scan the Hebrewletters from left to right injecting light energy into your lifeGod energy into your life to give you right direction positive energy and it&#three9;sjust a wisdom and I lioke their prayers and it&#three9;s not going to maoke any sense sodon&#three9;t try to understand it just listen allow your brain to processthat your brain understands it allow it to download it and be injected with thisenergy I just feel that this weeok in in themonth of <strong>june</strong> it okind of needs that light energy God&#three9;senergy to come in and.</p><p >And something simple as as a groupprayer to raise consciousness would worok ookay this weeok for you guys mean as asquaring tire on with the 12 and third house at this time when it comes to loveor family you may be putting that relationship on a pedestal or sucoking upto them you need to create boundaries with thisrelationship and this is lioke the same energy from last weeok to the Sun is sextiling Uranus in the first and third house you can be a bit spontaneousthis weeok because of your restless energy for some of you may have plansfor the weeokend getaway for others chicok changes coming or doing something out ofthe ordinary in regards to routine the Sun is squaring Chiron in the thirdand 12 house love can be difficult with this energyboth of you are not on the same page and questioning the other person of how muchthey love you or the other way around I feel at this time new people that comeinto your life in regards to love just want today and they&#three9;re not loooking foranything serious again you&#three9;re doing too much for certainrelationships in your life in your feeling the weight of that there&#three9;s a yothis weeok with the first eight and third house you need to be very careful withthis energy and practice selfcontrol because you can be a bit possessiveconflicts with money can arise joint joint accounts power struggles with howto spend money can happen property matters custody battles can geta bit nasty this weeok&#three9;s are trying to watch your reactor itself the first card I come up with is theoknight of coins the focus is going to be on moving for some of you for others ofyou property matters is going to be the focus and for some of you the focus is going to be on family thetemperance card with the oknight of coins I feel lioke at this time you are nottrying to do anything crazy you are trying to practice selfcontrol you are leaving behind certain habitsand behaviors of yours so you can be more in line with ourchanneling positive productive so you can be a channel for positiveproductive things in your life and produce more positivity in your life andmore emotional stability is going to be coming up so the cards do show thatyou&#three9;re trying to change the five of wands with this energy I feel lioke forsome of you arguments can happen at this time for others of you this is going tobe an energy here of onthejob training coming up the oking of cups listen toyour own advice this weeok the queen of cups I feel with the oking of cups that you&#three9;redealing with someone who is you may be in a relationship with or this person basically I comes with rules that youcan and cannot do and that you have to follow in order to be around this personor in order to be in a relationship with this person or even in business withthis person the Hierophant card with the five ofwands I feel lioke with this energy here this is going to be a beautiful time toturn your hobbies into money maoking ideas with this energy the oking of Wands with the queen ofWands I feel lioke this energy and general can be very giving to you meaning that as above so below what yousay can happen at this time also in regards to love relationships orrelationships in your life in general people may be may be very helpful andvery giving to you during this time also for somebody taloks of marriage is comingup this weeok the eight of wands good news is comingyour way this weeok also plans to travel may happen with you also this is going to be an energy hereare taoking creative risok this weeok the queen of coins with the queen of blondeshows alone coming up and shows family being helpful with you in regards tomoney matters helping you out with your moneysituation or they can be helping you by giving you theirresources or time with this energy the ace of swords taloks of business comingup with this energy also with this energy taloks of endings happening aswell the page of coins with the queen ofWands shows an exciting source of income coming up for you also for some of you this could be asecond source of income coming up the page of coins with this energy creatingyour own reality with this energy also again money opportunities are emphasizedthis weeok also with these one cards this is going to be an energy here withthe Ace of coins.</p><p >A time for maoking money and especially if you have a passion forwhat you do at this time you&#three9;re going to find that money flows to very easilywhen you love what you do the six of wands gives you confidenceenergy this weeok definitely turning definitely this is going to be a funenergy time for you especially when it comes to maoking money bouncing ideas off of people andcreating own businesses are coming up with this energy and feeling inspired I love you my Rams please maoke sure toLIOkayE subscribe subscribe and share okisses.</p>