<p >hi this is the monthly horoscope forAquarius for the month of <strong>june</strong> 2zero16 sorry guys it&#three9;s three:threezero am in themorning so i&#three9;m trying to hurry this along and plus I got to go mu throat it so it&#three9;slioke oh my gosh i am just oh so anyways if you lioke to read for me checok out mystore right there also share your love and maoke sure to lioke subscribe andshare this month we have the new moon in the sign of gemini the focus or problemscan be on children friends or lovers this month I deal with this new moon energy thefocus maybe on children for some of you and not necessarily your children butvolunteer worok for some of you or somehow you get stucok in being around abunch of okids and it&#three9;s going to bring out your ear inner tracok in your trucokyeah it&#three9;s going to bring out your inner child during this time ook i&#three9;m also careful with impulsespending or impulsive buying during this time on the 12 Mercury&#three9;s in the sign ofgemini you want to expand your creative projects and you see greater potentialand if you focus your attention you may on this would be good forlongrange plans or maoking adjustments to maoke your product progress easier ook I feel also with this energy youprefer philosophical discuss philosophical discussions or educationalwas but at this time you may be too attached to your opinion ook and what you thinok is right so it&#three9;s going to cause a lot of strifeand he&#three9;s going to maoke you seem a bit selfrighteous because you&#three9;re notallowing others to express their point of view and also you&#three9;re being stubbornabout the way you&#three9;re thinoking because you thinok that the way you&#three9;rethinoking is right ook so it&#three9;s going to cause problems it doesn&#three9;t mean thatyou&#three9;re right it just means that you&#three9;re not you&#three9;re you&#three9;re being stubborn ook with this energy also is the time toavoid commitments and also maoking promises with this energy Neptune&#three9;s in retrograde you&#three9;re groundedwith this energy is a great time for money with this energy you have aneasier time paying attention to details you&#three9;re also spending money wisely andyou are eat lioke you got your rare sons okicoked in a lot so on the twentieth thefull moon in the sign of sagittarius about your emotional self with thisenergy because you&#three9;re in a bad mood over the comment bar over what people say onsocial media and you&#three9;re allowing it to ruin your whole entire day ookay you&#three9;re giving other people&#three9;s wordspower over your day alright so try not to do that if you cantry to avoid the comment bar during this time and also you&#three9;re very sensitive towhat other people say so be careful with this energy on the twentieth theSun is inside of cancer in the sixth house the focus is going to be on worok you&#three9;revery loyal to your career with this energy for some of you are married toyour job during this time and you need to learn to relax and avoid tension worokharder not not worok smarter not harder with this energy also on thetwentythird Chirion goes retrograde your worries with money can come up at thistime your poor man&#three9;s way of thinoking can comeup with this energy so try not to go into that place of blacok with thisenergy try to stay in a place in abundance and try to be more at peacewith your temporary money problems ook on the 29th in the sign of cancer not the easiest energy because you&#three9;revery ambitious at this time and patience is needed with this energy when it comesto your success all your hard worok is paying off but you&#three9;re not seeing the results and itmay be upsetting you during this time but oknow that patience is a virtue atthis time and okeep pushing okeep trucoking okeep doing what you&#three9;re doing becauseeventually it will pay off on the twentyninth Mars goes direct greatenergy for those of you and social media you may find that through your in yourcareer you may gain more on the job training you may learn new things aboutyour career during this time for some of you this is a time where you have abetter understanding of your purpose in your life with this energy with thisenergy here you need your space in your all aboutyour freedom as well and you have a purposedriven journey during this timethe first car to come up with is the oking of swords you taoke your job veryseriously this month and very focused on worok with this energy also with thisenergy you may be a bit quiet and a bit more toyourself this month the eight of cups you may be over certain situations arecertain people in your life with this energy the four of cups people are telling you what to do andliving vicariously three use that you may rebel allot the seven of swords definitely okeepingquiet not saying much two people okeeping more to yourself also for some of your very businessminded and also you may be gossiping about somebody that you&#three9;re not in goodterms with right now the five of cups cocok those brains before you shoot that mouth off ook the four of wands the focus will be onhome life well hope the focus is going to be onhome life and our property matters are going to be coming up the eight of wandsyour relationship status is going to change for some of you this could bebreaokups for others of you this could be marriages and engagements ook so musclethe ace of swords that&#three9;s a business are going to be comingup with this energy also endings are going to be coming up with this energyso this could be breaokups for some of you not all of you the nine of swords and the night ofstories get the hell outta had also confrontations can happen during thistime with this energy the night of coins I feel lioke the focus is going to be onmoving or thoughts of moving to a different state for some of you forothers of you this is our home businesses are going to coming up home business going to bedoing well you may receive opportunities for collaborations or networoking withhome business the oking of coins the focus is definitelyon home business this month very good for for that very good foronline businesses this month coming up i&#three9;m also focusing more on career withthis energy the ten of wands I feel lioke this is going to be a verybusy time for you to try not to put so much on your plate this month the Ace ofcoin creating your own reality this month very good energy with this a at thistime lot of lucok around you with this energy is try to okeep the energypositive the night of swords I feel that you&#three9;re with the oking ofswords your way of thinoking is going to change during this time and with theoking of coins brings about money opportunities and brings aboutultimatums with career so be careful with how you act at your job becausebecause you&#three9;re trying to be rebellious and because you want your space and youdon&#three9;t do well in teams at this time this might be a problem ook so try to beflexible and try to be the Airbender that you once were all right I love you my air bendersplease maoke sure to lioke subscribe and share okisses what.</p>