What I’ve skilled in Bhrigu Nandi Nadi If Saturn is with Ketu these natives they’re service oriented individuals, means they to doing consulting jobs instance Physician, astrologer, poojari all these are widespread marketing consultant.

Are these for some particular homes or? no it’s a common consideration.

and it’s thought-about enterprise failure.

If this natives does enterprise, it is not going to go well with him Common until the age of 49 these individuals need to wrestle for finance Largely we astrologers verify if he's good astrologer his monetary standing shall be weak As a result of if Ketu is forward of Saturn Ketu will then break If Ketu in 2nd home meaning Ketu is sitting within the 2nd home(wealth) Ketu will break his revenue the natives revenue will not be tax paid His revenue shall be much less, nevertheless he shall be renouned/wellknown Like in my very own Kundali Ketu is within the 10th home from Saturn Diploma clever Saturn is 29deg and Ketu is 4deg so Ketu is forward of Saturn I’m a great astrologer however my revenue will not be that good Additionally it is a kind of Yog Individuals who do service to society like Physician, astrologers, poojaris you can find such mixtures of their kundalis Saturn Rahu expands enterprise expands enterprise, brings fame to the native as a result of Rahu is karaka for growth To a sure common Rahu will supress the natives wealth prospects In the course of the second transit interval he’ll begin showering Rahu will enlarge the senerio Ketu will supress the senerio However due to Ketu native will be non secular oriented 2nd home is wealth home Additionally it is been seen that native earns via his speech and in addition due to his humanity and non secular or pious nature, he doesn’t rob individuals of their cash in todays pattern if you happen to discuss todays pattern , i’d say 'he doesnt rob individuals' Largely poor individuals come to seek the advice of him.

since poor individuals are coming to take his recommendation, he doesnt rob them Additionally there are much less Dhan Yogas itself in astrolgers kundali if much less Dhan yogas, then poor individuals will come to hunt his recommendation/consultations and if poor individuals come he’s certain to not rob them, or cost them closely Like this, there are a lot of such mixtures have been we are able to simply say, if that is there this will occur For the reason that astrologers revenue is low, individuals who come to seek the advice of him may also be low revenue individuals and in addition due to astrologers pious nature, he himself has much less revenue, much less earnings Saturn Ketu conjuction natives shall be working in small industries Equally Saturn Rahu conjuction natives will be employed in huge industries Massive corporations like Infoysis and so on, the place greater than ten thousand workers are employed And in case of Saturn/Ketu, native shall be working in place the place about 5 to six individuals are employed in a small manufacturing unit, the place there are Eight-10 individuals employed or upto 50 individuals employed There one other yoga for Finance Saturn and Venus conjuction, whoever has this of their kundali They’re fairly rich and in reverse case if Ketu sits in entrance of Saturn degreewise then he’s a really poor individual nevertheless it all will depend on the rasis and the homes however principally if you happen to see if Ketu sits in entrance of Saturn these natives should not discovered to be financially sound But when Venus sits in entrance of saturn degreewise these natives are significantly wealthy or you might say he’s reasonable wealth Diploma clever, that’s if Venus is 16deg and Ketu 17deg or xyz forward of it that natives monetary standing is not going to be that sturdy as a result of cash shall be coming very step by step, If Venus is forward of Saturn, cash will come eaily Native could be born rich by delivery additionally or in his future life native may develop into wealthy.

However he will certainly be a rich individual.

He could have cash, and cash will stick with him Venus means cash, wealth Saturn/Venus mixture In male chart , if there’s a mixture of Saturn/Venus conjuction Venus/Jupiter conjuction Venus is taken into account as cash/wealth Ketu is obstacles Ketu is enemy of Venus and Ketu is non secular planet non secular, pious natives won’t ever rob you of something.

Once more in todays world, if he’s not going to rob individuals, cash is not going to come to him poor individuals will come to learn their palms from him.

If he’s poojari he shall be a poojari residing in low standing areas the place poor individuals or low standing individuals reside therefore he’ll cost much less and earn additionally much less If he’s good yogas in his chart If this poojari has Saturn/Venus conjuction in his chart are good locations which have good temples like we’ve huge huge temples Mahakal Mandir, Tirupathy Balaji Temple Pandit in these areas have good yogas of their kundali Dhan yogas, as a result of rich individuals come to go to these temples So these mixtures of Venus/Ketu Venus is cash.

Ketu is enemy of cash, pious Venus is karaka of speech Ketu obstacles, so such natives have some speech issues additionally and so due to the astrologer/poojaris speech, the other individual get damage or dissatisfied Or possibly the astrologer/pujaari will not be capable of convey the message or communicate pleasingly So if he doesn't discuss correctly or impresses the other individual, he is not going to earn cash Or possibly these poojari/astrologers don’t ask for charges Venus can be thought-about spouse in a males chart If there may be Venus/Ketu then then principally the spouse is a fightercock Ketu is aggressive Ketu is dangerous goon, provides identical outcomes as Mars Ketu could have spirituality additionally But when we’re speaking about spouse, then we’re speaking about love the place there may be love time, there is no such thing as a spirituality Ketu doesn'nt have feeling , he’s the decrease a part of the snake Spouse feels her husband is chilly hearted in the direction of her, that’s due to Ketu.