Hiya buddies, welcome you once more in collection "Learn to learn horoscope.

Guys i had advised you about lords of zodiac indicators i.


Which planet is the ruler Of everyother zodiac signal.

That i had advised you in my earlier movies.

in our at present's video i’ll let you know about planets exalted and debilitated positions in zodiac sings i.


Which planet is exalted or debilitated in chart of zodiac indicators.

that i’ll let you know at present.

When any planet is exalted in any particular person's horoscope chart then it bless rather more auspicious outcomes and on otherside that very same planet is debilitated in chart then that planet ship actually inauspicious outcomes.

So buddies i’ll let you know that which planet is exalted or debilitated in numerous zodiac indicators On first-hand we’ll speak concerning the solar Solar is exalted in aries and debilitated in libra Moon is exalted in taurus and debilitated in scorpio.

Mars is exalted in capricorn and debilitated in most cancers.

Mercury is exalted in virgo and debilitated in pisces.

Jupiter is exalted in most cancers and debilitated in capricorn.

Venus is exalted in pisces and debilitated in virgo.

Saturn is exalted in libra and debilitated in aries So buddies when a planet is exalted in anybody's horoscope then that planet give very auspicious.

Outcomes associated to that home.

But when the identical planet is debilitated in that particular person's horoscope then it can provide.

very dangerous outcomes to that particular person associated to that home.

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